July 2014 Due Date Buddies!


Hey all,

Due date is July 2nd.


Hi Jenni83, I am new here and very hopeful for us to continue this journey healthy with growing beautiful babies :slight_smile: I just received positives this week with increasing Betas and my first u/s is same day of your first OB 12/3. Good luck to you and Praying for healthy baby dust our way. I am estimated due date July 2014 too.


Hi Mitzb welcome, I am so happy to hear of your positive beta congrats :slight_smile: I cant wait to hear how your first ultrasound goes.


Hey y’all, sorry I’ve been SO outta touch here lately. We went in for our first ultrasound on Monday (7 weeks 3 days) and saw a “perfect baby” (according to my doctor) with a HR of 164. I’m 8 weeks today and continue to pray DAILY for this baby. Everyone says it’s a girl…due to the HR…but we’ll obviously be happy no matter what he/she is. We have another appt on the 10th of January to listen to the heartbeat. I’m nervous waitin’ for EVERY appt. :-/ I hope all of y’all are doin’ good.