IVF Summer of 2010


Amy - I read something once about parents of babies from the same donor all get to know each other via facebook group, as the donor has a number. Would that kind of thing put your mind at rest? Just thinking of potentially weird situations where you might be panicking every time your child gets into a relationship.


[QUOTE=Hopeful4Bunny][B]Lucy: [/B]We are gearing up for Bun’s first bday bash too!! WHen is Lukes?? Any ideas on theme?? Also I haven’t met AC and feel the same way so I can only imagine how she is in real life!!!

Luke bday is 8/21… i think we are going to do it on 8/18. my mom kinda threw me in charge of throwing his party… lol nice huh? lol so with the help of AC… b/c im imginationally challenged… lol i think we are going to do a sea creature/splish splash something like that theme. I was going to do it at a local park that has a splash pad for all the kids… so i was thinking like a water themed something would be cute. maybe like gummy shark candy, and fish/star fish/sea turtle cake… something like that. giving away sand buckets and bubbles and different things. any ideas anybody has would be great. i really have no clue how to put a cute party together. hopefully with the help of AC and pinterest we can get something together for him.

p.s. for peanuts since it will be fall… im doing a pumpkin patch party at our local patch… sooo many cute ideas i have in mind for that one! lol


Only 1 day late. Had cramps 2 days ago. That’s all. I refuse to waste $ on HPTs. Besides, I’m on vaca. Once I POAS my vaca will be ruined… :wink:


Questions for RE?

Ladies - tomorrow is my appointment with the RE. Any questions I should ask? Here’s what I have listed so far:

  1. Clomid for DH?
  2. Fertilaid?
  3. Primal T?
  4. AMH test?
  5. Is an IUI feasible?
  6. Why me? :frowning:

Please fire away - thanks ladies!!!

PS: Number 6 is a joke.


Am falling asleep as I type so I’ll have to wait till morning to see AC’s update :frowning:

Bun - GL tomorrow hon. Your questions seem pretty comprehensive!


[QUOTE=mamamelanie]Am falling asleep as I type so I’ll have to wait till morning to see AC’s update :frowning:

Bun - GL tomorrow hon. Your questions seem pretty comprehensive![/QUOTE]

im sorry Mel… she hasnt called me either… .it is taking EVERY inch of my will power to restrain from calling/texting her LOL

im horrible … i know… lol


Lucy - it is looking like IUI with DS… as long as DH does not change his mind… and my tubes are clear… and my eggs have not gone to crap. // Luke and A have the same b-day!!

AC - tick tock tick tock

Bun - anything to boost your egg quality?

mel - I find myself silly for worrying about my non-existant future child possibly falling in love or hooking up with another non-exisitant future child but I guess that is how my mind works!! That is interesting that they are all connected on FB…

AFM… beta tomorrow. PLease say a big huge 0 prayer for me :pray:


Bun/Amy, as far as DS, I only am familiar with California Cryobank…but according to them they have very strict limits (20-30 children worldwide) for each donor…but I’m not quite sure how they could know for sure, especially for pregnancies that are a result of at home inseminations.

Wanna, that’s great that you guys want more (and courageous!). We are definitely done unless DH by the grace of god starts producing sperm and my eggs cooperate. We have a better chance of immaculate conception.

For those of you with young toddlers, can you share lunch ideas? N used to be such an amazing eater and now she is so picky. She hates cheese (so no grilled cheese, no pizza, Mac & cheese), won’t eat deli meat, veggies…she seems to only ever want fruit, bread, pasta. I feel like she’s getting so bored though…


Good question!! I have a funny feeling there isn’t anything to boost egg quality (which is why he recommended an egg donor) but you never know. It has been two years since we last saw him so you never know what new research has come out.

Good luck with beta tomorrow!!!


KSS- no news yet. I have BW/US Sat and I think after that they will give me a date.

lucy- so much fun about you and ac’s weekend away. Now remind me you guys didn’t know each other before IF right? I love the friendships that stinky IF has created. I guess it is one of the few good things about IF. Is it weird that I always secretly thank IF because if it weren’t for mine and DH’s IF we wouldn’t have T. Boy the world does work in mysterious ways. Easy for me to say now, certainly not 2 years ago.

bun- hope lil bun is feeling better. Good luck tomorrow. BTW I love seeing u in action. Looking good.

amy- FET prep is so weird not much to do but take pills. Which are making me so nauseus (sp). I wasn’t this sick when I was pg with T. Hope ur beta is completely 0 tomorrow. Best of luck on finding a DS u are happy with. If you have any quest just ask. I remember the whole experience feeling so weird. I think about the number of half siblings T has out there all the time. She could have tons. I have to tell myself not to think about it. There is also the sibling registry where I can connect with others from the same donor or used the same donor. Since we will be telling T her story she will have the option of connecting with half siblings. I worry all the time about her hooking up with a half brother. I mean what does she say " are you sure you are not from DS?"

mel-I hate that you have more reasons to worry. Hope you get some good news so you can relax and not stress. Easier said than done, I know.

nelly-T doesn’t say much either. We had her 15 month today and Ped doesn’t think any delay if I feel she understands which she does. It’s funny how they all develop diff. Must be hard not to constantly compare. My nephew is 2 weeks younger than T and he has a ton of words. Oh my on 16 teeth. T only has 8. That is interesting about Cal cryo. I used them too. Have you tried hummus, beans, also bun has good smoothie ideas.

AC-I hope today went well for you and DH today.

AFM- not much just popping pills and waiting. 1 week from today I may be PUPO with twinks. AHHHH!!!


Wanna, Ahh! You really could be :preg: !!! It sure looks like a regular second line to me. Keeping my :cross: for you!!

AC, I can’t wait to hear an update. I hope today went well!

Lucy, Have a wonderful weekend away!! It sounds fab!

Bun, Good luck at your appt tomorrow. I’ll be thinking about you!

Amy, Good luck tomorrow as well! I hope you’re down to 0 so you can finally move forward. I don’t blame you for thinking about half sibs and all that. Sometimes I wonder about the baby that I donated my eggs for. Like if it was a girl or boy, if he/she looks like Cat. I don’t think about it constantly but just every now and then. Of course I also think about that “what if” on the dating thing someday. So of course, the more babies the donor has out there, the better the odds (even though it’s still really REALLY low odds unless they were all local donations which doesn’t happen).

jfratts, Hope you have a great appt Saturday! I can’t wait to hear what date your FET will be!!

Nelly, Poor T! I just can’t imagine how hard it must be for you as a mom to watch him struggle so much. I hope you’re able to get some answers soon!

AFM: Busy working away and also doing all the prep work for Rem’s party on Sunday. I’m so busy and feel like I’m going so many different directions that I can’t think straight. I feel so bad but we haven’t even gotten Rem his b-day present yet. Thank goodness I ordered a couple Angry Bird things off Ebay and one arrived before his actual bday so we could give him that. I would have felt bad not giving him anything on his bday. Well, off to add another layer to his green pig pinata.


Mamamel: I would probably make the same decision. I am sorry you are having to worry and not just enjoy your miracle. I remember feeling like it didn’t seem fair that we had to work so hard to get pregnant, then the punches just kept coming. Don’t you worry though! The summer of 2010 babies have beat some big odds and surpassed all expectations!! (And BTW yes, chick pea, is in my book a SO2010 baby even though it just happens to be 2012).

Wanna: Ummmmm… :slight_smile: Have you had regular periods until this one. B/c I know this lady who had 3 regular periods and then her fourth was late and she took a test and it came up positive…

AC: Dying. Dying. Dying.

Lucy: Arghhh! Has she contacted you!!!?!

Nelly: So sorry that little T is going through all of this. I just want some answers for you. Are you still working with your pediatric gastroenterologist? BTW- we have the same thing going on with sudden onset of pickiness. They used to be great eaters and are getting more and more selective. Yogurt, beans, certain fruits, oatmeal, chicken, and kix are still acceptable in their books. That’s part of why I was hoping peanut butter would work- another good protein source. That didn’t work so well.

jfratts: So sorry about the queasiness. Can’t believe it’s sooooo close!!! :cheer:

Amy: Glad you have a plan after visiting with DH. I am a person who just feels so much better having a plan.

AFM: Just found out they are now having a full-time cop on duty at the swimming pool that a few blocks from my house due to gang fighting. We’re meeting with the realtor when he gets back next week. Yikes! We have A LOT to do to get ready. Hoping, hoping, hoping we can sell and buy a home before Skippy arrives!! Let the fun begin…


Wanna I am so confused. It look like a BFP to me, but I know nothing. Did you get pregnant with DH’s sperm for the IVF? I can’t remember. Post again tomorrow!

Nelly Eating/vomiting is so tough. I hope he is feeling better. Have you thought about pancakes/baked goods if they are willing to eat bread? I’ve been doing pumpkin pancakes with flax, buckwheat pancakes with bananas and blueberries, etc. I think you can make like zuchinni (how do you spell that??) bread, all kinds of stuff to mix it up. We also feed them Rudy’s ancient grain breads with millet and chia seeds just to give them variety.


Mamamel, I can’t believe I didn’t post a personal to you. I agree with what all the other ladies said about false positives or increased odds for nothing. I’ll be praying for a great amnio tho. So glad you’re feeling a little better about it all. You’ve got a fighter in there who is going to be just fine! Big hugs!!


Arg. Too tired. Must go to bed. But desperately want to hear AC’s news.


KSS, I feel like everything that N likes to eat is breakfast food (bread, waffles, toast fruit, yogurt. Maybe I just need to get over it, but zucchini bread just doesn’t seem like lunch, KWIM? She loves peanut butter, but I feel bad that she eats it for lunch at least every 3rd day. She’s decided she also hates tuna too :frowning:

Oh and I forgot to reply to those that asked about T’s stomach emptying test. If it turns out he does have delayed emptying, then there are motility drugs to help move things along. However most of them have black box warnings (signifies serious risks or long term side effects) which I am NOT ok with…especially since he is growing fine and meeting all his milestones outside of eating. So at this point we’ll do the test to see if he has the delayed emptying and go from there. Yesterday he tried a couple of udon noodles at around 11am, and when he puked 6 hours later at 5pm they came up. Seems weird that he wouldn’t have digested them in 6 hours?!?

Mel, I’m sorry you are dealing with this, and praying that everything turns out ok. When is your amnio and how quickly do you get the results?

AC, thinking of you!!


My WTF moment of the day - reviewing health benefits this afternoon…DH switched jobs when I was 6 mos pregnant. His current company covers IVF and infertility 100%! Figures, right?


nelly/beach/jfratts - I started looking at donor banks today… when I do searches there seem to be very few that match even the basic criteria (blond/blue eyes/over 6 ft) and the ones I do find do not have many vials or exceed their # of births. Is there a trick to this? Do I have to buy the membership to get more profiles?


bun- that’s just it. My gut says that this far past expected AF should be a solid dark line since I was testing positive less than a week past transfer with the twins. We do want more kids which makes the fact that my periods are never regular so difficult. Every month that goes by I wonder if we’ve gotten pg only to be disappointed a week or 2 (or sometimes 4) later. IF SUCKS!!–AFU- since bun happened on his own, why are you going to see the RE? You’ve probably said before and I just missed it.

amy- yeah i guess you don’t need bros & sistas hookin’ up. Eeeeeewww!!! :slight_smile:

lucy- A is about 3 hours away from me. Pretty much everything is 3 hours away from houston. lol. Can’t believe its time for L’s big day. Can’t wait to come up for peanuts and get to see you guys again!-- Never knew about your evap line. That is just not fair!

nelly- some lunch ideas: amy’s organic vegetable & lentil soup, other canned soups, plum organics squeeze pouches,
pb&j sandwiches, grilled chicken, avocados, snap pea crisps, smoothies, eggs, fruit pancakes, french toast…i’m drawing a blank on what else i feed the kids but i’ll let you know if something else comes to mind.

sorry to others but I started this post at 3pm and am tired now so more personals tomorrow. nighty night


Re: Sperm donor siblings–i heard that you are only attracted to the smell of people who end up having different immune systems than you. They did a research study, showing the brain is hardwired to find genetic diversity in a mate. So all the donor siblings would be smelly and unattractive to one another?

Skipper Sunflower butter rules.