IVF with Shady grove fertility


I figured i would try to gather some sgfc buddies on here. We see dr. Mckeeby in the annapolis office, but since moving to IVF " after an overactive iui cycle" we are doing our IVF at the rockville office as i believe that is the only location that performs ivf.


I have two shady grove miracles through Ivf. They are wonderful there! Just wanted to wish you luck!


We are also going through IVF with shady grove at the Bel Air office :cross:


We also do IVF at Annapolis (Mottla, not McKeeby - but of course I’ve seen McKeeby dozens of times and he did a couple of my IUIs). The IVF retrievals and transfers for Shady Grove are all done at the Rockville office as that is where their surgical center is.

Something I learned last cycle was that they drive all of their blood work to the Rockville office every day and do all the testing in-house. So why they charge so much for it, I have no idea.


So great! I never see many SGFC people on here. Either I miss them or they don’t like to use the forums. I don’t know. It’s nice to finally see a post about them.

I go to the one in Towson/Baltimore at GBMC hospital. They do all their surgical procedures at the hospital in the Women’s Surgical Center two floors down from their offices. They are moving in mid-May to the same area of town, but they will do all their procedures in the office instead of at GBMC.

I love them! I think the nurses are wonderful and the doctors, though serious and sometimes stoic, seem very knowledgeable and are still likeable.

I’ve had one chemical, one success, and one negative with them. They’ve been great through each one even though sometimes it does feel like I’m part of a herd of cattle during the morning U/Ss and bloodwork.


Nikki - Good luck on your embryo report and your transfer! Hope all goes well. Keep us posted. :slight_smile:


Just wanted to say good luck!

I went to Shady Grove, too (Fair Oaks office). 3 failed IUI’s, 1st IVF was negative, 2nd IVF was a chemical and the 3rd was successful, I’m now almost 11 weeks pregnant.

During all of my procedures and surgeries at Rockville I had nothing but amazing nurses and doctors.

Best of luck to you!


I go to SGFC too

But the Columbia Office and I have Dr. Timmreck… but have been to the Annapolis office for weekend u/s from my march cycle and to the rockville office for ER and ET.
Glad to see fellow pt’s from SGFC on here.


I am not at shady grove, I am at Columbia Fertility. I just wanted to stick my head in and say hi to all of you ladies cycling in the DC/MD/VA area. Good luck to everyone.


Hello ladies,
I just wanted to let you know that I am also going to Shady Grove in Rockville and had my ER done today. 21 eggs!!!

My doc is F. Chang and we like him a lot.


[quote=mimiglam]Hello ladies,
I just wanted to let you know that I am also going to Shady Grove in Rockville and had my ER done today. 21 eggs!!!

My doc is F. Chang and we like him a lot.[/quote]Wow, that’s amazing! What a difference from your last cycle. Best wishes for an equally amazing fertilization report!

Curious, why did you do a lupron trigger?


Thanks Essemkay! I really hope that there will be plenty of mature eggs too… the number is great but let’s see tomorrow how we are after fertilization!

They gave me lupron trigger the last time too. I guess if you have more than certain amount of follies you are a candidate for ovarian hyper-stimulation. So lupron trigger will do the work but will not cause hyper-stimulation because the hormones leave your body relatively quickly, they don’t linger around for long time like with hcg trigger

Also during the egg retrieval they gave me an injection of low dose hcg - I guess to help with implantation.