IVF Questions


I’m new to this group and wondered if any one has advice about discussing IVF. I have an appointment next Tuesday w/the RE and wondered if there are specific things I should ask or look out for/avoid doing etc.

We have gone through 4 IUIs and I hope to start IVF in December.



Welcome to the club lol! some things I wish I knew to ask were…

  1. Does the practice have everyone on the same schedule or is it by individual? (some RE’s cycle everyone together so that means you may have to wait to start)

  2. Will you need to take birth control before starting?

  3. When does the coordinator nurse call with test results? same day and time? (this is important because you want samt day results otherwise the waiting is brutal!) Does the staff return phone calls within a reasonable time period?

  4. When you have the egg retrieval will you be awake or put under? (you want to be out believe me, some RE’s dont put you under and ive heard its awful!)

  5. What protocol does RE suggest for best quality eggs for you?

thats all i can think of right now…good luck to you ivf isnt as scary as it seems!!!