June 2014 Due Date Buddies


Hi, I couldn’t find a DD for June 2014, which makes sense, since it is still way too early for many to start looking into this, but I thought I would start it as a way to stay positive, or reach other DD buddies who might be fretting a little, perhaps after previous losses, and maybe want to chat. I know its sooooooooooo early, but thought I’d give it a go… and well, if I don’t end up following this one to the end, then i wish everyone well who does make it! And of course, i hope I make it!


This made me grin from ear to ear!!! Congrats, AngeliqueMe!!! Will be thinking of you and wishing you all the best for a healthy and happy pregnancy. Good things come to those who wait!


hiiii! Thanks!
Yes, I just got hcg today and feeling realllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly happy. Still cautious as heartbeat is our ultimate goal, as we have yet to pass this. But we have beat the low hcg pregnancy, so I am over the moon that one goal post is surpassed! YES!!!


Hi AngeliqueMe! Thanks for starting this thread–I was hoping one would pop up soon. I just (finally) had my beta this morning–my doctor made me wait a full 14 days after our FET. I must admit, I’ve been testing obessively since 5dp5dt, so today’s result was a foregone conclusion. Still, was happy to hear we have a strong number at 1,085. Going back in Friday for the next test. I completely agree with you about waiting for the heartbeat, but since this is my first BFP I’m trying to cautiously embrace the excitement. Good luck with your next tests–I hope to see you on this thread for the next nine months! :slight_smile:


Hiiii and welcome!!! It’s great to have you here and chat about what’s going on and our nerves and doubts etc.
that’s a fantastic beta!!! Congratulations to you!!!
My Dr, or clinic rather, doesn’t do beta, they only wanted me to poas and call them with the result, then poas the next day and only call them if the result is different…
Of course I needed the beta number so I went off to regular Dr and got blood test yesterday, and will also go back and get another in two days.
My beta was a good number for 8dp5dt so I have passed one hurdle that a previous loss indicated was coming:::: the low Hcg was our second loss. Yay! Tick! Check! Aufeirderzein! Haha

Next is heartbeat at 7wks… That’s a biggie. Crossing fingers, toes, eyes, hair a total Matty mess, and everything crossed!!


Any more tentative BFPiv’s feel like dropping by?
I just got my second beta and it’s 147! 10dp5dt… or 15dpo… Doubling rate is good! Doubling time of 39 hours…
Now somehow I need to hold out for three weeks (gasp) for heartbeat. oh sweet heavens… I’m going to have to get reeeeeeeeeeeeal busy!


Great results!!! Bravo!!!


That’s awesome–congratulations! I’m with you on the wait; the ultrasound seems so far away. But then, so did the betas…somehow, the time will pass!


Ultrasound scheduled for 21st October… Hoping this is going to be the one!


Yay–we’re going in on the same day! Can’t wait to see what’s going on in there. Maybe then it will finally start to sink in that this could actually be the cycle that works!!!


Yay Jaybee!!! We will both be hoping and praying for the good news! Can’t wait to hear your news…


I’m going to peek in here, but dear d your expecting again? We were in the April FET group


I am hoping to stick around with you ladies. Tomorrow I will be six weeks and I get an early ultra sound cannot wait to find out how many are growing in there. I look forward to many more months with you all! Prays for us all!


Peek in Chrissy! If we any of us fall off this bandwagon, we can support one another. It’s soooooooooooo great seeing familiar names and seeing BFP’s!


How are you going? My symptoms are kicking in big time! From nausea and queasiness to valium style sleeps!


We’re all pretty cute at how tentative we are… I am touched by our humility. I guess after such a long journey and past experiences, we are much more gentle with ourselves…


I think it is me hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Just cautious but so excited!


Yeh, I feel the same way. But this one feels a lot stronger, my symptoms are much more than my first one. I barely even felt sick with my first one. This one I am all over the place, up at 4am, and have just discovered that if I eat a bit of toast or a cracker, then I pass out heavily again. I guess my body is coaxing me into doing these things. I’m feeling pretty good so far.
We have made it this far, and that’s a big %.
I also read that if you have had any Trisomy miscarriages, that the recurrence rate is 1%! This was so good for me to read. As our first loss was T16.


Hi! Popping over here from the IUI boards since AngeliqueMe posted that she had started a June DD page. Beta #2 for me tomorrow. I’m happy of course, but after what happened last time, I’m not too excited yet, if that makes sense. Other than being a bit more tired than usual, I’m not really having any symptoms yet. Trying not to be neurotic about it. Anyway, thanks for starting this page and I hope everyone on here has a happy and healthy 9 months


Hey Lindsey1980! I remember you from the July group…, Glad to see u again! Good luck with your scan tomorrow!
I hadine yesterday and saw one little sac and yolk. I’m still waiting for this to sink in…strange but good!!!