January 2015 FET


Hello! Anyone planning for a January 2015 FET? Would love to have some support through this journey! I did an IVF cycle in 2012 that resulted in DD and now going back to see if I can try for baby #2.


We are planning on FET January 9th. We too have a DD from our IVF cycle last year. We plan on putting one embryo back in hopes we are as blessed as we were with our fresh cycle.


Oh wonderful! I will be going for my FET around that time too! I have 3 frozen embryos and will only be putting 1 back with the hopes of being lucky too. They found scar tissue the other day when I went to see my RE and will have surgery on 12/15 to remove it and be OK for transfer in January. Good luck to you!!


I am hoping for a Jan / Feb FET. We had a successful FET in 2012 after a cancelled fresh transfer due to OHSS. We were blessed with twin girls. I only want to transfer one this time around.


In the same boat as you other ladies. I had a successful FET in 2012 that gave us a DS in 2013. Going back for #2. I had a FET a couple weeks ago, and my beta today was negative. :frowning: Planning to try another FET in mid-Jan. Good luck, everyone! so glad I’m not alone.


Good luck ladies…some issues came up and I wont be doing a FET next year. Wish you all the best!!!


jnrnyc2012 I knew you were looking forward to that, I’m sorry. I hope that other options open up to you! [GALLERY=media, 115]Good Things are Going to Happen! by admin posted Nov 21, 2014 at 10:33 AM[/GALLERY]


I will be doing a FET in January as well our transfer date is the 16th of January (as long as the body does what the meds say). We are putting two back per clinic protocol for age. I’m excited for us and hope we all get the positive we are working for :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=“holdingmybreath, post: 1788192, member: 45836”] I’m excited for us and hope we all get the positive we are working for :)[/QUOTE]



Thinking of you ladies during this Christmas season, which can be so hard for us wanting to start or grow our families. May the holidays land lightly for you.


Hi everyone, I’m hoping I can join your thread. :slight_smile:
I just started my meds for a planned FET in January. DH and I did IVF back in 2010 (twins!), and we have decided to go for #3. This time we only plan to transfer one blast.


Welcome Yam! This thread seems a little quiet, but I’m here to walk this journey with ya. We are transferring 2 blasts on January 16th. I started my estrace too.
How is everyone else doing? Do we have a head count of who is doing a FET and when your tentative transfer is? Let’s hear from everyone


Hi. I hope to be transferring the week of January 19th. I had a chemical from my December FET so I’m just waiting for AF and then will hopefully have a transfer date.


BinIL - your name looks familiar to me. With the boards having been down for so long you look like a new member, but I’m sure I’ve seen ya around the boards way back before the upgrade. Welcome. I hope your cycle comes soon. I know that’s the only time we all really want to see the monthly visitor when we are waiting for a treatment, lol.


Holdingmybreath - I remember you from the October 2013 due date forum. Many of us moved to a Facebook group. We thought of you and hoped you delivered a healthy baby. If you are on Facebook and are interested in joining, let me know.


I am on facebook. It would be cool to join you ladies. I did go on to have a beautiful baby boy. He is 15 months now. He was born in September. If this FET works they’ll have birthdays pretty close together. I actually pulled up my IVF info from him and his embryo was transferred on Jan 20th in 2013, and this one will be Jan 16th lol. We didn’t do this on purpose, we were planning on doing a FET in June/July timeframe, but we had to take a trip to MA for something else, so we decided to go ahead with a FET while we are there. Do you remember the lady who had quads? Is she one the FB group? I followed her blog for a long time, then my phone died and I can’t seem to view anything from the Oct 2013 thread on here, so I can’t look her up again.


Waiting for my cycle any day now, then I’ll start estrace. I figure the transfer will be late January at this point.


Ok, I’m putting this together so we can keep track of were we all are at:

Waiting for transfer:
Mak1321 - Transfer 1/9
HoldingMyBreath - Transfer 1/16
BinIL - tentative transfer week of 01/19
MeganInOhio - About to start Estrace
Yam - sometime Jan
ttcbabykeen - Jan/Feb

Ok I think I got everyone, if I’m missing you copy the above and add yourself. If things change from time to time we’ll try to keep it updated so we can do a quick glance to know where each of us are.


Thank you, holdingmybreath!


I’m so glad to have you ladies to go through this with! DH and I aren’t telling anyone about this FET, so you’re the only gals I’ll be able to talk to. :wink:
I’m starting my Estrace on Tuesday, and the transfer should be sometime between Jan 23-27 but I don’t have an exact date yet.
Fingers crossed for everyone!