IVF Oct 2013


We’re heading into our second round of IVF in October, and I’m getting anxious. I know that I shouldn’t be, but I thought I’d go ahead and get this thread started, hoping it makes me feel better! :wink:

Our first IVF was a near total failure. We had 11 eggs retrieved, but only two of them made it to a day 5 transfer, and we had nothing left to freeze. I thought that would be our only round, but we’ve somehow talked ourselves into being able to “afford” one more go, using credit. So here we go!

… no med protocol yet, which is killing me. I know it’s way too early to start shots, but I’m not looking forward to those early morning needles to start the day, or the PIO shots to end the day!
… started bcp to control preliminary cycle, but don’t even know if I should be expecting one more cycle before the actual IVF cycle. I would assume so, but what do I know?
… the fear of the unknown is the worst part. Knowing what we went through, and the results; not knowing what/how much my protocol will change and whether or not it will make a difference; knowing that after it is all said and done, either way, we’ll have a credit card bill to pay off.

Anyone else out there, gearing up for an October cycle, feeling the same way?! I’m trying not to drive my DH crazy as we restart this seemingly never ending waiting game!


I will hopefully be doing ivf in October. it will be my first round and I will be on a micro dose lupron flare protocol with 375 units of follistim.I will be adding menopur, but the amounts will be determined after an ultrasound or so. I hate needles, so I am not looking forward to it, but due to male factor issues as well as low amh at age 29(both of us) this is our best and only chance for us to have a child related to us genetically. Our back up plans include donor sperm iuis or donor embryos. I am hoping that this cycle works for us


Hello. We are hoping for October IVF cycle. This will be my 2nd fresh. I have DD from FET 1 and we are trying to give a sibling to DD, we have done 5 FET after DD and 2 were BFN and 3 BFP but m/c and last was twins. We are all out of embies. I have not done IVF for 6 years so super nervouse. I had to have chicken pox booster shot as I was low on immunity, now I have to test 9/4 to make sure I can start. I will be in 750ui per day of fsh.


May I join you ladies?

I did a FET a few weeks ago which resulted in a Chemical Pregnancy,I am currently waiting to ovulate so I can start Lupron and we are hoping for a early Oct transfer for our next fresh cycle.


Welcome, ladies! I decided that to try acupuncture this cycle-why not?! Had my first session today, and really like the acupuncturist. He sees a lot of people from the clinic I go to, so that makes it even better! No follow-up scheduled just yet, but he was totally up front about when he’d like for me to come in, and what they recommend. It’s kind of a long drive but I’m blessed enough to not have to work 5 days a week this semester, so it will all work out (teach part-time at two community colleges, and usually work part-time retail when I need to).

I still don’t have my protocol yet, but I know my RE wants to use something else besides follistim (gonal-f, maybe?). I can’t see signatures on here, so assuming you all can’t see mine, I have elevated NK cells, so I’ll also be adding some meds to suppress my immune system. Our retrieval should be somewhere around the middle of October (hoping it works out so my husband is back from a work trip in time!). Just waiting, waiting, waiting…


Hi everyone! I would like to join this thread also. My husband and I are hoping to do our first IVF cycle in October 2013. We have MFI with my husband diagnosed with severe oligospermia. Not sure if he should take clomid or not because the RE said it may not help his numbers, but he’s got around 4.1 million sperm last SA. We are going to freeze a sample just in case. Me, I’m holding at normal for now at age 37.5. All of my fertility tests have come back good and was told that I should be a good responder for IVF w/ ICSI.

Before I start, I have an appointment with a hematologist to get my hemoglobin up since I am anemic. I had gastric bypass in October 2006 and I lost well over 100lbs. Unfortunately, I wasn’t great about keeping up with my vitamins and it took me getting my initial blood work up with the fertility clinic to find that I needed to go to the hospital immediately for a blood transfusion! My hemoglobin and hematocrit were at dangerously low levels. I was in the hospital all weekend. Thank goodness they got me better and I am not own iron supplements. We’ll see if I need an iron infusion or not but I am hoping within the next month to get back to normal iron levels.

I also have a preconception consult with a maternal fetal medicine doctor because I will be considered a high-risk pregnancy due to being a post-op gastric bypass patient and I have (controlled) hypertension. Also, the newly diagnosed anemia. Anyway, hoping I get cleared for the cycle in October, but if I have to wait until November that’s fine also. I just want it done before the year is out. Crossing fingers for October!


forgot to mention, we also have MFI, and even after his double varicocelectomy, IVF has finally come down as our only option. So, we’re in that percentage of couples where both have an issue!


We’ll be doing our first IVF with ICSI starting late Sept with bcp and then starting with Lupron in October. I don’t know much else about my protocol right now, but I’m just excited to be moving forward after 3 failed IUIs. I received all of my consent forms today. I look forward to getting to know you ladies! (Please excuse my sig, I’ll fix it when I get to a computer later)


I can’t see signatures and can’t figure out how to turn them on! Anyone know how to fix it with the new format?! I know where to find it, have it “turned on”, have saved it, but can’t see anyone’s.


The only thing I can find is under user settings, account and then show signatures.

I’m not a big fan of the new website.


Hi all!
I am starting my second round of IFV in October as well, my first ended in mc at 8.5 weeks. I am very excited to get started again, I have started my bcps. Look forward to getting to know everyone!


Let the IVF fun begin…or something like that! I still don’t have my protocol, but I’ve finished a full 3 weeks of bcp, which means my body thinks I should be starting my period. I guess that means I’m having very minimal break through bleeding? I did the last time too, but it lasted much longer than it should have, because I also had my pap around the same time. Hopefully I don’t have the same problem this time. Does anyone else have time problem? I have about a week and a half of bcp left, so if I don’t get something in the mail before Friday, I plan to call the RE’s office and find out what is going on. I assume they’ll want me to have a period either the last week of Sept/first week of Oct. Starting to run low on patience already, checking the mail/my email every day. Sept could move just a little bit faster!! Hope things are progressing for everyone else!


Had my baseline u/s this morning cycle Day 3. I already did my day 3 blood tests in July with my ob/gyn. Will be doing my mock embryo transfer on Tuesday. Hubby is doing sperm freeze on 9/26 for backup just in case they don’t find any for the fresh cycle on transfer day, but he also has a consult with a urologist recommended by our RE for a second opinion since his semen samples have varied from showing no sperm at all to actually find sperm 4 million or less usually. TESE/PESA may be brought up again, but we shall see if it’s necessary or not. Anyway, haven’t gotten a protocol yet, still doing testing and trying to get my iron levels back up to normal and I’m almost there. Had a flu shot yesterday and picked up prescription for birth control pills which are now free (hi, Obamacare!) It’s been a long time since I ever had to go on those lol I was pleasantly surprised to see they are now free. Anyway, we are on track to do our first fresh IVF cycle in October. Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


Hi all! Can I join? We’ve just completed 2 freeze all cycles. (Heh, we’re not getting any younger, so we might as well capture the embryos from my 38 year old self to put back when I’m in my 40’s.) We’ve got 7 blasts in the freezer and will be doing our first fresh cycle in October. Super excited and nervous to actually be getting closer to baby, hopefully, maybe…


Welcome, Xerxella!

Don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but realized yesterday that I did put my initial doses of Lupron on my period calendar app on my phone. If I start out with the same initial protocol, that means I should be starting suppression meds in about two weeks. Seriously, September could move faster! It’s super, super hot where we live (warmer than usual, close to 100 multiple days in the last 3 weeks, with high humidity and no rain), so I’m ready for October in more than one way!!


(sigh of temporary relief!) Finally got my med protocol, boy did I forget how many days there are multiple shots! I’ll be starting Lupron on the 25th. I’m on Lupron, dexamethasone, prescription strength folic acid, start follistim Oct 7th, menopur (which is new for me) Oct 9th, will do intralipids on Oct 10th (new again), start cipro (never heard of it) on Oct 14th, and the hcg around the 16th. I’ve always used ovidrel before, but I think she wants to use something else. Transfer should be the week of Oct 21st. Too far away! (I should have just signed up for the Sept cycle! :wink: )

Does anyone have experience with menopur/cipro/the intralipids?


I hope I can join you ladies. This will be our second IVF, waiting on AF( never thought I would be so excited to get it) anyways then I’ll be on follistim,ovidrel…we are also doing ICSI…


Menopur is common. It has equal parts LH and fsh. It’s generally believed that most women do better with some of each for stims. The cipro is just an antibiotic. Many docs do some antibiotic around retrieval time. The intralipids is an infusion, a few hour long iv. It’s for the elevated NKCs.

Good luck!

Oh and ovidril IS HCG. It’s just a different brand name.


Welcome!!! I hope AF comes quickly and you can get started!


Well I got my period after my last cycle. So now I just have to get through this cycle and I’ll start ivf with my next period. My body doesn’t respond well to BCPs so we’ll be doing a natural start.