January 2014 IVF


Hey all! I am gearing up to start my second fresh IVF in January and wanted to start a thread so we can all support each other! I will be doing the “AN4” protocol, antagonist with high dose stims. I will be doing 375iu Follistim and 75iu Menopur and add Ganirelix towards the end of stims. I will start bc pills when AF shows. I am day 4 of my cycle today so I’m hoping AF shows in 24 days! We will also be doing the scratch procedure which means they will scratch a chunk of my uterine lining off a few weeks before the transfer to help the embryos implant. I’m ready to start and finally get pregnant after this long ttc journey! I hope there will be many of you to join me soon! :slight_smile:


Anyone else joining me in January?


Hi NICU! I’m so happy you got this thread started already. I’m sure others will join soon. I am doing FET on January 14th. Start Lupron again next month. Then taking everything else under the sun. 3 dose of various vaginal suppositories, patches and shots… And of course pills. I have 5 embryos on ice, 4 of good quality and 1 of fair. I’m back on BCP right now and actually just trying to stay stress free. Not looking forward to the progesterone shots though. I’m going to have to figure out how to give them to myself, my DH will pass out. Anyhow, good luck with your cycle. Hopefully we get a lot of BCPs from this thread!


Yay! So glad you are joining me! Sounds like u will be taking a lot of stuff! The progesterone shots suck! My DH gave me mine this past cycle and it’s been a week since my last shot and my butt is still sore! :frowning: do u know how many embryos u are going to transfer? I hope we see a lot of BFP’s too! :slight_smile:


I’m doing the scratch procedure as well. My re automatically includes ICSI, AH and then recommends the scratch procedure.


I had never heard of the scratch procedure until this week! I haven’t looked up anything about it so I hope it is helpful!!!


We are transferring 2 of the good embryos. That leaves us the other 2 good and the 1 fair. Next round, if we have one, we will do the rest. My RE is scratching my entire lining, just because I guess. It’s going to end up being my next research project. So far I’ve only read bad reviews of the procedure and good reviews of the outcome. I’ll take those odds. I’m going to end up doing mine without anesthesia, substitute Valium. That’s going to suck.


Yeah I’m not having any anesthesia either :frowning: I hope it’s not too bad!!!


NICU I hope they give you something for the pain. I hear it hurts. I had a biopsy a long time ago and I kicked the doctor because it hurt so bad. I’m picking up all of my meds for my frozen cycle today just because they were already ordered thinking that I was going to transfer in January. The meds are SO much cheaper for frozen transfers! That’s already a little bit of a relief. Compared to over $3000 for IVF meds it’s only $60 to get a whole bunch of meds for FET! But… It is the stupid shots.


I hope they give me something too! Wow I’m jealous all your meds were that cheap. I hate I have to do a fresh cycle all over again cause of the med expense!!! Boo! And they are going up on my med dose a lot so that means more of them! Grrrr


Hey ladies, remember me? I am glad you started this thread nicuRN! I decided to give the site another try because mostly I really appreciate the support that we give each other through this horrid process. I got the next plan for me in January and they want to put me on the Long Lupron protocol so BCPs for 16-21 days, add Lupron the last 3 days of BCPs and continue along with Gonal F (now increased to 375) and Menopur (150) starting out. I will start BCPs with my AF in December. Right now, AF is kicking my butt! My normal periods are never this rough. Ughh…can’t wait until it’s over so I can start getting it on with DH again for a while lol Anyway, glad to take this next journey with you guys again. Hoping we all see BFPs!


Yay so glad u decided to stick around!!! Sounds like you have got a good plan for the next round! :slight_smile: I know exactly what u mean about AF kicking your butt! It was the worst period ever! I’m glad mine is done now! Can’t wait till we get rolling again!


Yay for familiar faces (or names, same thing on here)!!! We are only doing the one IVF cycle and the FETs that come out of it are all covered, just the expense of meds. So when I picked up my meds and they were so cheap it was like a breath of fresh air. It’s nice that I don’t have to worry about running out of anything and having to refill it. I was told by my RE that FET increases your chance of success by 15% because your not all stressed out. Also the “uterus shaving” helps increase your chances by about another 20% just because it makes a softer landing for your embryos and acts like peanut butter. Anyhow, hoping and praying for a great cycle for us all!


Amen to that Kimykantolope!


My calendar doesn’t even start until November 30th so I’m just waiting… And waiting.


Hello ladies I’m not in for January I’m actually doing ivf freeze all embryos in December but I noticed you guys from the October board and I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck this go round!!!


Aww thanks puglove :slight_smile:


Thanks puglove. I think you will like the freeze all. It’s been a breeze so far. Hardest part is waiting so far.


Don’t u hate all the waiting!!!?? I have never wanted AF to show up so quick in my life! Lol


Hi Ladies. Great to see some familiar names in here. DH and I will be doing a FET around Mid- January (By the Grace of God) so I’ll be spending alot of time in this forum, no doubt. Praying for BFP’s all round :slight_smile: