Ivf on hold do to


I set up this account June of last year but had to put my ivf on hold do to severe tennis elbow but am back started lupron on march 21st now just waiting for my period (sorry don’t know the lingo yet) which of course is late very nervous,excited,scared and so many other things anyone else doing ivf in april?


I’m starting my Ivf in April but will only do a retrieval then a fet in June. There is another forum going on April Ivf, look out for it I’d love to hear your updates! Best wishes!


I will look for it thanks and I will def post any news I get u do the same :slight_smile:


I am right here with you…first time and scared to death!

Are you having a hysterocsopy pre-IVF? I am have mine this Friday under general anesthesia and I’m not sure what to epect.

Good luck, lets KIT!


I had it all done already the transfer and all everything looks good they had to remove a polyop in Feb but didn’t start lupron till march because I broke my ankle not even that will stop me lol


[SIZE=3][B][FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’]Good Morning ladies – [/FONT][/B][FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’]I’m starting Lupron 4/3/13. The BCP gives me bad headaches and I’ve heard the same thing happens with the Lupron. I bought a bottle of Tylenol for work hope it helps. I had my HSG and Mock transfer completed last week. Everything looks great! Can’t wait to start the stims. [/FONT][/SIZE]