JULY 2011 Due Dates


Anyone get a BFP and due in July 2011? Thought I’d start a thread, and hope someone will join me! It’s pretty much all I can think about since 3 days ago when I got my 2 pink lines. Hoping for some :preg:buddies!



HELLO!!! I was wondering when one of these would pop up! I’ve been chatting in June 2011 because technically my edd is the 23rd but just seems late enough to be a toss up! anywaysss still being cautiously optimistic… excited of course but DYING for u/s on Thursday… :bsv: :bsv:


Hi there! My Due Date is July 5, so guess I could be early as well. I may peak in there, as everyone will be a bit ahead of me, and I can maybe learn some things! :slight_smile:

So looks like you got your BFP through and IUI and had 7 follicles! Have you compared your betas to the beta base to try to guess if you have more than 1? I transferred 2 embryos, and would be very happy with twins, but hoping for at least 1 healthy baby!

Let me know how your ultrasound goes Thursday! How exciting! I have my 1st beta tomorrow. Really hoping for a good strong number. My HPT’s have been getting darker each morning, so hoping thats a good sign. Almost as dark as test line today at 14DPO. First saw it as a light line the first day I tested, 12DPO. I should go see if that correlates to betas…or I could wait till tomorrow…:slight_smile:

Well, thanks for writing! I am obviously very excited to chat.



Hi girls,

I know it’s early but I’d love to join… my due date is July 2nd… unless it’s twins which is what i am really really hoping for!:clap::clap: But i’d love to chat with everyone. I had my first two betas and they were good so the doctor said no more beta test for me. I go in next tuesday for my first ultrasound I’ll be 6w3d… I’m so excited to hear the heart beat or heart beatS!

Looking forward to getting to know y’all better over the next 8 months!:cheer:



Hello ladies! I am guessing my due date to be around July 8th, based on my last period. I haven’t had an ultra sound yet, it is scheduled for 11/17, I’ll be 6w5d at that point. I’m still really nervous at this stage, just keeping my fingers crossed that everything is going the way it should. I’ll feel better after my first u/s!! I look forward to getting to know you all better over the next 8 months!


AB123- :welcome: that is awesome you got a bfp the “old fashioned way” I love stories like that! I know what you mean about feeling better after the first ultrasound… mine is next tuesday and I am so excited for it I can’t wait to see! I’m hoping to see twins! hehe:clap: :clap:


Yay! I have buddies! So glad to have some girls to chat with. I am 4wks6d and very excited to be pregnant! I am overwhelmed by how much my body is changing already! I had IVF, so maybe there are residual hormones, but I am seriously not fitting into my clothes (or bras) already! The hardest part is not telling people when I feel it is very visible! Anyone else having this?

I am also on a serious internet hunt to see if my betas indicate twins. I would love twins too Lesley! ( I see you already have a set…so you must have handled 2 really well to want them again!)

AB123- I am also really looking forward to my first ultrasound, which is 11/12.

Lesley- what were your betas last time? And this time? I found some good info online that says you can tell somewhat from the numbers. I’ll try to paste in a graph I just found. Can you see it? Click on it and it should get big. I was 218 at 15DPO and so looks like about 30% chance of multiples for me?


[I]Probability (%) of each pregnancy outcome within each of the 10 centiles of serum HCG concentration at 12 days post embryo transfer. Open (white) symbols denote viable pregnancies and closed (black) symbols non-viable pregnancies. The two cases of hydatidiform mole are not depicted. [/I]

Well, looking forward to having people to chat with all this crazy stuff about!



Elika- hehe check out my signature again… I don’t have twins already that is just me wishful thinking! (have you ever read the secret? if you have you’ll get it hehe if not great book and i suggest it) anyway thanks for that chart that is awesome so i don’t know my exact number 12 days after transfer but i do know that on 13 days after my number was 741 and then it doubled in 44 hours so i can only assume that my number a day before was like in the 600’s!!! i think i’m terrible with math but that sound about right to me so let’s just say it was 600 even… using that chart that puts me at like 51% chance of multiples! woo hoo and 45% change singleton…that is crazy that twins is higher! I love that chart thanks for posting!:clap::clap:

where are you on the chart? I hope we both get twins!:cheer::cheer: you’ll have to let me know if you find any more info… although I’ll know for sure next tuesday when i have my first ultrasound yay!



I’d like to join in here if that’s alright. My EDD is July 7 … I’m actually kind of hoping for a 4th of July baby!

I did IVF and was SOOOOO lucky, it worked the first time, we couldn’t have afforded to do anymore.

We haven’t told anyone yet, my DH and I (and of course our RE) are the only ones who know anything yet. Only my sister knows that we were going through this, and I swore her to secrecy. She had to know because I stayed with her for part of my stims and she had to give me some of the shots! But even she doesn’t know yet that we are pg. We’re waiting until probably around Christmas before we start telling people anything. Seems like a long way away, but we had a very late term loss before, and the family reactions (and subsequent advice and nosiness) were very bad, so we’re pretty gun-shy right now.

I have blood tests tomorrow to check estrogen and progesterone levels to see if I can wean off my meds, and then my first u/s for the heartbeat will be the week of November 15 – they’ll schedule it after my blood work comes back tomorrow.

Anyway, glad to find a group that’s been through struggles to get here!


:welcome:2long! glad to have you. good luck with your upcoming blood tests… i know what you mean about telling people. we’re still debating to wait until christmas or do we sneek it in at thanksgiving… we’re thinking maybe just telling our parents early and then everyone else at thanksgiving… still debating but i know what you mean! well looking forward to getting to know you over the next 8 months! yay:clap::clap:


This is my first post, but I have been lurking around the IUI board for awhile. I had my first ever positive HPT this time and we are over the moon! Does anyone with PCOS know anything about discontinuing Metformin once you are pregnant? I have read a few articles about Metformin being helpful in preventing miscarriage, but my RE told me to discontinue, starting tomorrow. I am just not really sure about what to do. Any thoughts?


Hey girls! We have a full on gang of Julyer’s now! :slight_smile:

Essemkay- awesome to see you here!! I came over early too. Might as well enjoy the BFP and think positive! :slight_smile: You had a great beta! yay!

Lesley- I figured out your signature! I love the positive thinking! I’m hoping for B/G twins as well! I will be so happy with one healthy little one, but you can always dream! Sounds like you have a pretty good chance at getting yours!

2long- Congrats! Glad IVF worked the first time! I am not sure about what levels should be to go off meds but will probably start looking into that as well soon.

Moho- Welcome! I don’t know anything about that drug, sorry. I am the same way with questioning everything and not trusting my Dr necessarily. It’s hard when there are conflicting things online. Good luck figuring it out.

AFM- I am pretty overwhelmed with the changes in my life right now. I quit my job (last day friday) am moving 3000 miles away in 3 weeks, and am now pregnant! Crazy! All good though! I have not felt as pregnant the last few days. The activity in my pelvis has died down and I am just hoping that all is going as it should. 1 week till ultrasound! :slight_smile:


:welcome:moho and essemkay!!!

essemkay-hey there buddy! good to see you from the 2ww board… it’s def. not too early to join seeing as i joined a bit ago… It’s time we start getting happy and excited everything is going to go perfectly… at least that’s my thinking! but good to see you here!:clap::clap:

Elika- I hope that you get your b/g twins too! wouldn’t that be something exciting! yay:cheer::cheer:


[LEFT]Hey ladies! Glad to see we’ve had more join since I was on here last. Yay! I’m so excited and can’t wait until my ultrasound. It seems as if time has slowed down to a crawl…the 17th feels like it will never get here! I have been POAS every single day since I found out I was :preg:. I’m so nervous and just want to make sure I am still preggers! Thankfully the line is super dark and shows up almost immediately now. :slight_smile: I’m super bloated and I think I am starting to get morning sickness, although it usually starts around late afternoon around 4 o’clock, instead of in the morning. I’m thinking these are all good signs! Are any of you having any symptoms yet?

I also can’t wait for my ultrasound so I can see how many I’m having. I would guess just one, but my beta numbers seem somewhat high to me, (1st beta at 12dpo was 86 and 2nd beta at 14dpo was 303, it more than tripled!) so I’m wondering if there may be two in there? What do you all think? Any guesses? I think my DH will pass out if we are having more than one. :slight_smile: [/LEFT]


Good morning.

Lesley and essemkay – nice to know some people over here from the 2ww wait board! :slight_smile: I almost feel guilty talking about symptoms and ultrasounds, etc., there because it just breaks my heart when someone gets a BFN or bad news … and I remember being the one getting the bad news all the time watching other people get pg. So it’s nice to have this place to talk about all the BFP stuff!

AB123 – I do the same thing … so many years of negatives, it’s nice to see that second dark pink line come up!! My H thinks I’m nuts, but I just think I’m making up for all the negative ones. :slight_smile: And some days it’s just nice to have that reassurance that everything is still going ok. Seems like it will take a long time to settle into that!!

Moho – you may want to talk to your doc about it some more, have him really explain the thoughts and what it means, etc. I used to take metformin, and at the time my doc said that if I got pg on it, I would stay on it, at least through the first trimester, and maybe through the pregnancy. I think the thought is that you need it to help regulate your blood sugar and systems, but they haven’t done the testing on whether it crosses the placenta (probably) and what affect it would have on the baby if it does (because who is going to let anyone test on their baby???), so they can’t call it safe because it’s not clinically tested. I bet your doc is being cautious about that. Has he given you diet restrictions or other information? (I have PCO, but don’t have the hormone side of it, so no “S”.)

Elika – Good luck on your twins! That’s a huge move to make, Wow! Hopefully closer to family who can help spoil new twins? What will this do to your insurance, transferring with an already diagnosed pregnancy?

Looking4BFP – was your ultrasound today? Hope you got great news and got to see the heartbeat! I can’t wait for that!!

AFM – I have on-and-off symptoms, which drive me crazy. I hate it when I’m sick, but when I’m not, I worry that there’s something wrong. And I’m always grabbing the “girls” to see if they are still tender, and freak out if they are not. This is crazy making!! Had my blood drawn for labs today to see if my progesterone and estrogen are where they want them, and if they are good, they’ll start weaning me off of the meds and will schedule my 6-week u/s. I can’t wait! I have been having “AF is coming” style cramps on and off the last few days which is scaring the heck out of me. At what point do we just relax into this and get confident in this pregnancy? My DH asked me the other night – “when will this become a normal pregnancy”? (He’s just mad because of the no sex till u/s policy my RE has … ).

Hope everyone has a great day!!


[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Sorry a lurker from the Dec baby board, My RE told me to stay on Metformin since it couldn’t hurt and that it wouldn’t hurt the baby. I would ask for a more detailed reason of why he wants you to stop if your concerned. My OB also hasn’t pushed me to stop either.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Garamond][SIZE=3]Good luck and congrats on the BFP :flower: [/SIZE][/FONT]


Comin on over to this board!

2long, lesley, essem~ I see you jumped over here so I thought I would join as well, can’t hurt to be positive and optimistic!!

I agree with those of you on the other threads that we passed our 2ww, had our :bfp: and we are looking to move forward. It is very disheartening hearing about the BFN’s lately and you almost feel guilty for being one of the lucky ones this time around.

I look forward to meeting the rest of you on here as well!

lesley~I know exactly what you mean about being nervous about when to announce to everyone in the family. Last yr we were saving it for Thanksgiving day, and well, mother nature changed that whole scenario 2 days before it~ so now that we’ve become lucky we are optimistically cautious and we are leaning more towards Christmas as the odds of M/C by 12 weeks goes down greatly.

AFM~ I have my U/S tomorrow to make sure baby is in uterus and not the tube. Not sure when the REAL U/S will be as my RE is taking vacation! WHAT??!!!:stuck_out_tongue: :eek:


Hello July mommas to be! :welcome: to the new comers! I’m hanging out in the busy June board but I’m far behind a lot of the earlier women. I had my u/s last week and we got to hear hb… It was amazing! Such a beautiful little swoosh swoosh! I got back on the 10 for 2nd and hopefully last with RE. I already made appt with ob for the 16… Wishful/optimistic thibking!
Elika how’s bloating? Clothes fitting any better? You had asked about it on June board and I answered you about how huge I was bc of ohss but as ovaries have simmered down a bit so has my mid section! I now fit back in my clothes. Doc says I’m still swollen bc he saw in u/s and was concerned about rupture or something so advised MD to take it easy and drink lots of water so I’m totally milking it and being a lazy butt!
Lesley I love your positive “the secret” attitude! I hope you get what you want!

We were nervous about 7 follicles well re was but I’m glad we went along with it anyways because it resulted in one! So seeee told you mr re… I had read enough about ivf failures to know that just because there was 7 didn’t mean 7 or even 1!
We are all so blessed! Wishing you all a happy and healthy 9 months!

Anyone else think the 2ww between bfp and 1st u/s is 200% more agonizing then 2ww waiting to test for bfp!?


Cramps blah

2long thanks for asking about me!
I just read your post… I’m sure you’ve heard it before but cramps are normal! You uterus is stretching and baby bean is nestling in for the long haul. Try not to get top worried about that. Mine kinda just stopped and now that has me worried! Lol I had convinced myself on each cramp or twinge the lo was getting cozy and now I’m like hey get cozy in there! We ask for symptoms then wish them away then ask for them again!haha
Good luck to you. Oh and that’s funny about your dh. Men are hilarious! We did iui so never had that doctor imposed no sex until further notice but I self imposed one bc of the ohss pain and fear of imploding! Now that I got a taste of baby dancing while preggo (loving it) I’m wanting to bd always and dh is worried about the bab and my still large but totally NOT in pain ovaries! Silly dh he better get with the program before I get bigger and ward him away!


Ahhhh…YES!!! It feels like it is never going to get here!! It doesn’t help that my RE is going to be out of town, so my wait is a tad bit longer. ARGH! But I’m glad I’m in agony waiting for the ultrasound, and not a BFP still. :slight_smile: Cheers to the little things! :cheer: