IVF March 2014


Anyone else doing IVF in march


Thinking about it…had an ectopic this fall with first ivf…not convinced we want to try again


Hi soniaparrish! I will be doing my first IVF this March. Have my orientation apt. on January 13th for hysteroscopy and to figure out my protocol. DH and I have been on a break from fertility treatments since September, so I am excited to get back into it. I am planning to start injections the end of Feb. What is your timeline looking like?


I go for my first appointment on Thursday. This will be our first IVF. my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer in feb. We froze sperm to use and got the call that we are up for the March list. will find out more Thursday what all will happen.


Tried to comment on your post, but couldn’t… Sorry to hear about your husband’s diagnosis. I hope he is doing better. Good luck with your appointment on Thursday!


Hi ladies, < br>< br> I will be probably be doing my 4th fresh IVF in March and I would like to join you. I currently have 2 aCGH normal hatching blasts and 1 untested blast frozen. Since I’m old I feel like I want to bank some more embryos before I get any older. I have had a lot of disappointment but I am now adding in a reproductive immunologist. I see Dr. Kwak-Kim in 3 weeks. Unfortunately I am a veteran. Please feel free to ask me any questions. Baby dust to all.


Hi K-in-CA! Sorry to hear about your struggles. You have been through a lot! That’s great you are feeling hopeful with the Reproductive Immunologist. Hopefully he can help to get you the BFP that you so deserve. I’m sure I will have some questions after my apt on the 13th. I will have my AMH bloodwork, hysteroscopy and injection orientation that day. My clinic is 3 hours away, which is kind of a pain. They will only be doing the monitoring, and then I will need to take the 8 hour drive to Vancouver BC for the ER and ET, as that’s the closest place to me that they offer it.


Sending baby dust. My doctor appt went good they took blood and I’ll be starting birthcontrol once my period starts this month and then shots next month. has anyone planned on putting one embroy or 2 back in? wont allow me to comment under post right now. K-in-CA thats alot to take on. Hope this doctor can give you your BFP :slight_smile:


This not being able to comment on specific posts is driving me nuts! haha Soniaparrish - Glad your doctor apt went well. I have been wondering the same thing about 1 or 2 embryos… I guess it will depend on the quality of them?? Could be a tough decision for sure… I’m getting anxious to get things started on my end! Apt on the 13th can’t come soon enough. DH is still pretty nervous about the whole thing…


Hi ladies, im hoping to join your group. I am doing ivf with icsi in march, my consultation apt will be the end of this month. This will be our third ivf, wevgad one success and have a son, and then wevhad a failed ivf. This is our last chance sobwe are hoping it works! Im 32 female and live in ohio. We have male andcfemale dertility issues.


Megleo - How was your appointment today? What did you learn? Did they answer all of your questions? Sonia - Have you receive your protocol yet? Did you receive your AFC count? Coops1021 - Welcome. That is awesome that you already have had one success. Baby dust to you with this cycle. AFM - I am getting really nervous about my appt with Dr. KK. I fear she won’t find anything wrong with me or if she does find something wrong her treatment won’t change my outcome. I fly out to Chicago next Thursday. Today is the CD 1 so I will start BCP on 1/17 and will stay on them until 2/18. My baseline with be 2/24 and stims will start on 2/25. This should make my ER on 3/7. I plan to PGD using aCGH on day5 and then freeze all for a later FET.


K-in-CA! We seem to be on a similar yet opposite schedule here! In March I am doing a FET from the freeze all cycle I did back in October, and looks like this time you are the one doing the freeze all. I have to say I was really cheering for you on the last boards, sorry that you are back here this month. AFM- I am currently in recovery mode from my laparscopy for my endo, it was almost a week ago and I am healing up. My surgeon was all the way u pin San Fran but he is supposed to be the best. I am guessing that is why you are flying to Chicago also, to get the best RE? Anyeay my surgeon said I had extensive level 4 endo, but things look good now and he says I should be able to get preggo. Fingers crossed! Baby dust to you!!


Hi Ladies, I like K-in-CA am a pro here, and we go back to cycling together in April and Oct of 2013. This coming March I am doing an FET from the freeze all cycle I did back in October. I am recovering from surgery right now that I had to remove my stage 4 endo. Hoping that makes the difference this time. I have 10 snow babies ready to go. Our plan is to implant two of them…if this doesn’t work, then I think it is off to surrogacy land for us. That being said I am the most hopeful I have been this time around! I am currently on BCP and healing up, not exactly sure when my FET is but it should be in March sometime. BABY DUST!


Ladies, Would love to Join a support group. I am trying for my second miracle. Going back to ICSI after actively trying for 4 months. DH has every issue with his sperm so kind of figured having a baby naturally would have been a long shot. After 3 painful ICSI We have one active munchkin - 20 months. He is the joy our lives and he is showing signs for wanting a sibling. Would love to complete or family this year. We are going back to the same clinic in Charlotte but changing drs. Our new dr seems a bit more aggressive and willing to try some new things which we are happy with. Our old dr made no changes all 3 times and we just felt like we were playing roulette and waiting to see where the ball lands. Keeping fingers crossed!! Looking for ladies to join this crazy journey :o)


I am getting frustrated just trying to get to my consultation appointment. I have put a call in and talking to an IVF nurse last week and she told me that after we get the finances together that I should make my consultation apt late this month. Sounds good, but I cant get the financial lady to return my call. I have put in three calls and left three voicemails and no return calls. This is the same office that we did our other two IVFs through and I really like the doc but I don’t like this financial lady, the other two IVF there was a diff financial lady and no troubles but this lady wont call me back. I don’t understand. In the voicemail that I left last Wednesday she states that she returns IVF calls on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 1-4 pm so I have made it a point to sit by the phone, this being day 5 of this and no calls yet, which means I cant make my consultation appointment. Any ideas? I think if I don’t get a call back today then I am going to call the nurse I talked to and explain what has occurred and ask if there is anyway to get the lady to call. Sorry for the venting!


I totally hear you! I have been calling my RE’s office for a week now (3 calls) and still no reply. Unlike them, but I am leaving messages with a nurse who I haven’t worked with before…and true it’s not urgent but still frustrating! When we are waiting for our miracles every month seems like an eternity away! Also I don’t understand why you need financing for just a consult… I can understand needing it before scheduling your cycle. Good Luck dealing with the financial lady. Welcome to the group and Baby Dust to you!!


So finally back to the hotel. Chicago weather is very cold. We decided to stay downtown which is just a little under an hour away from Dr. KK’s office. The appointment started at 8:45am and lasted until 2:00pm with a 1-hour lunch break. Very busy and very thorough. It started with an ultrasound that lasted about 50 minutes. The most amazing ultrasound. Nadia scanned every part of my uterus, endometrium, and ovaries. The ultrasound reviled what may be fibroids or cysts posterior upper portion of my uterus. This appears to be interfering with my endometrium. Then she ran a Doppler resistance test to check for blood flow on several areas. The results revealed compromised blood flow to the uterus and only okay blood flow to the ovaries. The tech also made the recommendation to Dr. KK I also have an ultrasound of my thyroid. My thyroid checked out normal. From the ultrasound I had the 20+ vial blood draw. I then met Margaret, the NP, and had a physical. Margaret reviewed my medical history very thoroughly. Then all of the information was presented to Dr. KK. DH and I then had a very thorough meeting with her. She drew several diagrams and explained that the ultrasound showed my blood flow did not match my cycle day. She used the analogy of planting a youthful tree in the dessert. In my head I was like my uterus is the dessert…So basically that with my MTHFR can really impact implantation. She said I need to have another hsg, to take start taking metanx, and I will be prescribed lovenox instead of heparin for its lower molecular weight. I now have the waiting game for my test results. I’m headed for another retrieval in March and keeping the embryos currently on ice frozen.


Looking to join the March group…just left the January IVF group, had my cycle cancelled because of a dominant follicle. At my baseline it was there with only 5 antral follicles…low for me, I usually have 9-10, but we decided to give it a go. Unfortunately, it kept growing and growing so we decided to stop and try again. Good thing this cycle though was at the 2nd ultrasound, we had 17 other follicles coming up behind the dominant one! That’s the most we’ve ever had! So even though it was bad we had to cancel, made me feel as if there’s still hope for us yet. This is our 3rd fresh IVF and we’ve had one FET, all others BFN’s. I had my tubes removed because of 2 ectopics but also have endometriosis and hashimoto’s thyroiditis, with elevated thyroid antibodies and celiac disease. So looks like I’m waiting for AF now, then back on BCP and we’ll be checking for any cysts before heading into the next cycle. I’m thinking it will be the end of February/beginning of March before we start meds. I have decided to do acupuncture this time also, have never done it before and there is a new clinic opening up in the same complex where I work…kind of a cool coincidence I think. So good luck to all of you ladies!!


Hi Everyone. Thanks for your comment K-in-CA and for suggesting the March group. We are shooting for March as well. I guess I am to take BCP’s as soon as AF appears (couple of days—hopefully not and get a BFP naturally!) to regulate my cycle making the month of Feb no go month. I just want to make sure I maximize my time in between so I don’t have any “I should’ve tried this…etc”. Will be checking in often and update when I can. Until then March buddies. :slight_smile:


Hi Ladies. I’m joining this thread after a failed FET in January. AF already arrived on 2/1 and will likely start lupron on day 21 (2/21) then hopefully IVF in March. Good luck to all.