IVF Summer of 2010


AC, where are you??? Hoping no news is good news!


Silly head - after a few days of dark lines, it goes away and the control line becomes the darker line! Google it. :slight_smile:

And buy a darn digital before I have to run to Texas myself and buy you one!

PS: Are you going back to work in the Fall?


Because DH’s new job covers consults with RE’s (and semen analysis) 100%. :slight_smile:

But also because his count is still in the infertile zone so regardless of the miracle of bun, we will most likely need ART for number 2. Unfortunately for us (unlike you!), we already know that IVF doesn’t work for us so we may end up being told that we got our miracle and that’s that.

Wah Wah


[B]Nelly: [/B]So sorry about the delayed stomach issues. I know I don’t have a toddler so I really can’t give much advice on foods but I can say that there are ways to add protein to “breakfast foods”. I eat a pancake all the time which is just egg + oatmeal. You can add flax or skip it. I top it with peanut butter and a little pure maple syrup. I also put plain yogurt in my baked goods which gives them a lot of protein. Lastly, there are a lot of grains which have protein (like quinoa, farro, etc.) which you can put in baked goods or even serve like oatmeal with milk, berries - hot or cold. Regardless, sorry about all of this. :frowning:

[B]KSS: [/B]Bun loves zucchini - haven’t tried giving him bread yet though!! Yesterday he had it sauteed in olive oil. He gobbled it up which is good since they are so cheap at the market right now. Also I think I’ve heard the same thing about genetic siblings. Ironically, people say DH and I look like brother and sister. I feel like some people are attracted to people who look similar but I will say, DH and I are both 5 different ethnicities and none of them are the same. Interesting… love your articles. Speaking of, my friend is considering donor eggs and I told her about the article you shared that says various DNA are turned on in utero. :slight_smile:

[B]Dren: [/B]Omg - you are making a homemade pinata?? I’m the worst mom.

[B]1st Birthday Ladies: [/B]Is it bad that I’m more involved with the menu planning that crafts and themes and decor?? lol!!!

[B]Fun Personal Update: [/B]I got my first paid offer through my new website to review a product and create recipes. Ready for this ladies?

It’s for wheat ger*m!!!

For those of you with male infertility, you probably know that it’s recommended for sperm quality - lol!!!


Wanna and AC lurking…


[U]Wanna[/U]: Wow! Waiting to see what today’s results show :slight_smile:

[U]Lucy[/U]: You’re too sweet! I am far from being perfect, but I do what I can. My little guys are happy, healthy, and spoiled. That’s what matters most right? A while back you asked about when school starts - August 15th is the first day of school. I am getting all kinds of school supplies in from Lakeshore, Really Good Stuff, etc. It looks like Christmas in my classroom - boxes galore! Yay! A teacher’s dream :wink:

[U]amyinohio[/U]: No trick, no membership necessary unless you want more detailed profiles and pics avail. Try different combos of phys feat. - instead of blonde, try brown/light brown, or instead of blue, try green/gray/hazel, blood type, etc.

[U]BunBun[/U]: I am so happy for your new offer! Sounds like you have all kinds of fun things going on right now with your career outside of your career! :wink:

[U]mamamel[/U]: Hoping the placenta previa heals quickly and relieves some stress and worry for you and Chickpea.


skipper- yes she has… but…my lips are sealed…

Beach- omgoodness… i bet that is amazing!!! is this new job in a classroom setting like at a actual school? for some reason i thought i remember reading ur last job was like through computers… or something?? i can’t remember exactly!

bun- Good luck with ur appt!!

Wanna- ya our Evap line was ALONG time ago… before we even knew about IF issues… lol can’t wait to see yall either… i really hope yall are able to make it in town!!

Amy- 8/21 is a pretty special day huh?? lol good luck with the sperm hunt.

AFM: :smiley:


[U]Lucy[/U]: Yep, I am back to traditional brick and mortar! I had a classroom at my former school, but it was only for a couple days per week. The remaining days of the week were spent at home…on my laptop… for hours on end… making me want to punch my face off…

[U]Incomplete[/U]: :cross: to hear from you sooon!


[B]AC: [/B]Yay you’re on!!! And judging from [B]Lucy’s [/B]post you have some exciting news to share!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

[B]Beach: [/B]THank you!! Yes things have been very crazy lately!! :slight_smile:


Lucy’s :smiley: = Ahhh! Share, share, share!


[QUOTE=BeachMomma][U]Lucy[/U]: Yep, I am back to traditional brick and mortar! I had a classroom at my former school, but it was only for a couple days per week. The remaining days of the week were spent at home…on my laptop… for hours on end… making me want to punch my face off…

[U]Incomplete[/U]: :cross: to hear from you sooon![/QUOTE]

oh man… that will be fun. more work im sure but less stressful than your other job im praying!!

what are yall doing about childcare? i know some districts here have onsite child care for teachers!


Lucy, what do you know that you aren’t sharing???

Bun, Yes, I always make the pinata for Rem’s bday. It all started with his first birthday where I also paper mached 10 fish as goodie “bags”. The fish’s mouths were left open and the kids could reach inside and get the toys I’d put in. They were able to bring them home. It was a TON of work but also fun. I haven’t gone that over the top since but I do make a pinata to the theme we’re doing every year. Not sure how/what I’ll do for Cat since she has a winter bday.
Good luck today!!! I hope Dr. D gives you some sort of good news.

Wanna, AC, we need some news!!!


Amy: :pray: for a negative beta for you today!!!


[B]Amy: [/B]I’m praying for your beta as well!!! :pray: :pray:

[B]AC: [/B]I’m dying here!!

[B]Wanna: [/B]It’s 8:50AM!! FMU = DONE!

[B]AFM: [/B]I want to throw up. :frowning: Will someone go to the clinic for me? :frowning:



whats everybodys plans for the weekend?? :evilgrin:


Lucy, You are so mean!!!


Bun - GL today! Hope it is a good appt!

Wanna - ummm…did you pee yet?

AC - I am dying here!

Lucy - We are going to the lake with my SIS and nieces… I am really excited!

AFM… house appraisal today… we might actually be moving soon!


[U]Lucy[/U]: Our childcare = DH (aka Mr. Mom when I am away at school) We are very lucky for it to work out that way.


[B]Weekend Plans: [/B]First date night with DH tonight in over 2 months!!! :thankyou: Then we may go out to the beach house saturday or sunday for the day.

[B]PS: [/B]I now have the runs as well. You’d think I was getting ready to go into labor.

[B]Nursing Sitch: [/B]So this morning I could only pump out 2 oz for the sitter. :frowning: I hate that I can’t give him milk yet to supplement. Think I can get away with having a big dinner for him? :slight_smile: ugh.


Amy- that sounds like alot of fun!!

Beach- oh man… thats amazing!! we have contiplated many time my DH quitting his job and being mr mom… lol if we had 3 i think we would just about have to do that lol i carry the CHEAP insurance so i can’t quit! lol