IVF/TESE and ICSI... Need some info please


My DH and I saw our RE today to discuss which avenue to take since we had a failed FET cycle this month. Our RE suggested that we talk to a Urologist about TESE. We are doing our research and we just are not sure what to expect. I am hoping that someone here could give us some information along with an idea of cost and success. If we do not do TESE then we have to do donor sperm. We are not against donor sperm since our first daughter was from donor sperm. The donor from our daughter is not available. So we are exploring this option. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Good luck and baby dust to all!


We had to do TESE & ICSI with our fresh cycle IVF since DH had a vas in his early 20’s. They did have a very difficult time finding any sperm, but finally did–after trying to pull 8 times and finally having to cut into some tissue to find it. They barely found enough to fertilize my 20 mature eggs, but it worked & they did their job. The biggest problem we had is that it caused a hematoma for him, which is not completely gone away 8 months later (but close). I don’t know how common this is, as it is the only time we have attempted it. Supposedly it’s not normal to have such big issues. We are also sure that it didn’t help the situation that he was on a testosterone shot within 6 months of retrieval. We found out after the fact that testosterone can kill sperm, so we may have been lucky that they even got any at all.
We now have 1 low-quality embryo left as we continue to try for our take-home baby (after beginning with 5, but it was because of a growth I had-not quality of sperm/embryo’s-that we are not currently preggo). In anticipation of a possible 2nd fresh cycle (if the last embie doesn’t make it through thaw) DH is taking a chlomid/hcg combination that is suppose to help the quality/quantity of sperm along with giving him the needed energy from having low testosterone. As far as price-it cost us an extra $500 for the TESE & $1700 for ICSI and the RE did the TESE procedure himself.
Hopefully this info makes sense and helps at least a little. Good luck!


Great info! Ouch, I feel for your hubby and the hematoma. See my hubby had a vas in his 20’s and we attempted two reversals which failed. During the reversals he had surgery for a hydrocele post first reversal then had two granulomas removed from each vas at suture site. He went in for second reversal and ended up losing his left testicle due to doctor error! So we only have one testicle and I am not sure if I want him to proceed with the TESE since it took years with the other surgeries… I also thought that the body rejects the sperm and no longer produces them after so many years post reversal. However I was told yesterday the body keeps making them it is just the antibodies are attached to them and that’s the part which once retrieved the medical professionals take care of. Not sure what to do…

Thanks for the good info and praying for your success with your snow baby! Baby dust headed your way.


We looked into getting a reversal and found that it would have cost the same amount as our IVF with only a 5% chance of it actually working since it has been so long since the vas. We felt we had better odds going ahead with the IVF instead.
We also heard about the body rejecting the sperm after so long, but our RE told us it didn’t seem it would be a problem after he examined DH. I guess it could have been part of the problem, but we’re still pretty sure the biggest issue with the sperm retrieval was the testosterone he was on prior to it. I would say that you should consider the TESE if you feel confident in the person doing it. Our RE told us that a big part of DH getting a hematoma was that he was awake during the whole thing and probably “flinched” to cause it–not to mention the fact that they had to try 8 times with that huge needle! If we do it again, we’ll have him under anesthesia for the sperm retrieval and it will most likely go much smoother.


Your poor hubby. Like I said I feel for him. My RE did say my hubby and I would be under anesthesia at the same time retrieving the eggs and sperm. We are going to meet with the urologist this week and see what he suggests given my hubby and his medical history. Would you mind if I contacted you by private message should I have further questions? I just appreciate any information that would help us make our decision since you have the experience.


No problem! I am happy to give any info I can. I hope all goes well with your appointment and you are able to make a decision that will work for both of you!


Perfect! I will be intouch once I have more info this week! Thanks so much!