IVF Meds


Hi everyone! I was just wondering if I could get some some general info on ivf med expiration dates? Do they usually last for a while? I’m thinking I might be able to order them a little at a time to help with the sticker shock :slight_smile: if it takes me 6 months to stockpile it all, will they all still be “good”??

Thanks for your help!


i think all of mine were good for a year or more.


All of mine have been good for a year+, with the exception of Microdose Lupron which is diluted by the pharmacist and only has a 1 month refrigerated shelf life. When you’re ordering your meds, just run it past them first to confirm.


Savings by quantity/packaging

I found that the price of certain of the stimulation medicines depended on the quantity being purchased. Walgreen’s specialty pharmacy has a couple of great programs that help with the costs of the medicines, but it requires that you purchase all of your stimm meds at the same time. It is a rebate of $100 for every $1000 you spend. Their prices were pretty competitive.


Thank you! Sallymar, that’s a pretty good discount! Something to take into consideration! :wink: