June/July 2013 cycle buddies?


we are ttc on our own for a while in hopes of a surprise miracle:preg: . I have pcos and very irregular cycles and have had to use injectables in the past to get pregnant.

I just started my period around June 16th…felt ovary soreness and fertile cm on July 1-3rd with possible ovulation pain(sharp pains) on the 3rd…went to doc for pap smear on the 5th…sharp pains again on 7th…with some spotting (brownish/pink/little bit of reddish) and crampiness and back ache today the 9th. (I think the light spotting may be from the pap but not sure).

Going to be hopeful and assume I ovulated around the 3rd…so I’m planning on testing around the 15th.

Anyone else in the 2ww right now?


I will be joining you this Friday after I get IUI done. Hoping & praying for a miracle to happen.