Just got my DH S/A...... NOT GOOD


My DH just had a S/A and after going thru a hoaxed IVF, and a lot of praying, we get this. His Normal sperm which was at .5 in 4/2010, very poor. Now it is at 0.
I fel so lost. I am wondering what is causing this and do not want to go crazy. Please help


I am very sorry to hear the news. It is sad that male infertility is so under researched. My husband started taking BioAsten (found on most online vitamin stores). It is an anti-oxidant. His SA 4 months later improved from his original analysis. Look into some herbal things that might be able to help. Wish you all the best!


In addition, our doctor said that sometimes the test need to be redone due to environmental factors and stress that may cause him to have a ‘bad day’. Hope the next one works out better. Maybe give it some time before redoing it, as the sperm take 72 days to mature (or so).