IVF Summer of 2010


Skipper: The oldest is a girl we will call D, she is so curious about everything and just really wants to dance and sing and her favorite foods are lasagna and strawberry ice cream and she loves loves loves shoes. The middle is a boy we will call Tman, he is super precious, he is a brunette and loves to climb and fish. He has a bit of a lazy eye in one eye so he will probaby require glasses pretty soon but I have a weakness for little boys in glasses. The little one which you have all seen, little K, she loves shoes too, well at least she loves trying on everyone elses shoes. She is a mobile toddler with long curly hair. She just had a haircut the day before the picture I posted was taken. She hasn’t been around men pretty much ever in her life so she is not comfortable with men which we didn’t know until after because he let DH hold her and carry her around. She loves necklaces and purses and all the girly stuff.


[B]AC[/B] - I am so happy for you and DH! That is so wonderful that you will be able to take all three and give them a loving and safe home. Little K is so adorable. She makes my heart melt each time I look at her picture.

[B]Bun[/B] - I hope your mom is on the mend and feeling much better. I have been thinking and praying for her quick recovery. Isn’t your RE appointment this Friday? :clap:

[B]Amy[/B] - Thinking of you. I wish I could take all the pain away and make things better.

[B]Dongle[/B] - You have me wondering if maybe I need to do some research on the vac tox. Mac sweats so bad when she sleeps and I chalked it up to the fact that my son also sweat really bad when he was her age.

[B]Skipper - [/B]OMG! What a nightmare! How is she doing? Food allergies scare me, especially when they can be so serious. I am glad you were there when it happened. How is Skippy doing?

[B]JFratts - [/B]So close to your time. Only 9 more days and you will be PUPO!!! :clap:

[B]EOE[/B] - Thinking of you all! Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

[B]AFM[/B] - I have been so bad about checking in here. I have been following along but so busy. Mac is still not walking but is signing like crazy. Today she put two words together and signed “More Please”. Is Mac the only LO over a year who is not walking? So frustrating.

[B]AFTTC - [/B]Today is 6dpo but I do not think it will happen this month since DH and I :dance: on two days prior to O but nothing since. He is still taking Fertilaid and now CountBooster. I am taking Ferilaid for Women. We are using PreeSeed (when we have time to :dance:).


AC - I completely understand that you don’t want to get your hopes up, but I am sooooooooo happy that you want to go for it and that you are getting encouraging signs. Can you tell us any more about their background? Have they been in foster care? How hard of a life have they had? Don’t answer if you’re not comfortable of course. Wow, 2012 on this board is turning into quite a year!


Mammamel: They have never been in foster care or anything like that. Their mom was once a good mom but got on drugs and literally abandoned them in a parking lot. Their maternal grandmother was automatically given custody and the biological parents rights were terminated (apparently this is something they take seriously in that state). The maternal grandmother has a mental capacity issue that makes her unable to take care of them so a friend of the family has been taking care of them. They are taken care of and their needs are being met but they need a permanent home/family. I think the last year wasn’t a great time for them but as far as we have been able to tell so far they are doing pretty good.


Jan Neither of mine walk at almost 16 months. Frustrating, but everyone keeps saying it is OK and normal. Argh. ps I thought you were going “PeeSeed” an assumed it was related to a HPT.

AC Am I evil if it makes me giggle that your super prepared, over the top readiness for the homestudy has left you unprepared for the amazing possibility of 3 at once? I hope it all works out for you guys.


[quote=ksseattle]Jan Neither of mine walk at almost 16 months. Frustrating, but everyone keeps saying it is OK and normal. Argh. ps I thought you were going “PeeSeed” an assumed it was related to a HPT.

AC Am I evil if it makes me giggle that your super prepared, over the top readiness for the homestudy has left you unprepared for the amazing possibility of 3 at once? I hope it all works out for you guys.[/quote]

I love it! That does sound like a HPT. I guess I need to learn to type…I meant PreSeed. :flower:
Mac’s ped said that she would not walk until 15 months old. Ummm…how would he know that? It is very frustrating because people tell me that she should have been walking by now and that I need to get her checked out because something might be wrong…WTH?


Beach: I know I’m a bit late, but can you give me info on cloth dipes. I think I want to switch.


Bun: can you send me the link again for cheapie OPK and HPT? I’m on vaca and finally have 5 minutes to order

AF should have arrived today. I have slight cramps-maybe nother day or so…


[U]Donglebo[/U]: It’s never too late for cloth dipes! :slight_smile: We use BumGenius 4.0s (and a few 3.0s). They are expensive, but are by far the easiest to use (in my opinion).

[U]Incomplete[/U]: All three sound like the sweetest babes. They need some consistency and security in their lives. I think they have found the right place - you and DH. I loved hearing that the youngest LO let DH hold her and carry her around. Wow! So, if judge rules and you are granted custody, what are the specifications with bio mom and grandma? I am praying for you and DH and hoping this works out for you!!!


Jan I am a worrier over my kids not walking. My ped said it is fine, her kids walked at 16 months. B’s develppmental neurologist said its fine and within the range of normal development. The physical therapist says B no longer even qualifies for PT since it is within the range of normal to not walk at this age. The only people who make me feel it is weird and abnormal are non-medical people, which kind of give me hives. They all say 18 months is the trigger for concern on not walking.

Skipper & Mel How are the babies to be today?

Amy Feeling better yet? HCG down?

JFratts Any news on FET?

LD Mom out of hospital yet?

Lucy Dare I ask for the filled weekend itinerary? I am so lazy. A playdate kind of wore me out yesterday.

Dren Happy B-Day R!

Beach How do you live in a house with no babygates?? Are they in eyesight at all times?

GMA The little man is looking adorable. How is your daughter doing?

dongle How is E-Bean doing on the detox? Can you tell us what you are feeding her? Have you done coconut milk with her? I’m considering trying it.

AC Phone wait harder now than homestudy? Or easier? When should you get news? Do you get to see them again in the mean time? On the infant question, do you consider the littlest one an infant (excuse me if it is a dumb questions–i kind of consider mine to still be “babies”)?


KSS- lol you are soo funny. ACTUALLY since peanuts lil weekend of death last month we have been very low key. i just wore him plum out and i don’t like doing that so we have been staying home most weekends… getting out a lil of course but nothing too crazy…

actually this weekend… we are taking the kiddos to the inlaws and are headed to Austin for the weekend with AC and her DH. 2 days of Adult conversation, Relaxation, and some good ol fashioned Texas BBQ lol I am so excited i could cry! me and DH haven’t had a weekend away in a LONG time… and since AC and her DH might have their hands full… PRETTY DARN SOON lol we figured we better go now! lol

what is everybody else’s plans??

Bun- did i read on FB that Bunny Boy was sick??

Beach- When does school start back up?

Jfratts- So next week for the FET?? HOLY MOLY!!

dongle/beach- yall are so brave to cloth diaper… lol i wish i had the will power!


KSS: We actually have a meeting tomorrow afternoon at 1:45 to get the real low down on this before we commit 100%. I just don’t think I can handle them coming home then being taken away later. I will have more answers then. We are going to go up there early so we can see the kids again too and if the meeting isn’t too long then we will go see them again when the meeting is over. We plan to go stay a weekend up there with the kids not this weekend but the following one if everything pans out tomorrow.



[B]AC: [/B]OMG!! I’m so excited for you!! It seems like everything is just falling in to place. Love your descriptions - they don’t realize how lucky they are to have you and DH in their lives very soon. I am so full of joy right now I can’t even put it in words.

[B]Dongle: [/B]Hopefully you wont need these and AF doesn’t arrive! Amazon.com: Combo pack 40 (LH) Ovulation tests and 10 (HCG) Pregnancy tests: Health & Personal Care

[B]Mom Update: [/B]SHe’s been home since Sunday and doing well! Thank you all for asking. :slight_smile: Much much better now that she’s off the pain meds they gave her.

[B]Lucy: [/B]Bun puked this morning but he seems to be doing fine now. Hoping it was something he ate. :cross:
[B]AFM: [/B]RE appointment is Friday. I still don’t have :af: so I’m sure it’ll be a little anti-climactic but since it’s free, no harm done.

So many personal things I wish I could share with you all but things are crazy for me right now. I actually have been offered a regular position with the local station and have other things in the works.

The good thing is that I haven’t had 2 seconds to thing about TTC. :slight_smile:


Complete - this sounds like a really good situation! The fact that the BP had it together at a point in time reduces a lot of the concerns I would have right off the bat. Did you say that they have already filed for TPR? Is this voluntary or involuntary? Do you know all of the circumstances of their removal? What kind of info will you get? health records? do you get to see the case notes? Sorry so many questions just so excited and interested in the process!

Liz - so would you keep your other committments and add this committment? // Glad Mom is doing better and that she is happy at home! // GL Friday!

Beach - Shall we pick another date for our meet-up?

Kss - another beta Friday so we will see… but I am feeling better! // How is the au pair?

Lucy - Enjoy your adult get-away! It sounds like a blast with great company!

Jan - hope you have another little miracle BFP soon!!

Jfratts - how are you doing with FET prep?! ET is so soon!

AFM… another beta Friday… praying for 0 and then we will be set to schedule the HSG with the next AF! I am still trying to figure out where we go from here… I have found a DEm place that matches you with embryos but then sends them to your RE for transfer, which I like better than the current clinc but they are super duper expensive. Plus then you have to pay for the transfer also… is it worth it to do DEm that costs as much as IVF because it is more appealling to us than IUI that would cost 1/5 the price of DE? Augh! I have no idea what to do!!


Kss - thanks for asking…I am actually in a little bit of a funk because now, added to placenta previa, I just got my 1st trimester screening blood results back, and they have me at a 1 in 60 chance of Down’s. This despite a perfect NT ultrasound, where my doc told me that the result would definitely be low risk given how good the u/s was. So I guess it’s an amnio for me next. I know things will probably turn out fine, and I know this is completely irrational, but I am just thinking, come on universe, enough with stressing me out already. Good news is that I have had no new bleeding for 2 days so hoping that the placenta issue might be sorting itself out.

KSS/Jan - I wish lay people wouldn’t say stuff like that about kids’ development. They must have absolutely no idea how stressed they make other parents. If your doctors are saying your kids are developing normally, that is brilliant. I know it must be hard not to compare them with others though.

AC - So bloomin’ excited for you lovely! Will be totally lurking all day tomorrow to hear how your meeting went.


Mammamel: Ok so this exact same thing happened to my sister. She was told she had a really high chance of my nephew being downs. Apparently they tested her again a few weeks later and she was told no chance he would have downs. Those tests make people crazy. P.S. my nephew is far from downs, he is a genius.


[QUOTE=incompletefamily]Mammamel: Ok so this exact same thing happened to my sister. She was told she had a really high chance of my nephew being downs. Apparently they tested her again a few weeks later and she was told no chance he would have downs. Those tests make people crazy. P.S. my nephew is far from downs, he is a genius.[/QUOTE]

Yeah, you know, after considering it a bit more, I have decided to be optimistic. I have even heard of studies which say IVF patients are more likely to have false positives, something to do with the stims. Also I have to keep remembering that 1:60 is like a 1.67% chance so it’s still really likely that everything will be fine. I think the beyotch who called me from the lab just gave me a fright when she said, “yes, we have your results and you’re high risk for Down’s”…don’t they teach people about bedside (telephone-side, lol) manner in these places???


Kss: E is on a gluten free, casein free, grain free diet. She has only ever eaten organic vegetables, organic eggs and organic cheese. For the last 2 weeks it’s pretty much only organic fruits and vegetables and ezikel bread. We introduced (unsweetened)organic coconut milk (SO delicious brand) at about 7 months. She loves it. Shes never had cows milk…or goats milk. She currently has majority breast milk and about a cup of coconut milk a day. Her detox is going good. Subtle positive changes. I’m excited.

Mel: my aunt was pregnant at 44 and she was told 1 in 10 for downs and very likely of some other terrible life threatening chromosomal abnormality… She opted for amniocentesis because she would have terminated the pregnancy.
IF the baby is + downs, would you terminate? Ignore if too personal. Was only wondering because if you did not plan on terminating, I would reconsider the risk of amnio. BUT, I’m pretty sure your little pea is perfectly fine. God is Good and chick pea is a blessing. Doctors are great at scaring the living $hit out of us. xoxo

AFM: loving vaca!!! AF didnt arrive yet. She’s a wh0re!!


Mamamel We ended up getting amnios for both babies. During an ultrasound, we came up with lots of markers for downs on L, a couple on B (spot on the heart, wrong ratio of leg to head length, etc). I think the risk is much lower for the amnio if you have a really experienced person. I had the head of perinatology do mine. Be bossy and ask for the best. We had I think 48 hour rapid, preliminary results from something called “fish”. I’m forget how it was abbreviated. I am a worrier. The stress from not knowing my entire pregnancy would have been worse for me and the baby(s) than the procedure itself. I also don’t think having it done means anything about termination (though that would have been our choice I’m pretty sure). Lots of people want time to prepare and educate themselves about downs or other issues before birth even if termination is not a choice for them. It didn’t hurt, just really bizarre pressure not near the spot where the needle was. And you’ll only get poked once. I hope it all goes well for you and you get results that give you some piece of mind.


AC, just read through and am cautiously excited for you! Talk about insta-family!!! You will be one busy momma and they will be the luckiest kids in the world. Any child would be blessed to have you as their mom. For real.

Jan, T started walking around 12 months and N around 14. at 12 months she could stand assisted but that was it (I think). At our 12 month appt, the pedi said she would be walking by 15 months so he was right on.

KSS, 18 months seems to be the magic age for determining delays. N doesn’t talk or babble much at all. She can say dada, has her own word for water, and can whisper uh-oh. That’s it. Pedi is not too concerned but said wait until 18 months. If its any reassurance, we have a friend who has a son who is the same age as ours (15.5 months) and he is not walking either. He can pull up and cruise but can’t stand unassisted. This is their 2nd child so they are much more relaxed and not in the least bit worried. As 1st time moms though we are constantly worried.

Amy, I am praying for a zero beta. Have you done the other RPL tests?

Sorry, I’m so behind on personals. We’ve had another rough couple weeks with T. He’s not sick, but has been throwing up at least 1x (and up to 3x a day for the past 2 weeks). We have a gastric emptying test scheduled for the 30th. It tests to see how quickly the stomach empties. Often kids with slow stomach emptying are poor eaters (they feel full after a few bites), poor weight gain, reflux (from “overeating”) so this really does sound like T. We’ll see though. Today he ate probably 8 ounces of yogurt and two 4 ounce jars of baby food…with 3 pukes. Some even came out of his nose today. Poor kid.

We also toured another preschool today. Preschool is NOT cheap! Sheesh. I’m going to have to go back to work so they can go, lol. Anyways, it’s been stressful and again I’m sorry about the lack of personals…