Ivf patient details



I have a silly doubt, while doing ivf how patients egg or sperm is correctly identified without mistaking with any other patients.


At my clinic (Shady Grove), you’re given a number and color and they code everything and it has to match up. At transfer, they give you a bracelet with your code on it and then match the embryos to you.

They say in over 20 years, they’ve never had a single mix-up, so that’s very comforting!


There are multiple ways and steps they take to ensure yours don’t get mixed up with someone else’s.

My understanding of my clinic is that they will not do more than one IVF cycle where ER or ET will occur during the same cycle with someone who has the same last name as you. So that is one way.

Also they assign a specific person to collect the sperm sample on ER days and they match that with the ER person. Then they together perform the ICSI, but in this process there are also two other embryologists that have to double check and sign off that those two materials belong together and belong to each other if that makes sense.

Then the embryo’s are put into petri dishes that are marked with the patients name (both partners and entire names) and placed into their own incubator’s so that they are never together with other dishes of other’s.

Additionally anytime they are checked on there has to be four different people (two of which must be embryologists) double check and sign off that those embryo’s belong to that particular petri dish. No dishes are ever pulled out together or are ever in the same work area.

Then again when transfer occurs the embryo’s are shown to the patient on the screen so that the patient can also check the names that are on the dishes and that are assigned to the embryo’s before they are transferred.

There are likely more steps to ensure your embryo’s go to you, but these are just the ones that I know of.

I can tell you that clinics take this very very seriously as the last thing they want and the thing that scares them greatly with these cycles is being sued and known for mixing up embryo’s or eggs and sperm. It is the surest way to lose the practice so they go to GREAT lengths to ensure it NEVER happens.

My clinic too boasts a zero occurrence history.


Thank you so much for the detailed clarification.