I am a happy mother of 3 children at the age of 23. Boy 7, Girl 4, and Boy, 3. I had my tubes tied in Dec. 2008 since my husband and I decided not to have anymore children. June 2011 we found out we were pregnant surprisingly. At first I had mixed emotions because I got my tubes tied for a reason but I was excited to think we would be welcoming another child into our family. My OB/GYN was concerned with my tubes being tied that it could result in an ectopic pregnancy. I was getting lab work done every other day and my hcG levels were doubling and tripling like they were suppose to for the first 3 weeks. During the 4th week my levels were going up but didn’t double. I still had hope. 5weeks gestation I had a US (Ultrasound) and they couldn’t find the baby anywhere. During week number 5 my hcG levels doubled like they were suppose to. 6weeks gestation I had another US and still could not see where the baby was. My doctor wanted me to take the methotrexate injection but I did not want to take the chance since we did not know forsure where the baby was. 7weeks gestation we found the baby in my left fallopian tube. So on our 4 year Anniversary we spent the afternoon at the hospital for outpatient surgery to remove the fetsus. Now, 4 months later I really want to try IVF. I know this procedure is costly but I want another child after our unexpected loss. I would like advise from anyone would has experienced this unexpected loss. Am I trying to replace the child that we lost? I feel a hole with the loss of this baby. Will this be far to our other 3 children to take away attention from them? I just feel like we were meant to have another child.