IVF Same Sex "surrogacy"


Hello, New here. My wife and I are a same sex couple. We tried concieving for about a year with a donor through insemination at home. I had a very early but bad miscarriage at the end of that year. We decided to take time off of this whole process. We decided to go that way because as we all know how expensive IVF is it just wasn’t in the cards for us.

Now we are 7 years into our relationship and really ready to make our lives complete. You have to love science in that with IVF we can both take part in our baby. My wife has no feel to carry a child but wants to have one as bad as I do. I want to carry with my whole heart, we cannot wait to be mothers.

So we removed her eggs and I was Inseminated with 3 beautiful 3 day old embryos. So we are now in the dreaded 2WW.

QUESTION…If I didn’t get an HCG trigger shot wouldn’t I be ok to try an HPT? I am getting nightly progesterone oil shots.

Of course reading all the things about the 2WW makes me think I am pregnant at every turn, My Boobs hurt like hell, I have been pretty emotional, everyone (no one knows we transfered yet) is telling me I am noticably happy and cheery almost glowing. I try not to read too much into it because I have felt like that several times during the year we tried and sadly never had a baby. Although we are staying very positive and I have never felt happier and more positive about our baby situation.

I am looking forward to taking part of this community!!:slight_smile:


Hello HScott82,

I am a Surrogate Mother and enjoy being pregnant, but most of all LOVE helping couples have babies. I am carrying twin boys for a same sex couple and I love them to dealth!!! To answer your question… I am a peeoholic!!! I would say YES to your question in regards to NOT having the HCG shot… if you see a positive, YOU ARE PREGGO!!! But, if you test to early you will get a negative, so just be prepared to see a BFP or a BFN!!! But, I think deep down, that you are pregnant. Let us know!!!


Hello! Thank you for the reply. What an angel you are for all the love you bring into this world…amazing! I’m trying to talk my wife into taking a test! She is skeptical but kind of on the fence! I will let you know either way…friday seems so far away!


Sadly we got a BFN yesterday. Have an appointment next week to see what the next steps are.