June 2014 Due Date


Hi I am just finding out I am expecting from my last IVF cycle. My expected due date will be at the beginning of June. :slight_smile:


Hi Georgia I am hopeful that I will be in this group as well. I do a repeat beta Monday and u/s Wednesday. I’m so excited but cautious of course. My due date isJune 4th when is yours? My daughter was three weeks early so I’m anticipating Ill be earlier.


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If it is just one, I will be due June 12. It seems so far away but I know it will fly by. If it is twins I think it may be a little earlier. :slight_smile: Thanks Gwen!


I’ll be looking forward to hearing your results tomorrow. I know I can’t wait to get mine back as well.


Beta was 1649 today… whew! :slight_smile: Ultrasound scheduled for Oct. 17th first thing that morning :slight_smile:


Yaye great number! Mine was 27,777 sheesh! I’m going in Wednesday to verify the number but will only be 6 weeks. Going again the 15th and hoping we will hear heart beats then. I am so nervous/excited!


Hey guys, we already have a due date June thread, come join us! http://forums.fertilitycommunity.com/forum/infertility/after-fertility-treatments/due-date-buddies/2611618-june-2014-due-date-buddies


Will do! :slight_smile:


Will do! :slight_smile:


I’m cautiously joining this group as well (don’t worry Angelique, I’ll join the other one too but for me this is easier to find on the boards since I only come to the IVF section). My beta was 13000+ on Monday and my ultrasound is this coming Monday. I can’t believe I’m this far this time around!!!


Yay Great number! :slight_smile: I am awaiting my ultrasound too but its next thursday… I am also like you with being this far. This is my first time being pregnant since my ectopic 2 years ago! Hopeing that this is it for us. Can’t wait to hear about your ultrasound on Monday :slight_smile:


Congrats!!! That’s great news. That’s a really high beta…twins??? :slight_smile:


Ladies - Joining this forum. I’m still with our RE and it will take another 2-3 weeks to move to OBGYN. But based on preg calc, my due date is June 18th, 2014