IVF success with "low uterine blood flow"?


I’ve been dealing with persistantly thin lining. Originally my RE thought it was due to scar tissue/Asherman’s, but since its removal and his declaration that I have a “textbook normal” uterus, he can’t figure out why my lining is persistantly thin. My E2 levels are normal. The thickest my lining got was during an unmedicated, acupuncture only, cycle and that was 6.2mm. Last cycle they tried medicating me for FET, but my lining was completely uncooperative- it only got up to 3.7mm, despite being on Estrace for 3 weeks.

So last week I had a doppler u/s to check uterine blood flow. It seems this is something my RE just started doing since the u/s tech and nurse had no idea what they were seeing/looking for as they were doing it. Got a phone call from the nurse yesterday that I have low uterine blood flow- she didn’t have details or much info beyond that. I’m anxiously awaiting a call back from my RE now, (is mine severe? mild? what are my numbers as compared to the norm??) but in this case a little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing-- I consulted with Dr. Google last night and now I’m wondering if it’s even worth TTC with “low uterine blood flow”. To my untrained eye, it looked like this may be correlated with RPL, specifically 2nd and 3rd trimester loses.

Is there any hope? Has anyone heard of this or dealt with this before? Is surrogacy my only option?


I don’t know why you have low blood flow. But I wouldn’t give up on TTC. I, too, have struggled with ashermans. YOu may want to try electro acupuncture and massages to increase blood flow in that area.


I’m not educated in this area either but i do know that acupuncture n yoga both increase blood flow. What about some type of a blood thinner? I thought i’ve also heard other women say that taking progesterone helped thicken their lining? I’m sorry you’re having to go through this and i hope that there’s something that can be done to help. Good luck!


I have Asherman’s Syndrome as well and I have been on numerous estrogen/progesterone cycles to make sure the lining will cooperate for an IVF (and to prevent more scarring).

Here is a blog post from SIRM about the use of Viagra. I have seen some other research about it as well so you might want to discuss with your doctor.

IVF Authority: IVF With a Thin Uterine Lining: Vaginal Viagra is Often The Answer

Also, have you tried estrogen vaginally? It’s gross, but I think it enters the uterine area better and less side effects.


Maybebaby2010, can I ask where you did the u/s for the blood flow? I know not places do those u/s. I flew to chicago to do the special u/s. I had low blood flow when I did the u/s 3 years ago. So far I only did one sfet which did not work. I am also a paying patient at new hope fertility doing embryo banking. Hoping to transfer next year. I think SIRM requires lining to be at least more than 7mm.


Thanks for your responses. I heard back from my RE- in his opinion I have “moderate” blood flow issues. He seems rather uncertain about this area too, and is not aggressive at all. He mentioned that Viagra has been used to improve uterine blood flow, but he doesn’t support its use. I know other places do, so I’m going to look into them. Or vaginal estrogen could be an easier option.

Miracle#1- I had the Doppler u/s (to check the uterine flow) done at Univ of Colorado Hospital. That’s where my normal RE is located. They JUST started doing that- I may have been the first patient they did it on, since no one in the Ultrasound department was aware of that test/had never done it before. I know CCRM has done it for some time, however.

Good luck!


Can you go back and talk to your RE again? I don’t understand why he’d even do the Doppler US if he doesn’t know what to do with the results/isn’t going to take any action. I had one done a few weeks ago for my cycle. My clinic just advises a certain course of acupuncture if the results are low. Personally, though, I’d push on the Viagra option, since it’s worth a try.

All that said, you may just be someone who has a thinner lining naturally, and it may not be a huge issue. I got pregnant once on my own this year, with so much implantation bleeding that we thought it was my period. What we thought was the Day 1 ultrasound showed my lining to be 1-4 mm thick, with most of it about 2 mm. It turns out that’s when the embryo implanted. Then for my IUI, my lining was about 5.5 at time of trigger, and I got pregnant again. Neither worked out, but nothing to do with my lining. I’ll be curious to see how it does with IVF, but for me, even if it’s low, I’m not going to worry about it that much, since it hasn’t impeded implantation in the past.


My doc in Chicago is giving me lovenox and baby aspirin to thin the blood hoping that will increase blood flow. Also take fish oil and vitamin E


Low Uterine Blood Flow

I know this is an old thread, but I am 5 weeks pregnant with low blood flow to uterine lining when standing up. My uterine lining is 13mm which is good I think. Did you ever get down to the bottom of the issue? I am currently using estrace (which is inserted every 12 hours), 2ml of progesterone, baby aspirin every night & of course PNV. I am considering acupuncture & massage therapy (but I’m not sure what kind of acupuncture or massage to get). Any feedback would be greatly apreciated. I go back to the Dr. Thursday for another Ultrasound


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I’m doing acupunTure and it helps