Appreciate any guidance / advise on IVF vs. FET

We did IVF#1 and we got a chemical pregnancy… Our initial decision was to do a FET with 2 frozen embiees…

However, given the clinic schedule our dates for FET are last week of Feb… such a long wait…plus we just have 2 frozen embiees…So if there is a problem with thaw etc I am worried that we will again waste these 3 months and our next date for a fresh will be in May or so of next year…

Our other option is to do a fresh right away (and keep the Frozen for later) and with a fresh I can get dates around January end. So it will be faster with a better chance of success.

At this stage all I care about is the result - bringing home my baby:-)

I am fine with the amount of effort behind IVF in comparision to the FET.

What do you girls think I should do? I am inclined to fresh given the results but my DH is inclined to a FET as he worries about the IVF stress.

Many of you have gone through this same decision and so I appreciate your input.



Hi, I’ve done 3 fresh and am now on my 2ww with a frozen transfer. I know that success rates are usually higher with fresh embryos, however you may want to check your clinic’s success rates. I would have continued to do fresh cycles, however our insurance ran out after the 2nd, so we paid out of pocket for the 3rd fresh and the FET. We just couldn’t afford another fresh cycle at the time…and I hate waiting. But, that’s just me. I would talk to your RE and see what he/she prefers, and find out the grades of your frozen embies. That may help with the decision as well. That really stinks that no matter what you have to wait for either type of cycle, but do what you feel is best. Good luck!!!


Hello Geeneen3,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. It is a tough call but DH and I discussed and we are now planning a fresh cycle.