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Dragongirl- I am so excited for you. Woo hoo.
AFM: I was supposed to start my meds today but my RE called and said that he had a scheduling conflict around the time that I would be doing ER and ET. He said there were three options. 1. He would be around to do my ER but one of his colleagues would have to do my ET. 2. I could just wait to start in April with my natural cycle once AF arrives or 3. I could go on BCP and he could control my cycle and then we could schedule it. After speaking with DH and talking it through, I decided to go with option 2 and just wait until April when AF comes on. I was excited to start today but thought it was better to go with waiting. Not using my RE is an issue for me for a couple of reasons but mainly because of my fibroids, my long cervix, and my bladder not being quite in the right spot because of the surgeries and fibroids. I feel like I have a complicated lay of the land so to speak and I would feel most comfortable with the person I have been using since 2011. I knew that if it didn’t work, I would second guess my decision on not waiting for my RE. From a purely emotional place he is the same RE that we used to conceive our son, he even came to the hospital after my delivery and visited with us and the baby. I sometimes take my son by his office so that he can see how he is growing. Not a medical reason of course but a connection and DH feels comfortable with the RE even though he said it was ultimately my choice. At this point, I am only getting 3-4 eggs and I didn’t want any type of suppression of any kind if it could be avoided so I didn’t want to BCP. LOL. I am ok with waiting until April. That gives me another 30 days to lose this pesky 8-10 lbs.


[B]Dragongirl[/B] - I am so excited for you!! YAY - happy dance for you!! :smiley:
[B]torontochick[/B] - Yes I was on here and glad to see you on here too. Good to know that I don’t need bed rest. I did it for the IVF but didn’t’ know if it was for the FET too.
[B]Nilah [/B]- I know it’s not a easy decision to wait but do what feels comfortable for you.
I am so glad after my 5 IUIs, I had changed my RE and love this RE. I would wait too if I were in your shoes. Good luck!


[B]Nilah[/B], I think you made the right decision. If transfer is a complicated thing because of your situation, I would definitely go with the RE who knows the “location” well. :smiley: I also woould not go on BCP, it would likely suppress you and that’s not what you want.
[B]karend72[/B], Lucky girl for having 3 frosties! Good luck with your FET! FX
[B]Dragongirl[/B], How are you feeling - do you have a date for your u/s?
[B]essemkay[/B], How are things going with you?


I’m a little nervous. I felt a little queasy on the days leading up to my good beta, but now I’m not feeling it. I do now have some sinus issues going on right now that I think are allergies (in California and weather has been very warm lately, and the tree in front of our house just bloomed). I’ve never had allergies this bad so I’m wondering if the pregnancy is affecting it (since it effects the mucous membranes). I still have some cramping, but it’s less than I was having over the weekend. I’m trying not to read too much into things, but after the scary start I’m very nervous. I don’t think I had any symptoms with DS until after the u/s so I know it’s too early to read much into symptoms. I never got full blown morning sickness with my son, so I was thinking I probably would with this pregnancy since I was feeling queasy so early.

I have another beta on 3/13, then ultrasound on 3/18. I have jury duty on 3/17, so I’m a little nervous about the timing of that (usually call at 5 pm the night before to see if you have to go. If you don’t have to go on the first day, they have you call again to see if they want you to go the next day). This jury duty was already a postponement from back in November, so I can’t get out of it. I’m just hoping I either don’t have to go at all or that I go in and am finished on the 17th.


Oh, and my birthday is the 19th (will be 44), so I really hope the u/s is good so I have a happy birthday. Though the nurse said I will be right at 6.5 weeks on the u/s so I may or may not have a heartbeat yet.


[B]Dragongirl - [/B]I’ve heard people are more sensitive with their 2nd pregnancy. That you feel more things early on. Sending you positive vibes and good thoughts!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday and all will be well.
[B]Torontochick - [/B]Thanks I was very lucky to have 3 survive the freezing and hope they survive the thawing process too.
I am nervous about having all three transferred. My RE said it will give me better changes.


Karend72, I’ve transferred 3 at everyone of my IVFs, except the current one (2 this time). This last time I was originally going to do all 4, but because of me having a successful pregnancy and because my frozen embryos were very good quality the doctor suggested just 2. Apparently, I had a slightly higher chance of multiples. I worried at first with my pregnancy with DS about multiples (triplets) because my numbers were high and very fast doubling, but he was just one (though there was a small black dot in the first ultrasound that may have been a vanishing twin). Anyway, I think for someone 40+, the odds of triplets is probably slim.


Thanks Dragongirl! I am worried I guess about having twins but if it happens, it happens. I will be very blessed. I remember doing a count down to each U/S; I am sure you are too.


Yes, I was and am very anxious for the ultrasounds. When I was pregnant with my son, I had secretly hoped for twins. Once he was born, I was so glad he wasn’t. I was scared of twins this time because I knew my husband would freak if it was. He’s nervous about adding just one to the toddler we already have.


Dragongirl - symptoms are so hard to read. I know it is easier said than done but try to hang on until the beta on Friday. Can you switch your u/s to the 19th to avoid any possible conflict with the jury duty? Hopefully, you won’t be needed and it won’t be a conflict at all.
Karend72- I transferred 3 with my successful cycle and only had 1 also. I think the chances are lower for multiples at our age but of course it happens. I say cross that bridge if you come to it.:slight_smile:
AFM- scheduled for a body wrap tomorrow. Just found out that the Mayan masseuse that I used before may be back from Brazil. I am hoping she is so that I can squeeze in a massage before I cycle next month. I really think it helped with circulation because my periods got so much better after doing the massages.


When I was on the phone with my first nurse, she implied that I shouldn’t switch u/s appointments because it couod be ectopic, sonwe wouldn’t want to wait. She thought I should not go to jury duty as this was for medical reasons. I had sent the nurses an e-mail about trying to move the u/s to the 16th, and a different nurse respinded. They couldn’t do the 16th, but could the 17th, but since that’s the first possible jury duty day, I didn’t change tye appointment. That second nurse said if I had jury duty to let them know, and they could reschedule the u/s. I’m jyst going to play it by ear.

I’m getting so nervous again. I know I’m going to be going crazy Friday waiting for beta results. I just really have a fear if getting bad news again. Despite having a success last cycle, I’ve had so many disappointments in the past that I can’t just be optimistic. I was paranoid most of my pregnancy with DS.


why would she say it could be etopic? Was that just a general statement about why they don’t like to change the u/s date?


Nilah - Body wrap sound so good. Hope you enjoy it.
Dragongril - I agree why would the nurse even mention ectopic.


I’m not sure. I don’t know why she mentioned ectopic, unless it’s because my betas were briefly wonky. The other nurse didn’t seem concerned.


That drives me bonkers when they do that; makes you think the worst. Hope you are staying positive and not stressing. Continue to send you positive vibes and thoughts.


Thanks, Karend72. I’m really not too concerned about it being ectopic. I’m much more worried about a chemical (just worried that tomorrow’s beta will have not doubled again or will have gone down. I did just look into ectopic a little and I guess low betas and non-doubling betas can be an indicator (but there’s also been people with super high betas or normally double betas as well). I don’t know why the ectopic doesn’t worry me, maybe just because I have a history of chemicals, and miscarriages so I’m more worried about those.

I was totally resolved to this not working shortly after the non-doubling beta. I had got into my mind that I would start excercising more and overhaul my diet, and then try the last 2 embies this summer. But once I got the good beta after that I will be devastated again if something happens. This is my first time that a crappy beta has turned itself around (though I’ve had one with excellent betas not ever get a heart beat). I’m just feeling so nervous about this beta tomorrow. I think my symptoms are less than they were this weekend, which makes me really nervous (even though its way early to have symptoms any way). I really hate the uncertainty of this process. I had hoped that having already had a success, I would not be as worried, but that is not the case. What’s really irritating, is back when we thought this was going south, my husband tried to be sympathetic, but he is really not as invested in having another child. He’s absolutely happy with just one, and only doing this because we have frozen embies we don’t want to waste. I’m not at that point yet, and I don’t think he really realized that until I burst into tears with the crappy beta.


Dragongirl- This process makes you crazy even if you already have a child because it doesn’t stop the desire because it is the second or third child. I am praying that tomorrow brings you great news. A lot of men are not as invested until it is actually real to them. I am sure that your DH will be thrilled and more invested once you are farther along and it seems real to him. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


[QUOTE=“Nilah, post: 1789377, member: 61756”]Dragongirl- This process makes you crazy even if you already have a child because it doesn’t stop the desire because it is the second or third child. [/QUOTE]
So true, [B]Nilah[/B]. I should be so happy with my two kids, but my desire for another one is so strong. Most people can’t relate. They say, I should be happy with the two I have. It’s like the y label you as some kind of greedy. Like if you had another you would take something away from someone who doesn’t have have children yet…
[B]Dragongirl[/B], fingers crossed for today’s beta and the U/S next week. Don’t worry too much about “no symptoms”. I didn’t have any until a few weeks into the pregnancy and then it was not just m/s but all-day sickness… So, be glad it hasn’t started yet. :smiley: Don’t read too much into the “ectopic” comment. I guess, what she meant tsay is that it is their policy to do an early u/s to rule out the risk of an ectopic. (We know it can happen, especially in older women and if it’s caught early, they would be able to preserve your ovary).
[B]Karend72[/B], I also had three embies transferred and only one baby, but mind you, only one was a full blastocyst on day 5. Not sure about the quality as they don’t do testing in Germany.

Have a nice weekend everyone! xoxo


Dragongirl - I think you will have good outcome! Crossing fingers and sending you good thoughts and vibes. Looking forward to an update. We all drive ourselves crazy sometimes with this process and the scares that come with it due to our previous experiences. Hang in there!
Nilah & Torontochick - How are you doing?


torontochick- I totally understand and agree with you that some people act like because you want another one that you should be happy with what you have. They don’t get that it isn’t about not being happy with what you have it is about the desire to want another child. I have even had someone from another board (some time ago) that at least I have one child and that there are those that didn’t. I told her my desire doesn’t take away from somebody else’s desire or their sadness. I know that it is different if it doesn’t work for me this time vs someone who does not have a child at all but I don’t like when people diminish other people’s dreams.

Dragongirl- good luck today.
Karend72- I am doing pretty good. I at least lost 5lbs over the last2 weeks. I had a body wrap yesterday and that was good. I made an acupuncture appointment for next weekend. I am going to try to squeeze a few in before my next period comes in April