JULY 2011 Due Dates


wow this board is starting to pick up yay:cheer:

I totally agree with everyone that the wait until the first ultrasound feels like forever too! I can’t wait mine is next tuesday… I’ll be 6 weeks and 3 days so i’m hoping to see something real good! or somethingS real good!

As far as symptoms go I have the same as AB123 I get like the evening sickness… not like i’m throwing up but i just get like waves of nausea then i eat a little snack and it goes away then i eat dinner and it seems to come back after dinner. But like i said no throwing up but just icky feeling. I also am exhausted! i mean so tired I even tried to close my eyes and catch up on my sleep at recess duty the other day (i’m a teacher by the way) that didn’t work out too well but i’ve been in bed each night by 8 at the latest and i sleep like 9-10 hours a night… just so exhausted… and of course the boobs painful, full feeling, sometimes i feel like they get electric jolts… is that weird or what… and i agree I still grab my boobs at times just to make sure they are still ouchy! I think things will feel better after the first ultra sound then i think they’ll get really real after the first trimester… I keep telling myself just wait til after christmas then it’ll all be good… although it’s all good now and i’m happy with my beta’s so i have no complaints but i can’t wait until christmas anyway!

Well i hope everyone is well I can’t wait to start hearing more about the first ultrasounds! yay:cheer::cheer:


Hello ladies, I just got a BFP POAS today. Totally shocked. I haven’t read all the posts yet. Hopefully I will get to it tomorrow. I have twin 14 month girls that keep me busy. I had one tube removed due to an ectopic and was told the other was blocked. This is a total suprise, but
DH and I are super excited. I guess I would be due around July 5th. I just hope this isn’t another ectopic. I guess time will tell. I still need to make my first apt.


Hello I am Jennifer and I am also due In July on July 10 based on my last period. I did iui and this was my 8th one!!! I only got a bfp on cylce 1 and 8. Cycle 1 I mc. I do have an 8 year old daughter. I had my second beta today of 590 at 17dpiui. I am thrilled with that. My numbers are higher this time than the time I mc.

Moho - my re also told me to stop taking metdormin today and I also was told it decreases the chance of mc. But the re still said stop today. I also have pcos as well.

I am so scared because of the last mc. Terrified to be honest!!! I look forward to getting to know u all better!!! I am also a c section girl so I will probably deliver 2 weeks earlier.


As far as cramping goes it is totally normal in a healthy pregnancy. I had little cramping with my miscarriage and ectopic, but hardcore cramps with the twins. Think of it as proof that the baby is growing and arresting the uterus to make room. I am have off and on cramping now also. Stronger than before AF. The nausea had kicked in. My girls had stinky diapers this morning and I was gagging. I ran to the bathroom out of fear of something coming up. DH ended up changing diapers. I still BF my 14 month twins, but am starting to wean them. I don’t seenhow Incan eat enough nutrients to support the twins, the newest little one, and me. It is gonna be a process since one of my girls is super attached. Also Bfing causes the uterus to contract causing cramping. I feel bad stoping since u wanted to BF till 18 months, but they have had a good 14 months.

After my ivfs I looked pregnant the whole time due to OHSS. The hormones make you feel ucky for a while. I think I started feeling better about 12 weeks. Crazy though that m/s has hit much earlier and stronger than last time with the twins. Everyone have a wonderful morning:-)


New here!!

Hello All :grouphug: I am new to this thread, but I moved from the June 2011 thread and have been lurking for awhile:) I have my u/s Saturday and am anxious and nervous at the same time. In October of last year I had a molar pregnancy and the wait for my u/s IS KILLING ME!:flower: My due date will either be the 3rd of July if you go by my last menstrual or the 6th of July if you go by trigger/ovulation.

Lesley: I saw in your post that you are a teacher. I am also and feel DEAD by halfway through the day. I am normally very energetic and all my kiddos keep asking me why I look so tired:clap:

AFM: I’m kinda hoping for twins…however I would be happy with anything healthy… but we will find out tomorrow. I haven’t had a ton of symptoms except for EXTREME exhaustion and heartburn…gotta love it. Occassionally I will feel a little queasy, but nothing constant, Thankfully!! Thanks for listening and I think it is wonderful to have someone to relate with and talk about our :bfp: without making others who did not get their :bfp: feel bad:( Hope to have more to talk about tomorrow evening:clap: :clap:


Good morning everyone! I hope today is a great day for all!:flower:

I just had my first ultrasound for uterus placement at 5w1d. They saw the beginning of the yolk sac which is awesome! On the flipside, I also have what they call a “placental bleed”. Scary, but apparently can be normal. I was told the placental area is so rich with blood vessels that this occurs in 20-30% of women. I could expect some bleeding. (Great, make me more nervous why don’t you?) or it could be absorbed by the body, but nonetheless no sex(poor dh!) and rest/take it easy/bedrest.

It’s great to see that I have 1 lil bean (at first they thought 2) but it’s also scary knowing about this bleed. Oh the joys and experiences we get to go thru! Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely fortunate to have made it this far and thank God every day…

My next ultrasound will be in 2weeks(the RE is taking a vacation next week~how dare she:) Then if all goes well by then I get released! I think this 2ww again will drive me crazy~ no labs, no dr visits, no nothing! UGH!!!

I’m :pray: for us all:cheer: and TGIF!



I had blood drawn yesterday to check on my progesterone and estrogen … the lab “forgot” to send the results to my docs office! Grrrr! So it took some work sorting things out this morning, but got my results back. Estrogen was 3,750 (the nurse said they like to see that over 300) and progesterone was 76, can’t remember what she said they wanted to see that over … something like 7? Anyway, she said I was on over-achiever.

So now I get to wean down on my meds, one dose less of each every day. Happy about that!

Does anyone know if estrogen and progesterone can be TOO high? It seems like if theya re that much higher than the norm, there might be a problem with that, too … ?


Onlyonce- a girl on my thread through my last pregnancy had triplets and had the same bleeding issue through out her pregnancy. She has 3- 16 month olds now. Also sometime 5 weeks is too early to see a second baby. I have seen plenty of women go for there second ultrasound and see more babies. The triplet mom thought she was only having twins till her 9 week u/s. Good luck everyone!!!


Christina~thank you so much for sharing that story! I did some research and I believe the technical term is subchorionic hemorrhage SCH. I guess it is somewhat common and most resolve and don’t cause future problems with baby. The RN said there could be baby #2 hiding behind the SCH, but I’m just happy to even see 1 baby!:cheer:

2 long~ I don’t think your numbers can be “too” high but I know my RE told me today it just means I may get to cut out my PIO shots early! yea! So good to hear they will decrease your meds as well!:clap:

waiting 2 B~ :pray: and:babydust: :babydust: I wish you the best for tomorrows u/s!!!

Briannas mommy~ hang in there! I am right with you about the fear of M/C as I had mine 1 year ago this Nov. It’s all about getting thru each baby step: over the next hurdle. I’m not sure if or WHEN I will ever feel this PG is a good solid one! :babydust: :bsv: :babydust:

AB123 & LookingforBFP ~diddoo! I really don’t know what is worse anymore as each time we get to go to the next step/level…the waiting and anxiety is just as bad! I too now have the 2ww for ultrasound. Keep sane girls!:flower:

2long & lesley~ hope all is going well with you both!:preg:
:grouphug: and positive thoughts to everyone!


essemk~ :dance: :cheer: congrats on the awesome beta!
I will be happy to obsess right along with you ;):flower:


Yay for the great beta! Let the obsessing begin! :stuck_out_tongue:

AFM, I woke up about 3am this morning with terrible cramps! I think I was having a nightmare, and the cramps actually woke me up. I felt several intense pulsing cramps and immediately got up and went to the bathroom to check. No blood or spotting at all. Whew! I had to pee really bad, so I went ahead and took another HPT, just in case. It came back positive of course, and after I emptied my bladder the cramps went away. It really scared me, so much so all I could do is lay there competely still and wide awake. When I got up to get ready for work about 3 hours later, still no cramps. So I’m thinking maybe I just had to pee really bad? Not sure. All I know is that it really, really scared me. I will be so glad when my first ultrasound finally gets here. Talk about obsessing!! :wink: Hopefully that will put my mind at ease! I keep :pray: that my little bean is just as snug as a bug in a rug in there, and everything I’m experiencing is normal. Anyway, didn’t mean to rant, but just had to get it out. I think I will refrain from sharing this with my DH, as he might panic even more than I did. :slight_smile:


Just need to vent~ Thanks!

My clinic called an said they cannot get me in for my ultrasound until Dec 3rd!!! WTH??? I will be 9 weeks and should be at my regular OB by then. So basically I’m out in left field for 4 weeks!

I know that there is nothing that can be done if something bad were to happen anyway, but PLEASE, come on really? I am IVF patient and I think for how much I’ve paid these people I deserve a little better than that!! :grr:

Sorry girls, needed to get that out of me. Anyone else hear of that or have that happen??


[QUOTE=essemkay]It seems extraordinarily long. Of course, my first ultrasound isn’t until November 23rd and I’ll be nearly 8 weeks by then, but I would think with a scary bleed they’d bump you up. Can you ask them to put you on a cancellation list or something?[/QUOTE]

Essem~ they won’t do that because I have to see 3 people, the U/S tech, the NP, and the RE so scheduling is tricky. i too thought with a bleed I would be watched. Not to mention I’m supposed to bedrest for 4 weeks??? and they won’t even be monitoring anything??? Strange. My husband wants me to fire her and go to my regular OB LOL:clap:


[quote=onlyonce]My clinic called an said they cannot get me in for my ultrasound until Dec 3rd!!! WTH??? I will be 9 weeks and should be at my regular OB by then. So basically I’m out in left field for 4 weeks!

I know that there is nothing that can be done if something bad were to happen anyway, but PLEASE, come on really? I am IVF patient and I think for how much I’ve paid these people I deserve a little better than that!! :grr:

Sorry girls, needed to get that out of me. Anyone else hear of that or have that happen??[/quote]

Have you tried calling your OB? Mine said that if I needed anything befor my regular appointment with them (including ultrasounds, etc.), to just call. Part of that was because my RE is 4 hours away, and part of it is because we’re considered high risk at this stage because of having gone through IVF, so your insurance will pay for high risk monitoring, especially with the bleeding issues you’ve already had.

Those RE’s are good at GETTING us pg, but the OB’s are pretty good at taking care of the pregnancy. And if your OB can’t get you in, ask for a referral to a Maternal Fetal Medicine doc – they specialize in monitoring high-risk pregnancies. They usually come into the game much later in the pregnancy, but with your bleeding issues, they might still see you.

Good luck! Sorry you’re having to deal with this frustration!!


Just tell them you are too stressed with all the bleeding and won’t wait that long. With the cost of IVF you should be catered to every step of the way.


I agree. I’m really shocked that you had IVF and are now having a hard time getting regular u/s without having to wait forever. I would think they would be holding your hand every step of the way, since it took a lot for you to get here!


Catching up on personals…

Onlyonce, glad to see you over here, too! :slight_smile: Glad that your ultrasound looked good – how exciting! And I’m glad that they figured out your bleeding and that it wasn’t a m/c. Wish they could do something about it other than tell you to wait some more! I hope you don’t end up on bed rest for too long – just two days of it post transfer drove me insane! Do you have lots of good distractions to get you through it?

Looking4BFP – SOOOO cool to hear about your ultrasound!! I can’t wait to get that far!! Glad that your bloating is going down. They were worried about OHSS with me, but it never actually happened, at least not the additional fluid part. I totally agree that this part of the wait is agonizing. Will we ever be done waiting ??? And will our DH’s ever get on the same schedule as us!!! :wink: (We’re allowed to go back to it after the h/b u/s assuming there are no problems. But I better be off the progesterone by then, it’s SOOOOOO yucky!!)

AB123 – I think we are really close on our due dates. I’m right at the 5 week mark just now, too. :slight_smile: Sorry about your cramps overnight – how scary! Glad that seems to have resolved …

Lesley – your u/s is coming up soon! How exciting! Can’t wait to hear about your twins – with those betas, it’s gotta be twins! My symptoms are a lot like yours, and I do the boob grabs, too. It’s nice to hear that other people do that, too, and I’m not the only one that is a little crazy…! :slight_smile:

Lovelyrose27, welcome. What a great surprise!! My PCP doc went through IVF successfully, then had a “surprise” baby about 16 months later, too … it’s so amazing that after so any years of working so hard at it, our bodies can just all of a sudden decide to cooperate. Amazing! Congrats on your surprise! I saw in your sig line that you are raising your niece – we are also raising ours. We have 4 that aren’t biologically ours, but might as well be – they range in age from 8 to 18. Thanks for the info on cramping … it’s SO scary!

BriannasMommy – welcome! Congrats on finally a successful IUI!! I can understand your fear with the last m/c … it seems like it will take a lot to get comfortable with these pregnancies. Hang in there!

Waiting 2BBlessed – welcome. Good luck at your u/s tomorrow!! How exciting!! I’m sorry for being ignorant, but what is a molar pregnancy? That must have been terrible for you, I’m sorry. Glad that you are here now, though!

essemkay – Congrats on the great beta!! Are you on follow-up meds?


2long, lovelyrose, and AB~ thanks for the suggestions!

I’m NOT having any bleeding whatsoever, they just found the subchorionic bleed on my ultrasound today, I’ve been completely asymptomatic.

I did call my OB and he was soooooooooooo nice that he’s seeing me for the next 2 weeks to do serial ultrasounds and send me to the geneticist! He said to hell with the RE and just see her in Dec to get her out of the way and he won’t say a word that I’m secretly seeing him too! :slight_smile:

He will decide if I really need 4 weeks of bed rest, which he thinks is completely odd. I’m so glad I took everyones suggestions and just called my good OBGYN doc.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!:cheer:


Hi Y’all lots of action today let me try to catch up…

Firstly :welcome: to all the new due date buddies!

Waiting- So excited to have another teacher on the thread. Yes I am exhausted before i even get out of bed and I yawn all through teaching. Not to mention the other day i even tried to close my eyes at recess duty i was just soooo exhausted!! What grade do you teach?

essemkay- congrats on the great second beta… they’re not making you go for a third right? mine didn’t make me and i know you’re at shady grove too so i was just curious… That’s why i’m suprised that your ultrasound isn’t until like week 8. My doc said I’ll have one at week 6 and week 8 so next tuesday will be my week 6 one. I’ll be 6 weeks and 3 days. I’m very excited and I thought that my week and 1/2 wait was a long time… don’t you hate all the "2ww"s!! hehehe

AB123- ok about those cramps i totally understand i think it’s that things are getting squished around and that messes with potty issues… i have a similar issue in the morning when i wake up i get cramps until i go number 2 then they stop. I think it’s just the number 2 pushing and the babies pushing back (I always say babies cause i’m hoping for two:woohoo:) hehe but after I go I’m fine until i need to go again. Sorry if that was TMI but something about having doctors constantly looking at your whoo-ha makes you lose all modesty… am i right!!! hehe

onlyonce- i think that was smart just to call your ob that’s what i would’ve done too…that is crazy waiting for december… so you are not bleeding but they just saw it that’s kind of crazy but i’ve read that those subchronic bleeds (i think i got the name right) are very common in fact alot of women complaining about them. I think everything will be just fine and yay for seeing your little bean!:clap::clap:

ok well i hope i caught up with everyone so sorry if i missed you i’ll do better next time. I hope that everyone has a happy friday night… I’m about to go spend the rest of mine in bed probably sleeping! Thats the joy of being :preg:…and I LOVE it!!! hehe


essemkay- haha that is so funny isnt’ it so easy to get addicted! I was thinking about buying more tests today just for fun to see the lines again haha. we’ll see what dh says he may just say your crazy and stop spending all our money on pee sticks! hehe

I see why you have to wait since it’s a study… just curious since it is a study did you have to pay or is it like something if you get chosen for then its free? If you don’t mind me asking I’m always curious as to how that works. It makes me feel better that they feel confident waiting til 8 weeks with your numbers cause my numbers are pretty similiar to yours as is my doubling time so i think all is good…sometimes i still get nervous though ya know. But I’m making sure to enjoy each day and each step along the way.:clap::clap: