July 2011, 35 +


Anyone interested in forming an over 35 group? I just feel there are so many more concerns we have & would like to share, especially as we are starting or adding to our family later in life.



[quote=lucy_ny]Anyone interested in forming an over 35 group? I just feel there are so many more concerns we have & would like to share, especially as we are starting or adding to our family later in life.


Lucy- I am sooo happy for you!!! yeahhh!! I will not “officially” be joining the group since I am due in January, but will pop in from time to time to see what’s going on - just because I am over 35 and want to see how you are doing!



I’d like to join if I may. Only thing is I’m due end of May, so I’m a little early for July.
This is my first so I probably don’t have a lot of advice to offer having never been through this before but maybe I can give you July ladies a heads up on things you may have in store down the road if this is your first!
I’ve been super gun shy about joining a due date thread but slowly getting used to being :preg: !
I’d love to bounce things off other em, older moms to be. I just turned 40 today-boo!


yay! got a small group already!

Jenna, congrats on your pregnancy, I woudl LOVE to hear any advice you have,How has everything been so far? did you have a pre screening for gentic disorders or amnio? I am having to make a descsion about which one to do.

Hi Essemkay, dont know your age, but older the better in this group!

Nicole, nice to keep in touch! not long now for you!


Thanks for the welcome and birthday wishes ladies! Dh and I just went to a movie and had dinner-nothing too wild! I was so busy yesterday I didn’t have time to really dwell too much on hitting the big 4-0, which was probably a good thing!

Lucy-congrats on your pregnancy! So far mine has been ok except for MS up to about 9-10 wks and now I have headaches on and off and nosebleeds. Weird. I see you had a SCH; has that resolved?

I opted to do NT/scan and b/w as opposed to going right for CVS or amnio. DH agreed to do the non-invasive tests and discuss further testing if the risk came back higher. One thing I should have done was schedule my NT scan earlier. Mine was done at 13 wks 3 days which is kind of late if I then decided to do CVS. So, if the results came back with a higher risk I would have been stuck waiting to do amnio which I think is about 16 wks. Another thing I suggest if you do a NT scan is to see if you can have b/w done a little earlier than the scan. Mine were done on the same day and while my scan was good, I was nervous about b/w and it seemed to take forever for that to come back. My risk for DS wound up being 1:860 which they considered negative and 1:5400 for other trisomies, so for now anyway I am a little more relaxed. I have a second blood draw in the next couple weeks so hopefully that won’t raise the risk. Tough decisions for sure!

Essemkay-congrats to you too! You have an ultrasound coming up-how exciting! Have you graduated yet from your RE?

Nicole-congrats on your baby girl! She will be here before you know it!

Hope you ladies have a great w/end-dh is off to Vegas for a friend’s 40th birthday party (probably a bit more exciting then mine) and I am off to prenatal yoga :slight_smile:



thanks for the info on NT vs amnio vs cvs, I think I need to ask more questions to my OB. I have to go for blood work this week, about 10 different tests, maybe this is part of the NT? I dont know!! I was a nervous wreck for my first OB appt, lost my mind a little so didnt ask alot of questions.

Jenna, yes I had a sch, bleeding stopped after 3-4 days but now I have yukky brown/dark red blood discharge. Not a nice experience to go through but all is OK now. I wonder if certain women are prone to it or not.

I am not doing yoga, maybe I should. my gym doesnt offer pre-natal just normal yoga & I pay enough for the membership! I am cleared to go back to the gym this week after the sch, but I feel lazy today so I wont go, I do take long walks with my dog, about 3-4miles a day.

essemkay - mother earth & soft eyelids ? Hmm… its all relaxing stuff though isnt it?

Any US/ appointments coming up?


Hi Ladies! I like the idea of an older moms’ group. I’m due in June but will be 37 when when the baby is born. Are you strict about July???

I had my NT scan a couple weeks ago. The scan part was OK - nasal bone (check), length (check), fluid measurement 2.2 (not what I wanted to hear but still below 3). I haven’t got the results from my blood work yet but just the scan lowered the odds of a problem. I’ll get full results back Thursday. I recommend the NT - it’s non-invasive and you get to see your LO! The tech scanned for at least 45 minutes.

I’ve read yoga will help with labor and delivery later. I’m a FTM so I really have no idea if it’s true. I may try it if I can find a convenient class.

Well, that’s all I got for now…check in later.



Hi ladies!
Hope you are all having a good Monday. I had to take a break from work because I think otherwise I would lose it. I’m having one of THOSE Mondays.

:welcome: Emma!! I don’t think the other ladies will mind if you are due in June. I am due end of May so I am a wee bit ahead of you! Good luck with the rest of your NT Scan results; I agree it was great having an extended showing of the little bean. I feel stupid asking but what is a FTM?

Lucy–Happy to hear your SCH is resolving. I can imagine how scary that would be. I still frantically check the toilet paper with every bathroom break. I also had a ton of b/w right after my first OB-GYN appointment but I think it was for cystic fibrosis and a bunch of other stuff non related to the NT scan, but maybe, hopefully yours is sending you for that early!

Essemkay–you crack me up with your description of yoga class. Especially the cymbals!! I just go to the YMCA so mine probably isn’t as “crunchy granola” as yours sounds! But you are right; a workout it is not. I did some regular yoga before where I did manage to work up a little bit of a sweat but still needed cardio. This yoga class I like just mainly for the stretching and strengthening core muscles I don’t normally use. Plus, it has helped me with headaches where Tylenol hasn’t. I still try to walk on the treadmill though and do the eliptical b/c I am concerned with emerging from this whole experience looking like a walrus!

Ok, back to work…ugh.


FTM - First time mom (I actually just learned that one myself)

Lucy - I totally missed the SCH. Oh dear, you must have been a nervous wreck. I’m so glad things are clearing up. I’m in NY as well (totally other side of the state) and they re-did basically every blood test I did for IVF. I told them I just had an HIV, cystic fibrosis, STD, thyroid, etc, etc within the last 6 months…didn’t matter. They wanted it all again, blamed the state. By blood test for the NT scan was just a prick on finger from which 6 drops were placed on a piece of paper they mail somewhere.

essemkay - thanks for giggle! Yes, some people need to get over themselves! I’ve done some yoga in the past and I’m much more comfortable with instructors that are, well, uh…normal and not drinking too much of the cool aid if you know what I mean.

jenna - thanks for the welcome. I’m glad someone is ahead of me…you can give us the heads up of what to expect next.



:welcome: Bonnie ! yay, we are in a group together again!
yes, the tests I am having tomorrow are all what we just did in May for clymidia, hiv etc… I didnt know it was a state law thing.
So the NT is just a long ultra sound? Do you go to the hospital for that? I think we will just go for that for now & then see if my insurance covers the 3d us.

You know, I should have called this group due date in the summer '11 35+, so yes, anyone welcome any month.

Jenna, yes I thinkl some of the bloodwork I am having tomorrow is part of the pre-screening process.

essemkay, ftm= female to male lololol! Omg, how would that be possible… wait didnt that man who has ovaries get pregnant? he/she was on oprah.
Your yoga class sounds weird, an angry instructor banging cymbals, Hmm… not what you need, can you give them a bad review online?

So… Not told any family memebers yet, I am quite happy to tell strangers though, no pressure there! I just am antisipating the being treated like I have an illness & constantly being asked am I Ok… etc… My mil is a food pusher & I am trying not to eat everything in sight right now, I am starving most of the time - are you all hungry alot? I m fantisizing about big macs, havent had one in maybe 20+ years but something about the pickle & the sauce with the cheese is making my mouth water. YUK! I wont eat that crap though.


Hi girls,

I’ll join you in this 35 & over group.
I will be 9 weeks pregnant with our first child as of tomorrow and will turn 37 at the end of this month. I have a 3rd u/s scheduled with my RE on 12/21 and then should be released to my obgyn.

I hadn’t even begun to think about the extra screening and testing that might be offered or required because of my age. Ahh, more to research and make me crazy!


Hi! I’d like to join. I’m 37 and due in July.

I haven’t been a very prolific poster recently, I mostly just read and try to stay caught up with everyone. It’s hard for me to keep up with posting much, too. But I’ll keep up as much as I can. It’s so nice to have people to go through things with and to talk about all this with – we haven’t told anyone yet, and won’t until at least January, maybe even Valentines day if we can get away with waiting that long (I started out a bit on the heavy side, so it won’t be as hard for me to hide any “showing” … I bet I can just blame it on getting fat, people are alwyas afraid to comment on that!). It’s really hard to keep the secret, so it’s very nice to have somewhere that it’s safe to talk about it!


Crap…I think I need McDonalds now. How bad can one happy meal be? If I eat it with my eyes closed, does it count - out of sight out of mind?

essemkay - got me giggling again. I suppose with a strap on…I’ll stop there!

Lucy - Yes, good to see you. I’m up and down with these boards. On everyday for a week and then I disappear for a couple. I’m lost in June group now…something like 25 pages to catch up on so I jumped when I saw this group. For the NT scan they are looking for 3 markers on the screen along with some blood work. They are looking for the nasal bone, the thickness of the fluid behind the neck, and the length of the baby. I believe the lack of a nasal bone and fluid over 3.0 mm (don’t know what the length threshold was) may indicated a higher chance of downs et. al. They will give you a 1/1something percetage. BUT - it’s not the end all be all so don’t worry if you hit or miss one of the markers. All that means is that extra tests will be offered to you eg. CVS, amnio. at this point. I have heard of some people getting postive results yet having a perfectly fine baby.

:welcome: ejo!

We just told non-immediate family this last weekend. We actually haven’t annouced it really, just don’t deny it when asked about our non-drinking or failure to commit to any long term plans (eg. ski trip). We also made immediately family members swear under threat of banishment not to tell. We lifted that and they can talk about it now so everybody will know soon. I HATE that people ask me how I feel constantly even though I know they are just being nice. I know they really don’t want to know the truth…you know the aching breasts, constant gas, bloating, nausea, constipation, etc. etc. So I tell them what they want to hear, "great, and we’re thrilled.’

I got to go eat something now!


Hey Girls, I would love to join this group. I am 8.5 weeks pregnant from a natural pregnancy. I think I am still shocked! I have twins at home that will be 1 in less than two weeks and I am a bit stressed about this pregnancy. Given my history of miscarriages, it is really hard to believe I am going to have another baby in July.

I am really excited to see a board for us “old ladies”. I am looking forward to our journey ahead.


Hi there!
Just checking in after a long day out and about. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Lucy—when I read your post about the Big Mac I thought hmmmmm, sounds good. And I don’t even like Big Macs! I think I only tried one once and I was a child at the time. But I have been eating kind of crappy. Today, I was waiting for my train that was delayed an hour. Not much in the way of food choices. So, I wound up getting Chex Mix and Spicy V8 thinking that was “healthier” than regular chips or sweet treats. Then, I looked at the sodium content. Not good! It is hard to eat healthy on the run. Plus, I start to freak a little when I don’t eat and then get hungry b/c that seems to bring about headaches. Was your b/w today? Good luck with that and your scan (is that this week too)? I thought it was.

Essemkay–good luck with your scan on Friday too!

Welcome ejo and congrats on your pregnancy!! o my goodness, I just read your signature that you have been ttc 8 years! I thought I was bad just under 6.

Welcome 2long!! You may be the first one to join this group with kids already! So, you may be a “go to” person b/c I think most if not all of us are FTMs (first time moms)! :wink:

Kayleia–Welcome and congrats on your natural pregnancy!! How wonderful is that?! And wow, you have 2 little ones too so I am sure you will have a lot of gems to offer. I’m sorry about your history of losses and hope this pregnancy is all smooth sailing and as worry free as possible.

Emma–are you having a 20 week scan, or I think it is sometimes called an anatomy scan?

As far as telling people, I have just recently started to tell more friends. My mom and dad knew b/c they knew about the IVF and one of my closest friends knew but that was it.

Oh, I forgot to mention this the last time I posted but over the weekend I swear I felt something in my belly that was not related to gas! I think it may have been the little bean moving but it was really quick and I haven’t felt it since. When I had my NT scan they told me I have an anterior placenta and may not feel anything until week 20. I would like to believe that little flicker was the bean though!

Everyone have a great night!! :flower:


In my last pregnancy, 16 weeks is when I started to feel the baby. It was kind of like little tiny bubbles, or butterfly wings. Barely there, and so quick that I almost thought I was imagining it. :slight_smile: So I bet that’s what you’re feeling!! Yay! Pretty exciting!!


Hi Mommies!

[B]Lucy [/B]- RayAnn got a positive HPT! Her beta is 12/15. I only ran into her by accident…she changed her screen name to Notgivingup. She’s not hiding, infact she lists RayAnn in her signiture…just needed a fresh start.

I did go to the hospital for the NT scan. My Dr didn’t even give me the option…just scheduled it. I think most insurances will cover if you’re over a certain age.

[B]Essemkay - [/B]getting excited for your US tom?

[B]Ejo - [/B]how are you feeling?

:welcome: [B]2long[/B] and [B]Kayleia[/B]

[B]Jenna - [/B]I can’t wait to feel something! I may have, well I think I have, especially at night in bed, but I don’t know.

[B]AFM[/B] - I had my 2nd OB appt. today. Heartbeat at 152. I gained four pounds. My NT scores put the chance of Downs in the 1:2800 ranger and Trisomy in 1:8000 which according to the Dr is basically negative. They insisted on a flu shot. I’ve never had one before but let them talk me into it. I go for my 18 week US 12/30. They gave me to option of going to the hospital for it because they have such better equipment and a 3D machine - the perks of being old! Of course I jumped at it.

So what is the craving of the day? I want to chew on ice - seriously. How weird is that???


I have to say at 9 weeks pregnant, I’m feeling good. My main symptom right now is just tiredness. And the countdown to last day of crinone is…5 days left!! Can’t wait for that!

We did try to conceive for 8 years, but I have to say, we did not really step it up and take things seriously until a few years agon when I had the ectopic. We’ll be married 10 years in June, then this baby should be born a few weeks later. Anyone else have concerns about what the adjustment to parenthood will be like?

I have one more u/s with my RE on 12/21, I will be just about 11weeks, then she plans to release me.

I did call my ob/gyn to schedule my first appt. - the first they had was Jan 5th, so I’ll be 13 weeks then. They’ll do pap smear, exam and u/s. After that I suppose I’ll be going through ultrasound withdrawals, I’ll miss seeing this little buddy so often.

My husband is going away for the weekend, so I am looking forward to hibernating inside the house. Lots of cleaning I have neglected and Christmas decorating that should be done.


Just wanted to pop on here real quick…

[U]Essemkay[/U]—Best of luck today!! I know the feeling about the universe pulling a fast one; I think that is normal to feel that way when we have tried so hard and for so long and finally get some success. I just try to take it one day at a time although it is tough when you are a worry wart! Thinking of you…

[U]Emma[/U]–Woohoo for great NT results!! They are excellent. You probably lost many years in age and have the same risk as a 20-something. :woohoo:
Oh, and I have my next scan the same day as you (12/30)! They wanted to get me in there at 20 weeks but I convinced them to let me in at 19 something. I am hoping we can find out the gender.

[U]ejo[/U]----Yay for no MS symptoms! Consider yourself lucky!! I definitely have fears over adjustment to parenthood, that is when I am not worrying about the health of this bean and carrying it to term!

[U]2long[/U]–Comforting to know you felt something around the 16 week mark; thanks for sharing. Of course, I have not felt anything since that time :confused:

Ok, gotta run…hope everyone has a great day and good luck to all with doctor’s appointments and/or scans!! TGIF!


:welcome: Kayleia & 2long!!!

2long, if it were up tp me I wouldnt tell anyone until the week I was due but I have the nosiest in-laws & they know somethings is up, plus they know we did IVF so… we are going to tell them & my parents next weekend. I am very nervous, dont know why.

Kayleia, WOW thats a great surpise to have for you and your husband! congratulations. I have heard that alot, women try for years with IVF etc… and then they get preggo naturally.

Essemkay, Good luck today with your ultra sound, I hope it all goes well, let us know.

Emma, I havent got the ice craving thing yet, but I am loving lemon sorbet, cant get enough of it! not into icecream at all, infact most dairy is turning me off, except the cheese that would be on a big mac which I still want!

HI ejo, I am still being monitored by my RE for progesterone, but not anymore US’s I think. I know what you mean about the cleaning & neglect of, its kind of getting too much for me now, I need a merry maid!!!

Jenna, yes I had blood work yesterday, 7 vials ! I have thyroid issues so they check that too on top of everything else. Remind me again what week you had your NT?

afm… bleeding stopped from the sch, thank god! Still have twinges & cramps but I am celebrating that I am 11 weeks today & SO happy!!! cannot wait till my next OB scan next friday, want to see baby wave & kick ! so sweet. I went to the mall the other day & caved, bought a little baby onsie, bright pink with polka dots, I had to do it!