IVF Summer of 2010


[U]Lucy[/U]: DH owns his own business so he has super flexible hours. It’s very convenient. I carry all our insurance, so I have to work! I think it’s a pretty even trade.


Wanna: WHOA!!! Update please!! p.s. I will get to finally meet you and the twinkies at peanuts party hopefully.


Bun: Deep breaths. It’s all good, just the start of another amazing miracle in the making.

JFratts: Status update!!

Nelly: Poor T, hoping he can get a clear diagnosis and treatment plan ASAP

Lucy: You are so mean, I love it. P.S. 23 hours and 54 minutes but whose counting.

AFM: Ok so the condensed version is that we should have no trouble getting these 3. The lawyer thinks it should be a pretty smooth process. Basically the only hiccup would be the fact that it is from one state to another but it won’t be a big hiccup. The attorney thinks we should have no trouble getting the kids home and settled before school starts so still on target for that. We are definitely commited to bringing these babies home now.


AC, That is so amazing!!! I’m all choked up and about to bawl my eyes out for you!! So SO happy, excited, thrilled and more for you!!! Wonderful, wonderful news!!! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


[B]AC: [/B]OMG!!! I am so happy for you and your DH!!! AND FOR THE 3 LO’s!!! I literally just put mascara on - what was I thinking?? I am so thrilled for you!! YOU give all new meaning to Friday the 13th!!!

MAMA YOU’RE COMPLETE!!! :clap: :clap: :clap:


Bun, to hear you call AC, Complete now has me bawling all over again. Good night, I’m a wreck. I love that it’s for such a great reason though. This is one GREAT Friday the 13th!!!


[U]Incomplete[/U]: I have chills - that is excellent news! I am so happy for you and DH! Before school starts means like super soon, right?! YES!! :cheer::cheer::cheer:


Thanks ladies, now I am crying AGAIN lol. School starts 08/27 so yes, the goal is to have them home by 08/10 or 08/17 at the absolute latest. Really have to get busy pulling the boy room together now, girls room just needs to be made a little more girlie but everything else is set for them. We got to spend so much time with them yesterday, took them to the splash park and the playground and out to eat and the little one who isn’t comfortable with men just adores DH now. She goes to him with no problems and lets him just carry her around everywhere.


Complete - how amazing, you are going to be completefamily in about a month!!! You have been so patient and graceful throughout your journey and now it’s all bearing fruit. I love you and love today :slight_smile:


[B]Mel: [/B]You put it perfectly!!!

I know we hate hearing this but God always has a plan.

:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:



Oh. My. Good. Goddish. (as my sister says it when she’s overly excited). AC: I have goosebumps for you. This is amazing. Who would’ve think it?! 3 precious babies :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=Hopeful4Bunny][B]Mel: [/B]You put it perfectly!!!

I know we hate hearing this but God always has a plan.

:grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:


Best Day EVER!!!:clap: :cheer:

i will give her LOTS of real hugs from all of yall tomorrow when i see her!!! =)


[B]OMG AC[/B]!!! I am so excited for you. I love that little K adores DH and that you got to spend so much time with all three yesterday. What a wonderful Friday the 13th. :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: Only a month to go and you will have 3 pairs of pitter patters running around.

[B]Wanna-[/B] Anything yet? Its 9:15 her in Cali so I know you have already peed this morning. :woohoo:

[B]Bun[/B] - I cannot wait to hear how your appt goes today. Bunny will have a sibling or two. Stay positive.

[B]Nelly[/B] - Are you going to try for another since you have 100% coverage for IVF? :clap:

[B]AFM - [/B]Mac had her first real boo-boo yesterday. As my DH was walking into house to pick up Mac, the babysitter looked away from her and at that percise moment she slid off a bench and hit her eye on the corner of a table. She is now sporting a wonderful light blue and red swollen brow. :grr:


Complete - OMG lady!!! You will soon have three kiddos running around!!! I can only imagine the planning and plotting mode you must be in right now! You will have a full house in NO TIME!! :cheer: :cheer: :flower: :cheer: :cheer:


Lucy & Complete - Enjoy your weekend together! Complete, is this going to be your last mini-vacation before your have your house and hands full??

Complete - I am still smiling every time I think about you! And also wondering, can you recap and tell us how this situation fell into your lap without the agency?

Wanna - put us out of our misery here sista!

Amy - how’s the beta? :cross: for a big fat zero and a line drawn under this cycle. You are most definitely next, after Jfratts (and Wanna?!)

Bun - I totally understand why you wouldn’t want to do IVF again, but I don’t know that I’d say you know it doesn’t work for you…um, you’re looking at someone who did it 8 times (and the first 3 had totally crappy fert rates just like yours). Just a thought! I hope your appointment goes really well and you come away with a plan of action.

Dren - I love how crafty you are. I remember my mom doing all these things with us as kids, paper mache masks for fancy dress parties and so on…kinda worried that I might be a really boring mother with not much imagination for that kind of thing though! My amnio is not scheduled yet and it’s actually really awkward because I will be on holiday at the time I have to do it. DH is already in the country that we’re going to and is researching the best place to do it. But basically it has to be in week 16, so only around 2-3 weeks from now.

Dongle - are you away for your vacation or just chilling at home? Hope you are enjoying anyway! About your question whether we would terminate or not if the amnio was positive, the short answer is we haven’t decided yet. I know this may seem really strange to a lot of people but we very much tend to cross bridges when we come to them and not try to guess in advance how we might feel in a particular situation. It’s like when we first decided to do IVF. We never thought in advance about how many cycles we might be prepared to do, just kept on reassessing how we felt after each one.

AFM - positively beaming! I am living vicariously through Complete :slight_smile:


Jan - sorry about Mac’s fall! It must be so terrifying when it happens, but it is just amazing how quickly babies heal.


[B]Mel: [/B]I know…you make a good point. :slight_smile: The only thing different is that DH has a new job that doesn’t cover IVF cycles. (He used to when he was based out of Massachusetts that has mandatory coverage.) But you are right. Did you pay out of pocket for your 8 cycles?

[B]Wanna/Amy: :pray:[/B] for good news from you both!

[B]Jan: [/B]Oh no…poor little Mac!!! Ugh. It’s amazing how many falls toddlers can handle!!

Ok…I am so excited for two big reasons!!! One I can’t discuss on here and the other I can!! Hopefully the first will be official soon and I can share on FB!! :cross:

Ok here are the details from the RE appointment:

[]IVF History: Despite the poor results of our 2 rounds of IVF, apparently the body does tend to be more fertile after pregnancy. RE said there’s no medical explanation for it but it is well known. So, my poor results before aren’t a guarantee that we would have poor results moving forward and in fact he feels good that we would have better results.
]Fertilaid and Primal T: He said they are a “crock”. NOTHING against those of you who use this but I will confess that I feel the same way. It felt good to hear the RE agrees without me even saying how I felt.
[]Plan for TTC #2: He didn’t say a word about IUI, IVF or even DH’s latest SA. Instead we will be doing something new. Apparently we are “ideal candidates” for an entirely new protocol that has come out within the past 3 months. This is brand new science that wasn’t around 2 years ago that has been proven to improve [B]egg quality [/B]([B]amy[/B] was right!!) The latest science proves that women who take a growth hormone on cycle days 3-8 have increased egg quality. The hormone is called just that: “growth hormone.” I will take that along with a small dose of Gonal-F. Then, on CD 11-12 I will go in for an U/S to see if there is a mature egg. If there is, I will take an HCG trigger shot. Then, we will go home and :dance: . My beta will take place 2 weeks later.
]No egg retrieval, no transfer. It is very similar to a clomid cycle except clomid doesn’t boost egg quality.
[]Our goal isn’t to produce a ton of eggs, it is to produce a good quality egg.
]The dose of gonal-F is very low: .75.
[]We will try this for a few cycles and then move on to IUI.
]We will start this either when I get :af: or when I stop nursing around 12 months. If I’ve stopped nursing and still don’t have my period, he can give me provera to induce a cycle.[/LIST]I am so excited and full of hope!! :clap: :cheer: :cross: :clap:Also, all of the nurses and the egg donor coordinator came out to meet bun and they were gushing. It was really good to go back and not feel scared of the place!!


[B]Mel/Bun - [/B]It totally sucks. I didn’t get home until 8:00 last night because my son had a football game. My DH just emailed me the pictures and did not say anything about what happened. He figured I would call him the moment I saw the pictures. So I could not cuddle her or do anything for her until I got home, which by that time she was asleep. I know that all kids fall and get hurt but not being there to kiss it and make it all better really bothered me.

On a positive note, my son played awesome and they won the game. I cannot believe in 2 months my baby will be 18 and a senior in high school. Where has the time gone?

How are you doing [B]Mel[/B]? How is the LO doing? I have been thinking and praying so much for you and LO.

[B]Bun - [/B]It sounds like Bunny [B]will[/B] have a sibling soon! That is great that you already have a plan in place that is super positive! I had a feeling that ferilaid was a BS but hey if it makes my DH think that he is doing something good that will get us through the next 4 1/2 months (we are changing back to his ins. that has IVF coverage).


AC- So super excited for you!!!

bun-I just got chills!!! this is very exciting news.

jan- poor mac!


[B]Jan: [/B]Don’t get me wrong - I totally understand the idea of feeling like you’re improving things. DH eats pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds and wheat germ all the time because of what I’ve read (and heard from [B]Beach).[/B] But I also get frustrated when I see false promises of “quadrupling sperm” by online marketers of fertility supplements. Sometimes I feel like they know IF patients are so desperate for a baby that we would drink urine if we thought it would help. LOL I also just love that bluntness of my RE. :slight_smile:

[B]JFratts: [/B]I thought of you when I wrote about MA’s fertility coverage! :slight_smile: How is FET going???

[B]CompletelyAMotherof3: [/B]I’ve been telling your story all day! Specifically to my friend who has had 5+ failed IVF’s and also my cousin who is adopted and her adoptive parents had no idea she had a bio brother 14 months apart in age just miles down the street. She got chills when she heard you were taking all 3.

I want to cry just thiking about that little girl and the photo!!


Bun: That is great news!!! We were originally told we could split them up but we knew we could never do that. Just not an option, it’s all or nothing we said.

Jan: Poor Mac. Poor Jan for not being able to make it all better when it happened.

JFrattS: I am so ready for your BFP!!