Just had Lap- try naturally or IUI?


Hello all,

I just had my lap done on Friday. Stage 3 endo and cysts on my ovaries. Dr lasered and removed endo and cysts. My RE wants to do clomid (definitely not ovulating) and IUI this cycle. I didn’t know what the chances of conceiving naturally after the lap were and if I should just try naturally for one month or go for the gold with IUI and clomid? Thoughts/opinions? Obgyn would like me to try to get preggo within 3-4 months before endo starts to come back. I’m so torn since this is not covered by insurance! :grr:



[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3]I’d recommend a medicated cycle with Clomid and Timed Intercourse. No IUI really needed if your DH has good sperm. We always did medicated cycles with timed intercourse (it gives you the same chances as IUI would). We had two BFP but one was chemical the other was ectopic (my tubes are damaged). Best wishes and good luck making a decision. :babydust: [/SIZE][/FONT]