IVF may be in the cards for me


Hey ladies I am going to attempt on number 2. While me and my DH had TI and conceived our first child, she was a “miracle” from what my RE just told us this week. She was conceived on a cancelled cycle and because I hyperstim or nothing all the time they constantly tell me IVF is the best option. I am going to start with Follistim and trigger with Lupron. Any of you ladies have experience with that?


congrats on ur miracle baby first of all! i’m starting my 3rd IVF in december, and this time i’m doing a lupron trigger because i hyperstim, but instead of follistim ill be on ganirelix this time. i’m hoping to here some opinions from ladies who’ve had a lupron trigger as well. and if i may add a question, did anyone having doing a lupron trigger get extra luteal phase support after the ET. from what i’ve read so far, women who have the lupron trigger need extra progesterone and estrogen to ensure a better outcome.