IVF Summer of 2010


[quote=Hopeful4Bunny][B]MC: [/B]Babysitting 8 month twins?? The same time you’re welcoming your 3 children home for the first time???

I bow down. You are amazing.

I am weak.

I hate that we aren’t all there to support you in person. I trust you have many versions of us in real life though.[/quote]

I have this one friend, she is pretty friggin amazing. Her name is Lucy. lol. She is bringing 2 infants and a 7 year old to join me with 2 8 month olds a 1 year old, a 4 year old and a 7 year old at the museum Saturday. Not many friends would be willing to venture out into public with that sort of a motley crew lol.


Isn’t it amazing what perspective IF gives us?? Most people would rather shoot themselves in the face. :slight_smile:


IF has actually given me soo much. I have met some pretty incredible people, both in real life and in the virtual sense but people who have changed my life for the better no matter how I know them, my marriage is probably stronger than most marriages and I can honestly say that I love my husband with all my heart and I enjoy being with him and enjoy spending my life with him, I have a much stronger faith than I started IF with and I am way stronger than I ever gave myself credit for. Who would have thought that IF could ever be something positive…who knew lol.


I completely agree. It’s hard to have that perspective during the journey and so much easier now that our families are complete.

Get it. Complete. :wink:


Hi ladies sorry for the long wait. Good news and bad news. Bad news only 1 survived thaw. Good news I am PUPO with 1 beautiful emby. Feeling weirdly excited but trying not to get my hopes up. BETA July 31. 12 days and counting.

Complete-7 kids under one roof. You are my hero. And yes I think Lucy is amazing too.


Complete - you are amazing!! WIll you keep fostering even after the adoption is final?


MC, Holy lot of kids!!! Wow! You are beyond amazing!! Talk about just diving into parenting!! After this weekend, 3 kids won’t seem so hard. LOL

jfratts, Happy PUPO day! Sorry to hear it was only one but all it takes is one.


MC: Good luck. Not that you need it!! Have a fabulous weekend.

jfratts: Congrats of being PUPO! Sorry to hear about the two not surviving the thaw, but I’ve got a feeling you’ve got one tough cookie in there!! :slight_smile: :bsv:


Jfratts Congrats on being PUPO!!

MC How are you going to transport all of these kids to a museum?? You are brave. I also have sore knees from bowing down.


Jfratts: Don’t you love that there is a whole group of ladies who know the exact moment you got knocked up lol.

Amy: At this time I just don’t see fostering in our future. I think 3 kids will be enough to keep us busy. I love the idea of it but would need to be sure I had enough time and energy to devote to those kids in needs.

KSS: 2 cars, mine and DH. Good thing we are only taking 3 kids for good because I traded in my SUV for a regular family size car lol.


Jfratts: what happy news. This little one sounds as if it is around to stay. Gma hugs to you and my breath held for the next two weeks.
BUN; take a deep breath. Overwhelmed is a condition familiar to moms. Just take it a step at a time and remember you can do this. PS: I made your pulled chicken and everyone loved it.,it’s a keeper!
Complete: what can I say. I am so happy for you and I am so excited to hear the adventures you will have with your little ones. What an amazing journey you have begun. I love your list of what you feel IF has given you, such a great way to look at it!
AFM: my daughter changed Baby Jame’s formula and he is now sleeping through the night, has stopped having numerous,painful bowel movements whenever he was fed and is very happy with that. When she explained to the doctor what she did and why he said, oh that was good you did that. Hmfph! He had been waking up at night not because he was hungry but rather because he had to have this rather forceful, painful bowel movement. He only slept 3-4 hours at a time. Since changing the formula he sleeps 6-8 hours and has 2-3 hour naps in the morning and afternoon. Happy baby through it all he was always smiling.!!
She also found this wonderful miracle machine (what she calls it) it projects pictures above his bed, plays a lullaby and goes on automatically in the night if he wakes and cries. It puts him right back to sleep. Don’t know if it was a combination of the formula change and gettign this machine but she is not questioning, it is working and she feels wonderful to be getting at least 6 hours of solid sleep! I am awating the arrival of a new grandchild any day now. My son and hios wife decided not to find out the sex of the baby so that is an added excitment factor. Today is her due date, she had an U/S today and they said the baby is about 7lbs. She usually has 8 pounders so this is a bit different, but you never know.
I’m glad the hot weather has broken, I welcome the rain and I hope everyone has a super weekend.


gma- thank you. So glad your daughter figured out the whole formula thing. I went thru a similiar thing when T was first born. I was BFing and she wasn’t gaining any weight. Come to find out she had a cow’s milk allergy. So I had to stop BFing and get a special non milk non soy formula. Now she is 15 months and is fine she loves her milk too. She grew out of the allergy. Best of luck to you DIL.

AFM- 1 day down 11 to go. This time around so hard not to lift T My DH was fishing all day and I couldn’t avoid it. I hope I didn’t ruin anything.


So, as bystanders may have noticed, activity has decreased suddenly on this board. It’s not because we got bored or fell out, it’s because we have now migrated to facebook! We have a private group on there and the fun continues. A lot of the old members have rejoined us there which is a double bonus.

We know that there are several people who lurk regularly on this board and we don’t want to lose you! We’re also proud that new posters have appeared along the way (I was one of the latecomers!) and we always love to have new members to cheer on and support on their journeys to parenthood and beyond. So basically, if you would like to join us on facebook, you can send a PM to me or any other member of the group and we will add you to our private group.

Hope to see you there!


JFratts - I don’t think you ruined anything. If you got pregnant the “old fashion way”, then you wouldn’t have a clue this early on and would have no hesitation to carry T. We tend to be more careful because of everything we have to go through to have our LOs.


[QUOTE=jan4558]JFratts - I don’t think you ruined anything. If you got pregnant the “old fashion way”, then you wouldn’t have a clue this early on and would have no hesitation to carry T. We tend to be more careful because of everything we have to go through to have our LOs.[/QUOTE]

Very true

PS. Why do I miss FF?



PS. Why do I miss FF?[/QUOTE]

Me too!!!


Intheclouds: You aren’t on facebook are you?


[QUOTE=incompletefamily]Intheclouds: You aren’t on facebook are you?[/QUOTE]

I [I]finally [/I]got my act together and got an account. I PM’d you…:flower:


I miss it a little too.


I thought I would just jump in since I’m new to this whole thread thing, hope that’s okay. We will be starts meds for ICIS here in August for Male factor intertility with egg retrieval in Sept. We conceived naturally in Sept 2010 but ended in miscarriage in Nov. Since then we have been seeing an infertility Dr. since we had been trying for years. Just did an unsuccessful IUI in June and was told invitro would be our best option due to my husbands low sperm count. It would be great to hear others stories or others going through this around the same time!!!