January 2014 iui!


Thought I would start the topic :slight_smile: this will be our fist cycle with injectibles we r doing gonal f and ovidrel with iui. Not sure on the date yet waiting for AF to arrive. Lets start off 2014 with some bfp’s!!


Hi! We are likely joining too. December for us is a natural cycle so we’ll see. Not too optimistic. I think we are doing femara & menopur & iui with same level of meds as the cycle we got pregnant on last year. Looking forward to this!


Woohoo!!! I was waiting for this thread to start. I’ll be here too.

But I’ll be late January as I haven’t even ovulated for this cycle yet. :frowning:

We’ll be doing letrozole, follistim and ovidril this cycle in addition to a bunch of things to hopefully prevent miscarriage! Wishing us all luck!!!


Hello ladies! I will be joining you for our 3rd iui in January too! Hopefully the new year will bring us all some good luck!


Hi Ladies! We are taking January off to have Lap surgery. Just wanted to pop in and say good luck! Hope you ladies start the new year off with a huge blessing!!!


Hey ladies. It’s been months since I’ve been on here. We needed a break (mentally) to refocus! Plus I hated the change this site had made and I’m still trying to figure it out. In fact I don’t even know if I’m replying correctly. I’m not sure how to edit my siggy and not sure if it’ll show when I post. In 2013 we did 7 rounds of clomid including 3 with iui but none worked. As I like to say, not even a bite! I was working just with my OB because the closest RE is 2 1/2-3 hours away. I was wanted to change up the clomid but she felt since it was making me ovulate, no need to change. Ugh! So yesterday my husband and I met with an RE in Houston (3 1/2 hours away). He immediately told me about the criticized study about clomid causing ovarian cancer after 7 rounds but feels it probably isn’t accurate. Then he said he wanted to put me on letrozole because he feels there is no reason why I shouldn’t get pregnant. He checked my ovaries (I was on CD6) and said they look “very fertile” with lots of follies and checked my uterus saying it looked good. He wants to check DH sperm again because the only report we’ve ever received is “excellent” SA and “too numerous to count”. No details! But this is coming from an OB office! The embryologist was out yesterday who does the SA there. And He said we will probably need a fertility specialist to do the analysis??? Have y’all found that to be the case? I’d hate to have to drive back over there just for the SA. Talk about pressure for my DH! So he isn’t even pushing us to iui as long as DH sperm is good. I won’t get to start until the end of January but thought I’d join in. I know this is an iui board but this is the last place I posted so it feels good :slight_smile: i was wondering if any of you have been out of town patients and how it works. The RE said if I could get my OB to do a monitored cycle of letrozole that it might be easier to go that route because of proximity. But I was wondering if I could get a script from him to have an independent place do my U/S and send results to him and then he’d give me my plan??? Anyways. I know I’m rambling. Guess I feel like I have a lot of time to make up since I haven’t been on in so long!


Hey prayingintexas, my hubs actually had his first SA done by a urologist… also we are about an hour from the clinic so most bloodwork i have done in my hometown but all ultrasounds i have to do at the clinic


Hey ladies! Just waiting for my period to arrive which should be in the next few days. Very excited!


I’m on my 2nd day of clomid, scan next Friday to check my follies! Praying this is our month!


Hello, I am joining you all this cycle. This is lucky IUI # 3 for me. I am on cycle day 7. I scan on Wednesday. Best of luck ladies.


Hi ladies! I’ll be joining in on this cycle and look forward to sharing the process with you! Nikki313 - we’re on the same schedule! Today is also on the 7th day of my cycle, third day of clomid. I’ll have the follicle scan on Wednesday and probably fly out (my dr. is in another city) on Thursday for the IUI on Friday. After last month’s cycle, and the awful numbers of the DS, I’ve pretty much decided to change donors. I just sent an email to the bank about it and am really hoping it works out! GOOD LUCK LADIES!


TTCinCabo- where do you do your monitoring?


Praying - I go to a local diagnostics center (same city I live in). I’m in Mexico and things are handled quite differently here in terms of exams (same with blood work) - we don’t need an order for them. None of my fertility meds require prescription either. My Dr. and I communicate almost exclusively by text messages, except when I need to forward lab results, which I send by email. I know it’s a little different but it’s worked ok so far… Update about my DS - got the ok from the sperm bank to exchange the samples I have for a different donor, unfortunately none of the available donors fit my criteria. It seems I’ll just have to go another round with this donor and hope for the best!


TTC in Cabo - That sounds like an awesome system. I often wish I could just do everything myself and not have to explain it all to a doc. I feel like I know more about my situation than most docs!

What’s your protocol this cycle?


Hi All… I know I said we are taking the month off this month to do the Lap surgery but I have a question for all of you ladies. I am CD 13 today and when I just went to the bathroom, there was blood in my panties. I have never had mid cycle bleeding before. My first thought was this is probably Ovulating bleeding (even though I have never experienced it before). But there is more you need to know first. This last (December) cycle was a rough one for my husband and I. A couple of days before my period was due, he landed himself in the ICU. It was an extremely stressful time and my emotions and feelings were definitely not good for my body. Thankfully my hubby is okay now. I did POAS on CD12 and it was stark white. Then two days later I started to bleeding and thought well that’s that. I didn’t really care because of everything we went through. As far as I remember it was a normal period. But over the last week, I have been really light headed and my sense of smell have increased big time. My stomach has been really weak. Last night I even said to the hubby, if I didn’t get my period last month I would think I was pregnant right now. Well here I am today, with mid cycle bleeding. Again it could be nothing and of course I am overthinking everything. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Sorry for the book!


Correction to my last post. When I did POAS last cycle it was 12 dpiui… not CD 12.


LuckyOne: was the blood red or brown? I know since I stopped taking clomid a few cycles ago, I have had some mid cycle spotting. My dr said just to alert him if it continues but wasn’t too concerned. I guess the clomid kind of screwed me up some. Maybe it’s similar for you???


Thanks Prayingintexas! It’s pink/red and when I went to the bathroom a little clot was in the toilet (sorry tmi). Not sure what the heck is going on. I doubt I’m pregnant … Maybe it really is ovulation spotting.


Alllllright ladies, af showed up today and i go for baseline us/bw on the 9th… hoping the polar vortex blizzard hitting western ny is done by then. The highway i have to take to the clinic is currently closed due to weather. Fingers crossed!!


Woohoo!!! I’m sure the roads will be clear by then. I wish I was joining you. I’m still waiting on AF. Maybe she’ll come soon! :slight_smile: