IVF with ICSI or Split ICSI


Has anyone had IVF with ICSI? Our doctor says its the only way to go with my husband’s severe issue. I’m nervous because the risks of birth defects are higher with this procedure. We might want to do a split ICSI where half are using the procedure and half are left to mingle on their own in hopes of being able to do it more naturally. Anyone do this? Freaking out need advice.


We did half IVF half ICSI with our first IVF cycle. None of the eggs fertilized with IVF alone. If your husband has severe morphology issue (that’s what my DH has), the chance of fertilization is slim without ICSI. But if the issue is count or motility you may have a good chance of fertilization. You can certainly try though to do split ICSI. While doing IVF alone without ICSI is desirable, if money is the issue and you can only afford one attempt and the issue is morphology, it is probably best to do ICSI on all eggs. If the issue is count or motility, you can try not doing ICSI.


I would suggest ICSI for MF’s. The types of birth defects listed for ICSI are managable and chances are still very low.

Our fertilization rate with ICSI has been amazing. We have never had a natural positive in our 7 years together.

1rst IVF- 9/10 fertilized
2nd IVF- 12/17 fertilized.

They choose the very best looking ones.

Good luck!



The relative risk of birth defects is supposedly much higher- I’ve heard as much as double! But absolute risk is still low (3% versus 1.5%). I didn’t sweat it, the defects commonly associated with ICSI are minor. My doctor warned us of an increased incidence of hypospadias, which can be corrected with surgery. Considering that ICSI is the best/ only way to pregnancy for those of us dealing with MFI, I didn’t find that too worrisome. My son came out without any glitches.


My RE routinely does ICSI not only for MF, but also for all women over 37 and where E2 is over a certain number at trigger (I can’t remember the number) because those can cause the eggs to have thicker/harder shells that the sperm can’t penetrate.

We have had a 100% fertilization rate with ICSI on our two prior IVFs and one perfect baby.


We will be doing ICSI due to severe MF. I don’t doubt that this is the best chance we have. I think there’s a chance of anything going wrong with any pregnancy. But you’ll never know if you had a perfect little one if you’re too afraid :slight_smile:

Annamax: looks like our stories are almost the same. HOw many IVFs did you do to have your baby? How many embies did they transfer?


Our only option was icsi with my dh morphology issue. We also had 100% fert. rate. We have a wonderful baby girl and I am currently in my 2ww after another FET. You could do half and half- I have heard of rescue icsi…but I’d probably just do them all icsi…especially if you don’t get a lot of eggs.


IVF here with ICSI due to MF. My first pregnancy was triplets and I lost them due to IC. But, prior to that we had all the tests done (forget the names, of them, included the big needle that gets their amniotic fluid) and came back normal.

I have since had two pregnancies and children are completely healthy.


Gigi3- my first ifv did the trick! I had two embryos transferred and both took, but the second one spontaneously reduced around 6 weeks.


My clinic wasn’t concerned with any added risk and does ICSI routinely with MF. In fact 80% of their IVF’s are done with ICSI.

Our fertilization rate was also really good with ICSI. We had 7 mature and 6 fertilize.


I would think that the majority of people doing IVF now do it with ICSI. Our clinic didn’t even mention anything about increased birth defects.


We have paid for IVF with ICSI because my DH inconsistent number and motility … so just to be on a safe side. Even though we have paid for icsi they have tried natural fertilization for both of our ivfs, so I would think that this is frequent procedure. Also if you want you could ask your doctor if they will do the same for you and if they end up doing icsi - you’ll know that it was absolutely needed otherwise eggs wouldn’t fertilize.

… just a thought