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:pray: Does anyone know how successful it would be to do a IVF/ICSI if your husband’s morphology is poor? I think he was at 1% when he did his first semen analysis and when he stopped taking his vitamins for the gym it went up a bit. My doctor recommended IVF/ICSI. This is our first time and I have a 8yr from a previous relationship with no problems. I had all of my tests done and I am cleared. We will be starting IVF maybe next week(just waiting on my cycle to start so I’m scheduled for May 23rd). Is there a higher success rate? Can it happen on a first try?


We just found out we are pregnant on our first IVF (with twins :woohoo: ) So it can definatly work the first time. As for the morphology issue I’m sure they wouldn’t suggest ICSI if they didn’t know it could work :slight_smile:

:cross: and :bsv: to you!


Sorry to hear you are going through all of this. We have male factor infertility as well, and did ICSI with all of our four fresh IVF cycles. Most MF infertility cases do require ICSI to be used.

We got pregnant on the second and fourth attempts, but had miscarriages with both of them. There are many people out there that do have first time success, I hope you are one of those lucky ones!! (We eventually went on to have two miracle little boys, who were well worth the wait :))

Here is a post I wrote that is good for newbies, if you are interested in reading it…(there are also a lot of success stories you can check out)…

First IVF Cycle-Know What to Expect | IVF Success Stories - Overcoming Infertility | IVF Success Stories - Overcoming Infertility


I’ve had success on my first and 4th attempts my DH has bad morph about 1% also low count and motility. It does affect embryo quality out of 20 mature eggs this time all but 2 arrested between days 3-5 suggesting male factor issues so it does limit u all u need is one ! I did get 2 great blasts this time and have been getting postive hpts for almost a week now :slight_smile:



You all have been so helpful. I have been looking for a site where someone can relate to what I am going through. We hopefully will be starting soon so fingers crossed. :cross:


Congratulations on the news Jbuchanan521 and thanks for the information brit1612 and sorcet. You have been a great help.


My husband also had low count, poor morphology, and low motility and we did IVF with ICSI. On our first complete cycle (we had one that we only did halfway because I ovulated early), I got pregnant. I am now 17.5 weeks. Good luck!



thanks appgirl82. this gives me great hope. I love this site. Im glad I found it. It feels great to talk to people going through the same thing.


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No problem…this site is a great place to be for support, advice and just someone to talk to! I could not have gotten through the hard times without my “internet infertility family” :). Hope this is the time for you!



My husband and I did IVF/ICSI due to make factor as well and are 3dp5dt. ICSI was our only option. We had 11 mature eggs, 5 fertilized, transferred 2, and the other three did not make it to freeze.
The RE said with our frozen sample from DH it is harder to pick “good ones” since there is no movement at all to observe and thought that is why we may have had so few fertilize.

Wishing you the very best with your cycle!


Good luch KCsquared on your May 21st test. Thanks Birt1612 for the encouraging words. I am going to be on here ALOT!