July 2015 Due Date Buddies



For some reason I couldn’t find a thread for due-date buddies beyond April 2015, so thought I’d try to start my own for July! I’ve been on the November FET thread but don’t want to discuss my pregnancy too much on there to the ladies who are still dealing with the stresses of cycling, but I also can never relate to the regular due-date boards as the women there often don’t realize how lucky they are to be pregnant, which frustrates me. Those of us who’ve been through IVF know what a difficult path this is and don’t take one second of it for granted, and we even feel lucky when we are feeling nauseous, and the others just don’t get it… so I’m looking for others on here due in July who do! :slight_smile:

My due date is July 25 and we just had the doctor tell us the gender on Friday–we are expecting a girl! (Our embryos had genetic screening but we chose to be gender blind when we did our single-embryo transfer). We have a son already who is now 19 months–we also got pregnant with him from a single-embryo transfer back in 2012. I had created my “ivffirsttimer” name on here back then; the name is no longer accurate but I don’t know how to change it, ha.

Looking forward to sharing the journey with others on here… please join! :slight_smile:


Congrats on July baby Girl!


Congratulations once again firsttimeivf
My due date is August 5.
I had PGD for family balancing.
This is my 3 rounds on this journey
My Dating US is set for 15th December


Hi ladies! Congratulations on your pregnancies. I am also expecting in July – July 26th to be exact. I’ll share a little bit about my journey (more details are in my signature). After years of trying we did IVF and after three rounds of retrievals we ended up with 5 frozen embryos. We did our first FET in July 2012 and got pregnant but that ended in a miscarriage. We did another FET in November 2012 and got pregnant again. We had our son in August 2012. Then in July of this year, we got pregnant naturally with twins but again that ended in a miscarriage of both. So we went back for another FET in November of 2014 and got pregnant. I’ve been very cautious about getting too excited about this one given our history of miscarriages but on Monday we got to see the heartbeat so it looks like this little one might stick around (we are seeing a pattern here – July pregnancies don’t work out, November pregnancies are good ;)). So I am finally letting myself get excited about this! I look forward to getting to know the others on this thread over the next several months!


Congratulations JenninDC and welcome on board. :slight_smile:


How’s everyone doing.