IVF November 2013


Anyone cycling in November? Looking for cycle buddies. :nerd:


Hi Breezy, I guess i will be joining you but am kinda scared, with 2 failed cycle, am not so hopeful but what can i say.

Just praying for a miracle and hoping things work out ok and we get our :bfp:


[QUOTE=Prayingandhoping;n2596498]Hi Breezy, I guess i will be joining you but am kinda scared, with 2 failed cycle, am not so hopeful but what can i say.

Just praying for a miracle and hoping things work out ok and we get our :bfp:[/QUOTE]

Sorry to hear about your previous failed cycles. :frowning: Have you been tested for immune issues at all?



Sorry to hear about your previous failed cycles. :frowning: Have you been tested for immune issues at all?

For the next cycle, am having immune suppressants so hopefully that can do the trick. Thanks for the concern…




Hi ladies I would love to join you. I was suppose to have transfer in Oct but my Dr just pushed it back, want me to have 2 cycles first after mc, just changed their protocol. So hopefully first week of Nov. for transfer. Looking forward to getting to know everyone!


Welcome! What protocol are you on?


Before after mc you could just have one cycle and start. Now they want to wait 2 cycles. So once I start 2nd cycle I do bcp for 3 weeks, lupron for about 2.5 weeks and then progesterone 6 days prior to transfer. Most likely I will do transfer on Nov. 8th.
You are going to Barbados for IVF? Where do you live? What protocol are you on?


Hi Ladies… Im also doing my first IVF in November. Im so excited and nervous. Im 26 (healthy) DH 32 (low count) we are going to Mexico to do our process due to the cost only $3800 with meds and i know a few couples who have gone and found success. Glad to join this group . Praying we all get our BFP this cycle !!!


I am going to start cycling in Nov. I have my baseline appointment on Oct. 23 and I will start injection the first week of Nov. I am very excited.
Breezy I am excited you have your IVF booked.
praying- I am keeping my fingers crossed for you that third time is the one.


Hi, I am getting ready for a November cycle as well, although we are doing an all-freeze protocol. Glad to see everyone on here!! This will be my first IVF and I’m definitely nervous.


Hi Ladies! I think I will be starting my 2nd IVF cycle in Nov. I just got through a miscarriage and D&c from my July IVF cycle. We are reenergized and ready for round 2. My next period will be early oct and I will then start testosterone cream x 3 wks, then and lupron on day 21. Stims will start mid nov I assume. I’m praying it will work this time.


Welcome CAustin! Sorry to hear about your miscarriage


wow thats devastating about the miscarriage but many keep trying and successful eventually.


Seriously overwhelmed with the amount of meds I picked up. I have two grocery bags full and there a still a cpl more things coming in the mail!!! Everyone else have their meds yet?


Yikesss! yes the meds can be overwhelming. I dont start my meds until late October which is around the corner. Im getting so nervous but excited !! Good Luck


Thanks! My first injection is 11/2 and idk I am just so nervous. Not about the actual injection but it’s justbeen a long road and I scared :frowning:


Hi ladies,
I haven’t been on here for a while but will be doing a FET in November or December of this year.

Just had a miscarriage 2 weeks ago and now found out they didn’t get all the tissue with my MUA. I have a hysteroscopy on Friday to get the rest of the tissue. We had transferred two blasts and did PGS retrospectively (transferred, then got results). 1 normal and 1 monosomy 16. Imagine our surprise when the genetic testing on the miscarriage tissue came back with trisomy 7. Basically we are the .2% of PGS testing that’s wrong, and both were abnormal. Have 2 more normals frozen, but concerned about the accuracy of the results.

Has anyone else had this happen? I don’t even know how to feel about it, other than the fact that I want my money back. $2K for the testing and $2K for the biopsy. Plus it was a month of my life bing happy about the pregnancy, then the agony when the heartbeat stopped, plus now 2 surgeries. Ugh…

OK, thanks for letting me rant! Can someone tell me how to update my sig? The site’s changed since I last used it…


Hi ladies was hoping to join this thread. I just finished my 2nd IVF cycle with a bfn which is leaving me feeling discouraged moving forward. My current RE is contacting other doctors in the Boston area that he works with to go over my case and see what protocol they should put me on. I am only 23 with a tubal issue, and my husband has no issues. My RE didn’t think we would have an issue at all with getting pregnant with IVF but unfortunately we’ve discovered that I have poor quality eggs. My RE thought he overstimulate me with my 1st IVF so we changed protocol for the 2nd but had same results with egg quality. I am meeting with another RE tomorrow in another state for a second opinion and to see if I want to switch REs. I’m just nervous to go through the whole IVF process just to get let down again, and we are paying out of pocket. I’m on BCP right now and if I stick with my current RE my retrieval will be somewhere between the 4th and 18th of November. My clinic likes to do all ER and ETs within the same 2 weeks. Hoping November will be our month!


Hi Ladies.
I started my BCPs on the 24th, then I think Lupron around Oct 21. Transfer looks like Nov 15th now. I am really excited but nervous as well.

gardengirl- I am so sorry about your mc, that is devastating, especially when you were told that they were good quality eggs. We didnt do any testing so I dont know anything about the accuracy. But I would use the other 2 for your FET. I would feel like there has to be one good one out of the 4. Good luck to you. Also to update your sig, its under my profile, edit setting, my account, then scroll down on that page and its in blue and just says edit signature. It was hard for me to find it at first as well.

Lexus_21- I am so sorry about the quality of your eggs. I hope they figure out why your eggs are like that.