IVF September 2013


My husband and I haven’t done a cycle since November 2012. We had pre-op today. Everything is good. Although the only disappointing thing is that I may not be able to attend my brothers wedding due to the egg retrieval. Its Sept 28th. I have a new doc and she is taking this cycle slow, which i am not happy about. Hopefully we can do it the week before. I was hoping to do it 2-3 weeks before. Its hard going to a wedding and not drinking or being able to dance or do much of anything without it being obvious that something is going on. But if it means i am pregnant then I am ready.


Sept IVF

My husband and I went to see this RE for the first time today and he asked when we wanted to get started and of course ASAP! So he is shooting for Sept for our ER and ET, We dont have our full schedule yet but it prob will not be long until we get it. He did all the blood work and testing today, I cant believe he is getting on this so soon!

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