IVF Summer of 2010


Hello everyone, I am hoping to get a group of people started that will be doing IVF in the summer of 2010,
I haven’t noticed one yet.
I am planning for late June or early July and this will be my 3rd IVF attempt and hopefully my last. I just know that 2010 will be a great year for BFP!
I am looking forward to meeting you all and sharing this journey with you!


just bumping up


Hi Kaydliz! We too will be starting in late June/early July. It will be our first round of IVF/ICSI.

We have been TTC for 3 1/2 years. From what we know thus far, it is strictly male factor. I have an 8 year old son through my previous marriage and had no problems (and still have not had any problems). Our plan (as long as everything checks out ok with me) is to only use 1 embryo. I have not gone through any of my testing yet…and won’t until it gets a little bit closer, so we’ll see what happens.

We are a little nervous…ok, a lot nervous! Like you, we are praying for a :bfp: !! Let’s hope we get lucky in 2010! :pray:



rsb528~ Hello, I am glad to see someone else plans things way in advance! I am waiting to do what ever tests need redone until a little closer also. I have children from bfore which were conceived without any problems also, which you probably saw in my signature, but for some unknown reason I am having a heck of a time with getting this IVF to work:grr: !! Oh well, I am sure that with persistance it will work.
I am really excited to get to know you and for us to be able to start this entire process!!


Hi Ladies,

We’re looking into our second round later this year as well. I am trying to get everything going right now, so I am not sure when we’ll end up doing it, but the plan is to wait at least until the summer, if not the fall.
Our first IVF was successful, so we’re very optimistic for the second one.

Good Luck!


Add me too the list. I’m researching RE’s in my area based on my IVF coverage here in IL. This will be my 4th IVF attempt. My first 3 were in GA where the first 2 were cancelled due to poor response and on my 3rd attempt at I new RE I had success.

I thought of people my call me crazy atempting to have 2 children so close in age but time is not on my side so I feel a sense of urgency to try again as soon as possible.

Having cycle sisters during my previous cycles help me out tremendously to I’m happy to join a new thread while starting this journey once again.


Welcome CocoPuffs and kandygurl1971! Glad to see a few more people on our list!

We had to wait to change our insurance over to a new plan…and that kicked in January 1. From what I understand, my insurance should cover about all of what we have to do, I think. At least that’s what they said before. My only concern at this point is them telling me that we have a pre-existing condition and they won’t cover it. My DH had his first SA about a year and a half ago. I was with a different employer and insurance plan at that time. We paid for the SA out of our own pockets. I’m wondering that since we had that done, will it be considered ‘pre-existing’? It makes me nervous. I can’t get a straight answer out of anyone at our insurance provider (BCBS-IA) and I don’t like the idea of having to wait until we start this process and be told that we have to pay for the whole thing on our own. It’s frustrating! I wish this process was easier. :grr:


You know I never thought about the probablity of being told I can’t receive coverage because I have a pre-existing condition. I would be terribly upset beyond measure if they advise me of that. I also have BCBS and chaged to them from a PPO specifically for IVF coverage so I would be throughly pissed sense I can’t afford IVF without this coverage and no longer can see my previous doctors who I loved until open enrollment next year.


That is exactly where I am at! I sometimes feel that if I call them, it will ‘red flag’ my account and something won’t be covered. Whether or not that will happen, I don’t know…but, that’s my problem…I don’t know. I changed to this plan as well…also specifically for IVF coverage, so I pray that us doing that SA almost 2 years ago doesn’t hurt us in any way!

On another note…I’m so excited to get started! July will not come soon enough! :slight_smile:


i thought that i would jump in as well. i will be doing a FET in late July, but i thought that i would join you since there isn’t a group on the FET board.

for those of you who get insurance coverage, all i can say is that i am uber jealous!!! i have absolutely no coverage and we just spent $50,000 to have my daughter and we have two snowbabies, so we are planning on transfering this summer. regardless, IF is the hardest thing that i have ever gone thru and i am looking forward to getting to know you all thru the rollar coaster of treatments. keeping my fingers crossed that we all get our BFPs!!!


:welcome: Everyone!! I am so excited that there our group is growing!

I wanted to let all of you with insurance know that I have insurance coverage for IVF also, well this is the last cycle they will help wth and they won’t even be covering all of it, we had a lifetime max through my company. Anyways the reason I briught that up is because I was worried it would all be considered pre existing also, but I sucked it up and called the insurance company and what I found out is that as long as I had other coverage without a lapse at any time for at least a year and could get a statement of coverage showing that I had then none of the waiting periods or pre existing conditions rule would apply. I was told that it was a that way with almost all insurances, so my unasked for advice would be to call and tell them if you had previous insurance!

As far as things go with me right now I have been working a lot and we got a ton of snow last night, BRRR!! I have decided to try and help other people that are in our position by becoming a volunteer for RESOLVE, I will be speaking to the volunteer coordinator this evening about becoming a local area coordinator for them, I am REALLY looking forward to trying to help other people come to terms with and find medical help for whatever problems they may be having TTC!!!


Hi Jamie,

This is Kandy from the October 2008 IVF thread. How great that we may go through 2 cycles together. How many people can say that?

Best Wishes to you and everyone that will be going through this journey.

fyi… I just got coverage afater moving from GA to IL. For my sons it was all out of pocket minus about 10K that DH’s employer at that time covered for IVF and I am still paying those bills. So although I didn’t rack up 50K I know how it feels to still be feeling the residual effects of the first one.


I thought it was time for a list since there are a few of us now, this way we can keep track of each other. I didn’t know everyones names so I just added your user names, if you want to please copy and add your name behind your user name.
[U] Waiting to start:babydust: [/U]
[U] BCP:babydust: [/U]

[U] Lupron:babydust: [/U]

[U]Stims (start date) Grow follies grow!:babydust::woohoo: [/U]

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[U]Cheering section[/U] :cheer:


Hi All - I was wondering if I can join your thread. I was supposed to be part of the Feb thread. For insurance reasons I had to push it a little further.

A little abt me - Trying to actively concieve for 7 yrs now. Had a failed IVF and a FET. Changed RE recently. Hopefully 2010 will be a good year for all of us.


:welcome: Miracle2010~ I am sorry you had to push your cycle back, but am glad you are joining us!!


[U]Waiting to start:babydust: [/U]

[U]BCP:babydust: [/U]

[U]Lupron:babydust: [/U]

[U]Stims (start date) Grow follies grow!:babydust::woohoo: [/U]

[U]ER:flower: :babydust: [/U]

[U]ET/FET:bsv: :clap: [/U]

[U]Waiting for BETA (PUPO):babydust: :bsv: :babydust: [/U]

[U]Pregnant :preg:[/U]

[U]Needs a Hug :grouphug:[/U]

[U]Cheering section[/U] :cheer:


Kate-thanks for posting about your insurance endeavor. I think that we should be fine. I’ve been at my current place of employment since August 2008. When I started, I signed up with “plan A” (which didn’t cover any part of IVF) through BCBS. During open enrollment in Novemver 2009, I changed to “plan B” (which covers up to $25k/lifetime) also with BCBS. I didn’t change carriers, just my plan. So, I’ve actually been with BCBS since August 2008 (a year and 4 months). Prior to that, I was working for a different company for about a year and during my employment with them I had insurance coverage through Coventry (or something) and did our SA in June 2007; which we paid for on our own. I was laid off in June 2008 and didn’t work for 2 months. We had signed up for a short term medical plan through BCBS on our own during that 2 months I didn’t have a job. Do I need to prove that I had insurance clear back to when we did the SA or or even im June/July 2008 when I wasn’t working or is it just within the last year? I’m know I’m rambling…and probably should just call my insurance carrier, but figured I try this first. :slight_smile:

Welcome to everyone here! I’m anxious to get to know all of you and go through this together. Here’s hoping we all get :bfp: in 2010! :slight_smile:


Hello! DH and I have been actively TTC for almost 2 years now and finally got in to see the fertility specialist in November and found out that DH has 100% sperm antibodies so IVF with ICSI is our only option. I will be getting the results of my HSG, bloodwork and ultrasound back in Feb. I am hoping and praying that everything comes back fine. I get AF very regularly, seemed to be O regularly when I charted and used OPK’s. My one tube took longer to fill up on the HSG but I won’t start worrying about that.

We will more than likely be doing IVF in the early summer. We haven’t sent away our form to get put on the 3-6 month waiting list yet as DH is still nervous about IVF (he was born with heart issues, that have all been corrected and he is scared to pass that on to our child) and money is also an issue. We get 0% insurance coverage.

I hope 2010 is all of our’s year!!!


:welcome: everybody!!!

I am going to get started on my blood work tomorrow, so I’m very excited!!! One of the tests has to wait until I start AF, but I think we may be out of town then, so I have to wait a little longer. We are using Tricare as DH is retired Navy, so we get to go to Walter Reed here in DC. All the meds are covered and we pretty much just pay the lab fees etc. Last time everything with ICSI and DH’s MESA cost us about $6000. They do 4 cycles each year and while we would get done with all the tests by April, we still want to wait until the summer to get into shape:)


rsb528~You should only have to give them info for the last year and since you had a BCBS then it shouldn’t be an issue at all, I also have BCBS and that is all they required, I also have Cigna as a secondary and that is what I had to send them proof of because I enrolled in BCBS through my work when I found out they covered IVF. I think we tend to work ourselves up expecting bad news because of all we have to go through, but give them a call, everything should be fine!

lemon118~:welcome: looking forward to getting to know you!