IVF Summer of 2010


4 pages before noon=great morning:clap:

Can you guys believe we are still here doing this? No woman left behind kind of has a whole new ring to me today.

Complete^3!!! There just are no words.


[QUOTE=Hopeful4Bunny][B]Mel: [/B]I know…you make a good point. :slight_smile: The only thing different is that DH has a new job that doesn’t cover IVF cycles. (He used to when he was based out of Massachusetts that has mandatory coverage.) But you are right. Did you pay out of pocket for your 8 cycles?[/QUOTE]

Yup, every penny. Coulda built a house with the money we spent. But still I know we are lucky as it’s significantly cheaper here than in the States. I have never even heard of insurance here that covers IVF. If we were Israeli citizens, on the other hand, we would have had unlimited free IVFs for the 1st 2 babies. Politics sucks!


KSS: This group really truly is amazing isn’t it? I really feel like there are very few people in this world who know what I have been through and you guys are them. Not even my family can grasp the struggles as much as they think they can or want to. It’s an amazing feeling to know that whenever IF had me down and I was struggling to keep the faith that I would one day be a mom I always turned to you ladies and no one else.


Complete, Gosh darn you! You have me all emotional again. I do think this group is special. Each and every one of you ladies mean the world to me! You alone are such an amazing, strong, kind, compassionate person so to know that you are now getting your dream of 3 kids, is just so awesome! My heart completely swells for you and the way you already talk about these kiddos.

Mamamel, I think you too are extra amazing to have gone through so many cycles (and stay sane). Not only the emotional side of it all but the financial burden of it. I’m so glad that you have a little miracle baby in there!!

Bun, What a GREAT appt!! It sounds like it went better than you could have hoped for! Woohoo!! Today IS amazing!!!


[U]MomOf3[/U]: I was looking at ages again - those are perfect ages! 2nd grader, pre-k, and a toddler! Such fun ages for all three. Can you believe this is happening? I wish I were there to help you get ready!

[U]BunBun[/U]: I wish you could spill the beans in secret code here!! Too risky though, I know. I can’t wait for it to be FB official. Haha! Glad your RE appt. went well. sounds like everything is set and ready to prepare for TTC Bunny the sequel.


Bun - so happy your appointment left you feeling upbeat, that’s great! Can’t wait to hear your other news on FB too!

Darn it, almost everyone is on right now…except Wanna! What is going on???


AC, words can’t describe how happy I am for you! You will soon have a full house!

Bun, that sounds like a great protocol!


So sorry to keep everyone hanging today. We had a play date an hour away and I spent some qt with the new neighbor/neighbors daughter. Long story short, without a doubt a BFN on the FRER. I had a feeling so I’m not completely devastated but still stings a little. :frowning: I need to go back and read personals but hoping to see good news from AC , bun, and Amy. :slight_smile:


[quote=ksseattle]4 pages before noon=great morning:clap:

Can you guys believe we are still here doing this? No woman left behind kind of has a whole new ring to me today.

Complete^3!!! There just are no words.[/quote]

These estrace pills are strong this just made me cry!!!


wanna- bummer!!

bun- thank god for MA fertility coverage. We wouldn’t have been able to afford any of it. It really stinks that not all states have mandatory coverage.

beach- love the new name for ac. Momof3.

Momof3- still super psyched for you guys.

Amy- hope ur BETA was 0 today.

skipper/mel - every time I think about how you guys are pg it puts a smile on my face. YAY!!!

T had her 15 month yesterday and they checked her stools for blood to see how she is adjusting to whole milk. Test came back negative. YAY to growing out of milk allergy.


Complete: been telling your story to everyone. Thinking about how crazy your house is going to be. With dishes and laundry and messy toys and minivan shopping. I. LOVE. IT. Completely complete with your 3 little stars. <3


Completely Momof3: I am sooooooo excited for you and sooooo happy that your and DH are having your dream realized. :welcome::welcome::welcome: to all 3 of the little nuggets!!! Let the adventure begin!!!

Wanna: Hugs. I hate that no matter what your head says, you can’t quite protect and prepare that little hopeful corner of your heart.

Amy: Beta news???

Bun: YAY! How incredibly exciting to have a completely new protocol that seems to be tailor-made for you!! Yahoo for pleasant, life-changing surprises!

jfratts: HAnging in there momma? Those side-effects are a *****. It’ll all be worth it soon, soon, soon.

Jan: Scary fall. I bet she got lots of extra lovin’ today!!!


OB never called with the beta so I guess we will find out the number on Monday. I am really in no rush.

Bun - sounds like a great appt! Bun will have a bro or sis in no time.

Wana - big hugs my love!

Complete - it is your babymoon this weekend!

Dren and Bun - I am at the lake and it is only 1hr south of K-zoo. I wish I would have looked at the directions and realized I was going to be this close earlier.


Amy, where abouts??? I’m about 45 minutes south of kzoo? How long are you there? We are having Rem’s party Sunday and would love to have you there! Or I could maybe sneak away for like an hour tomorrow…


Bun: I don’t believe that those things (Fertilaid, Clomid, etc.) work for IF, especially MFI. I’m a firm believer in a clean diet. I wonder why people don’t pick up on environmental factors being a major cause; pesticide/chemical exposure, GMOs, the list goes on. And on.


Wanna - so sorry sweetie. I know you were expecting it but hope is such a very powerful thing as well. [email protected] those evaporation lines and the stupid design of HPTs that make them possible.


We are at Long Lake near Reading MI. I really have very little idea where we actually are.


[U]donglebo[/U]: When DH (and I) had consult with UR in early 2008, UR mentioned that he firmly believed the increase in MFI was a direct result of environmental influences (pollution, medications, food, additives, etc.). He is the one and only UR specializing in MFI in the central part of our state so I truly believe his observations are accurate. Also, if you have ever read the book, [U]How To Get Pregnant[/U], by Dr. Sherman Silber (renowned RE of St. Louis), he suggests the same. He describes multiple instances of new male patients experiencing IF. When speaking with the new patients it was discovered that often their count was lower, motility/mobility decreased, lower T, etc. were a result of the many synthetic drugs, medications, supplements inexperienced REs (or money hungry REs) were prescribing. I agree with you 10000%.

For my DH and his diagnosis, drugs, supplements, injections would be the absolute worst thing we could to do increase or improve count and quality.

[U]ksseattle[/U]: No baby gates. I promise! We don’t even own a baby gate. But as I have mentioned before, we have no stairs. We have one step that leads down into family room and one step that leads from family room into kitchen. We keep our bedroom door and the bathroom door closed, and that’s it. They are FINALLY leaving the dog food and water alone, so they are back on the floor in the kitchen.

[U]MomOf3[/U]: I can’t get over your news! Wow, you are in for the most exciting adventure! Those three special LOs are the luckiest children in the world to have you and DH as their mom and dad. I can’t wait for you to experience and live motherhood. This has been such a long time coming! FINALLY!


Amy, Ah, I see. I just looked it up and it looks like you are quite a bit further east. Darn it! If it wasn’t such a busy weekend for us, I’d try to make the trek and meet up.

Wanna, Forgot to comment last night but I’m sorry it was a negative. The sting really is always there and it just plain sucks! I absolutely hate taking hpts because without IVF, I know they are always going to be negative. To me they are a big let down giver. I hate that you had to experience an evap line and get your hopes up. Hugs!!!


Beach: along with E, DH is on a detox as well. He ha high levels of chemicals build up in his body. Essentially “clogging him up” so testosterone couldn’t penetrate produce lots of healthy sperm. Naturopath says we will get preg on our own? Am I confident? Eh! I’ve had my fair share of letdowns with IF, so, no, not really. But I think our chances are higher now