IVF Summer of 2010


Bun- Never feel guilty for being overwhelmed. Everybody gets like that at times. For me i have found getting a a schedule/routine… and having a plan is what works best for me. Everybody is different. talk with your DH and figure out what will work best for yall. IF or No IF… momma’s shouldn’t feel like that all the time. Days here and there are worse than others… lol but if it is consistant you def want to figure out something or u will burn urself out.

KSS- LOL you are so funny. Cars… is a disney pixar cartoon movie… and disney land just made a whole new section called “cars land”. has several rides, shops, etc all made around the theme of the movie. i forget most of you have infants… i have a 7yr old so we went through the “cars” phase… lol goodness gracious… everything was “cars” from about age 2-4 lol


Bun: I feel your anxiety…thinking about going from 0 to 3 kids in the blink of an eye is a little terrifying.

KSS: We love camping and we hope to get these kiddos to love it too but I imagine the first few attempts might not be quite as blissful as we imagine lol.


Amy- my transfer is Thursday. OMG!!!

Mamamel-hope ur appt goes well Sat. I loved that your belly has popped. The nausea has gone away I think my body has finally adjusted to the extra estrogen. 2 days I know!!! I am cautiously excited.

Bun- NEVER EVER feel like you don’t have a right to have bad days or complain!!!

KSS- YAY for boring!!!

Complete- YOU CAN DO IT!!!:cheer: :cheer:

Lucy- HI!!!


[B]KSS: [/B]Just read your post to DH. In his defense, he is 100% on my side and wants to help. I should probably clarify - part of it is my own hesitation because he already has major money anxiety. If we start paying for childcare, we will take home even less money which I’m worried will give him even more anxiety. But I know that I can’t worry about that and that is also enabling his behavior. BTW I love your “worth” calculation. Thank you!!!

[B]Lucy: [/B]You are right - some days are better/worse than others. Today Bun took two, 2 hour naps. It was a much better day.

[B]MC: [/B]I would ask you your plans for day care but I’m sure you have a perfect solution worked out!!!

[B]Thank you ladies!! :grouphug: [/B]


Bun: I feel ya sister. I hate HAVING to work. I’m the breadwinner. I do bad want to walk away from my job and our house so I can stay home with E. I feel like my duties in life are to be a mom-nothing else. DH and I are trying to get out of our money-draining-obnoxiously high mortgaged house.


Seems like our careers are here to stay ladies, as much as we would all love to stay at home full time and be nothing but the best mommy a child could ever ask for it just isn’t going to happen for most of us that way. The bonus side of this (what I am choosing to focus on)
[]your children are so happy to see you when you come home
]At the end of an exhausting day at the office or even at home after a stressful day of work can’t that little smile/s make all that stress just wash away?
[]Doesn’t the career that is sucking up your time away from your child/ren allow you to provide a decent life for your child/ren?
]Having a solid career is teaching little ones early on about the responsibilities of being an adult so he/she/they can grow up with a strong sense of what it means to be a competent responsible member of society.[/LIST]Bun: I will have a nanny at least 10 hours a day 5 days a week. My office is however giving me a sort of maternity leave when I bring them home so I can take time to bond with them. I am not sure how this is going to work right now because I have 3 ginormous projects that are about to reach critical mass but too bad lol.


Dongle/MC: I know you ladies understand! Thank you for empathizing. And, I know I am so lucky that all of my “2.5” jobs are home based. As much as I tease DH about enjoying his hour of lunch or peeing when he wants to pee or being able to drink coffee before it turns cold… The fact is, I love being home with bun while also doing all of the things MC listed like providing for our family.

AC: I’m so glad you’re getting a maternity leave! Who is your nanny going to be??

Baby proofing Question: Any tips for tv area? I am debating a big gate to cover the dvr/blue-ray player, etc. bun is obsessed with turning it on and off. Gates are pricey though! I’ve been obviously telling him no and pulling him away. It’s tiresome…lol thanks ladies


kss - it warms my heart when you have boring dr appts!

jfratts - last day before PUPO!! How are you feeling? Estrace made me crazy!

Bun - maybe I missed it but… I didn’t hear you complaining… I only heard a Mom of a young infant expressing her feelings of stress and anxiety which are completely normal and should be expressed by more mothers more often. Balance is a hard thing to find but you will!


[B]KSS: [/B]I LOVE that you had a boring doctors visit!!!

[B]Amy: [/B]I heart you. :slight_smile:


Jfratts: It’s almost here!!! PUPO in no time. What time is your appointment?


Complete- my appt. is tomorrow at 1:50. I get the call in the morning to let me know if my frosties survive the thaw. We only have 3 and we are putting 2 back so I am a little nervous they won’t survive the thaw.

Amy- I am finally used to the estrace. Now I am hating my suppositories. For my last cycle I used suppositories that came with applicators so there was no mess. These ones I have to do myself and I hate it. First one I did apparently wasn’t in because when I stood up it fell out. Really you would think after all this IF stuff and other people being in my “business” you would think I would have no problem. Almost needed to ask DH to help.


[B]Jfratts:[/B] Good luck tomorrow!!! Can’t wait for you to be :preg: with 2!!! Are you excited to possibly join the twin mamas group??? :cheer: :cheer: :cheer:


[U]jfratts[/U]: :pray::gsv::cheer::pray::gsv::cheer:Best of luck tomorrow for a super, successful, sticky transfer!!

[U]ksseattle[/U]: Boring Dr. appts are the best in your case! Hooray for :nerd:ing appts!


jfratts, Good luck tomorrow!!! I can’t believe it’s here already!!! You’re going to be PUPO with twins tomorrow!!! :woohoo:

ksseattle, Love, love that you had a nice boring appt!!!
I’m working at getting bday pics up soon.

Bun, sorry you had a rough day. It sounds like you are super busy but in such a great way!! Balancing work especially at home is so NOT easy with little ones!


jfratts: It’s ET Eve!!! Will be thinking of you tomorrow!!! Take it easy and let yourself get pampered. :bsv:

Kss: I have such great memories of tenting growing up, but right now with the girls running in opposites directions and into everything, it just sounds exhausting! Maybe we’ll brave a backyard camping trip as a first step.
B: A huge MOOOOOO to you for a boring neuro visit! :clap:

Bun: Sorry I didn’t reply before, but I agree with everything everyone else has said. I need reminding too. Here I am blessed with healthy twin girls and a miracle on the way, and I am just trying to figure out how we are going to make it happen without neglecting A&B, DH, and my job. I am so excited for big things coming your way and I can’t imagine trying to do my job with my two little “helpers” at the clinic. And making amazing meals too. How the hell are you doing this now that I think about it???

Incomplete: I love your working mom list. :slight_smile: How much time off do you get? Do you have a date for when your 3 come home?

AFM: Met with the realtor yesterday and he wants to list the house ASAP. We meet on friday to get “the number” and we’ll see if we’re moving fwd for sure. If so we have got A LOT of work to do in the coming weeks (scraping and painting the exterior of our house; landscaping; a gazillion little projects here and there). We were planning on moving next summer, but I decided it would be easier to try to do this all now before we have another baby. Just hoping it sells and we can move someplace SAFE here I can get settled before I pop!


Dren: I can’t wait to see the pics.

Skipper: sounds like you guys are about to get super busy.

Jfratts: Lurk Lurk Lurk!!! Did they call about the thaw yet?


[B]Skipper: [/B]How am I doing it? Just now I sent 5 emails with bun nursing on my lap. Right now he is sucking on a filthy remote while I check in here…lol. // HOW ARE YOU doing it is the better question!!! CONGRATS on the house!! That is so exciting!!!

[B]JFratts: [/B]Thinking of you!!! can’t wait for updates!! You’re probably PUPO as I type!!! :preg: :preg:

[B]MC: [/B]Are you in a state of fog and excitement??


A state of chaos is more like it lol. Trying to prepare, the kids are coming to spend the weekend with us and we are also babysitting 8 month old twins for the weekend so we will go from a quiet house of me and DH and a lazy dog to 7 people and a lazy dog including 5 children from 8months - 7years. lol. Let the fun begin lol.


lurk lurk lurk, are you knocked up yet?


[B]MC: [/B]Babysitting 8 month twins?? The same time you’re welcoming your 3 children home for the first time???

I bow down. You are amazing.

I am weak.

I hate that we aren’t all there to support you in person. I trust you have many versions of us in real life though.