IVF using Donor Eggs - 2013 CB


Anyone else using donor eggs for their IVF cycle? Anyone else need some support or have success stories? Post here if you can offer any advise. I’m 4dp5dt with donor eggs on my 2WW (and it is killing me…)!


I was just where you are a few days ago. Good luck to you. I do not have a success story yet but I plan on having one in the future.


hi Eloise

Hello ,
Just wanted to say best wishes for a positive beta. I would like to think I am a donor egg success story at 30 weeks pregnant. It is a hard road but very worth it! Will you wait for beta or POAS?


Eloise: I am currently 36w5days from donor egg. There is a wonderful thread “IVF with donor egg II” that has tons of ladies that have success (as well as failures) using donor eggs. They have been a great source of encouragement/support for me and full of great advice.
Good luck in your 2ww. Enjoy being PUPO :clap:


Eloise-I am currrently 20w5d pregnant using donor eggs. It took 3 tries with 3 different donors but here I am. I second moving over to the other thread. Its already well established with lots of ladies with all kinds of experiences. GL!


I also consider myself a success story…at just about 30 weeks with donor egg! Good luck!


Thank you everyone for the replies. I am new to all of this online stuff…I guess the other thread seems scary to a newbie with 35,000 posts to catch up on! lol

Just1morebaby-I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t meet success. 26 eggs is amazing, I only got 6 retrieved and 4 fert, which I found very low, but we took what we got! Good luck to you in the future.

Kat72-Thank you so much. I am soooo nervous to POAS!! I just think I will be so discouraged if I only get one line…I’ve thought about it a lot today though since I am 5dp5dt! I guess I’m a chicken.

Smf-Thank you, you are courageous with your POAS’s! Was it not too much to handle the 2 bfn’s before the bfp’s? One month left to go for you, good luck!

hellokity36 & Waitingnumber2-Thanks & GL to you both!



Eloise: YOu don’t have to go through all of the posts…just jump in at the end of the thread and introduce yourself. You will catch up, there are new ladies joining all the time.
I was pretty relaxed about the :bfn: on the POAS because I knew it was really early.
Just do whatever makes you comfortable, you will have your answer one way or another soon enough :bsv: :babydust: