IVF or surrogacy?


I am sorry for your problems. You have taken the right decision. Surrogacy will be best for you. You are lucky that you contacted them through email. They are the scammers. They just deceive people. They deceived my cousin. They trapped her all money. But they didn’t perform surrogacy treatment for my cousin. Because they don’t have any advanced technology for the treatment. So don’t go there. There is another good clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. I wish you get successful. Till then best of luck.


There are so many reasons couples may apply for surrogacy. Among them hysterectomy. If a woman has had a hysterectomy and an illness it prevents her from being able to carry a pregnancy. Some women are required to take medication that could adversely affect a growing fetus. Also age and whether a woman is able to safely carry a pregnancy. A friend of mine was experiencing a life threatening situation. Dr told pregnancy was forbidden for her, so they opted for surrogacy 2 yrs ago at biotex and were successful from the 1st round. Another reason may be when a woman was born without a uterus. Fibroids in the Uterus. Although fibroids can be removed, they can also grow back. Unexplained Infertility. It occurs after a woman has tried 3 or 4 IVF cycles with good quality embryos but does not get pregnant. And other reasons we may read about on every infertility site. For me surrogacy has always been the last option to count on. We were lucky once using donor eggs for ivf. Came back to the same clinic for a sibling. Currently waiting for the ET.