Just joined 40+ and happy to have found you


Thanks everyone for the support. It will probably be a few hours until I hear back about my results. I think they tend to call around 2-3 o’clock, and it’s only almost 11 am here now. My stomach is in knots.

Nilah, it’s great that you managed to lose a little weight before starting your cycle.

I found out today that since our last beta when our results started looking better, my DH now feels more invested. I mentioned to him about feeling nervous about the results, and apparently it had only dawned on him this morning that things could still go wrong. He now feels like he will be upset if we get bad news.


fingers crossed waiting on your news dragongirl. It ususally hits men at a different time because they are not the ones going through the shots, the meds, sonos etc.


I was getting ready to type, no word yet, when the phone range. Beta is 4433, which the nurse said was excellent. So now just have to hope for a good ultrasound. I’m hoping for a heartbeat, though one of the nurses did warn that I may not have one yet (she said I would be at 6.5 weeks, I just calculated that it will be 6 weeks and 5 days). Anyway, I’m feeling happy and very relieved.

Niliah, you mentioned about the husbands not going through the shots, etc. The way my husband complains about giving these shots, you would think he was the one getting them. (But really he is a mess in general, complaining about everything because he is hating his job and is very depressed lately. I don’t know what to do with him.)


Great news dragongirl. That is excellent. I am sure your u/s will be great too. Enjoy this great news and relax a bit this weekend. I understand what you mean about DH. My DH went through that too where he hated his job and was miserable then they cut the program and he got laid off and for 2 years he was in and out of temporary assignments, so I get the feeling of having a DH who was depressed and a mess. I tried to be supportive and all of that but in the end the only thing I could really do for him was pray for him. He is in a much better place because he got a permanent job and just got accepted into a Masters program. As far as DHs acting like they are getting the shots, I remember when we first started IVF and he had to give me the trigger shot- well he hates needles and he kept going on an on acting like he had to stick himself. I said look man, If I can give myself shots in the stomach twice a day for 9-10 days you can man up and stick me in the butt once. LOL. Gee wiz.


Yay Dragongirl!! Hope you relaxed this weekend.
Nilah - awesome that you lost 5 lbs.
I hope everyone had a great weekend.
I started my Lovenox shots which is for blood thinning. It’s something new that he’s trying; last time all I had to take was the baby asprin. I am only one number into the blood clothing area. It’s also suppose to help with fertility. I now have bumps and bruising since I started taking shots all over my lower belly from the Lupron and Lovenox shots. I hope they go away. I think I will have to continue to take it until my Progesterone shots start which will be on the 25th. I am trying to also shed a few pounds since I am higher in weight than I was the first time I did my IVF. The RE said I am fine but it won’t hurt to lose some weight; thinking of trying out the T25 workouts to help me get in shape too. Lately I have been feeling so drained at the end of the evening and wondering if its due to all these meds or just me not working out. Sorry I am all over the place with my thoughts.


What did the doctor say about doing an excerise program like T-25? I was thinking about doing it too.


I am going to call and ask him. The next time I see him will be on the 25th for an Ultrasound and blood work. I will let you know what he says.


Hi Ladies,
Haven’t been on in a while and I’m just trying to catch up!
Dragongirl: Congratulations on that great beta. Betas always stress me out so much and I’m glad to hear that you’re getting good news! Good luck at the ultrasound!
Nilah: Maybe we will cycle together? My Hcg is finally coming down after the m/c and we will try one more time. It looks like the timing might end up being in April.


Thanks, Nilah, Karend, and Bebe! I’m anxiously awaiting my u/s on Wednesday! Also, anxiously waiting for 5:30 pm when I can check to see if I have to go to jury duty tomorrow. I’m torn with what I want. If I have to go tomorrow, there’s less chance of having to go Wednesday (unless I get a a long trial). But tomorrow is DS’s library story time, it will be the first time DH has had a chance to go along, and I kind of want to go too. If I don’t have to go tomorrow, I’ll have to call again tomorrow night to see if I have to go Wednesday. Most times I get jury duty I don’t have to go at all, but twice I had to go in for a short time. I’ve never been as far as jury selection.


So no jury duty tomorrow, so now potential jury duty on the day of my u/s. I left a message for the clinic to warn them of the possibility.


Dragongirl: did you have jury duty? I hope you get to do your u/s today.


[QUOTE=“Nilah, post: 1789429, member: 61756”]What did the doctor say about doing an excerise program like T-25? I was thinking about doing it too.[/QUOTE]
Nilah - the nurse called me back and said stick to walking with my baby boy instead of doing intense exercise I am not use to.


karend72- thanks for letting me know. I just got the 21 day Fix from beachbody- so I am going to give that a try before I start to do stims. Hopefully, that will help me lose these last 5-6 lbs before I start the process.

Bebe- that would be great if we could cycle together. Keep me posted.


No jury duty. I had my u/s this morning. I’m 6 weeks 5 days, so it’s still very early. You could see the sac, and a very faint flicker in the corner (could barely see the flicker from my position). The doctor could see a yolk sac, though I couldn’t see anything. I’m not sure if the flicker was bloodflow or the heartbeat. The doctor didn’t say. I had assumed it was the heartbeat, but my DH had said it was at least bloodflow after we left, so now I’m not sure. Regardless, the RE said things were good, and we will go back on 3/30, and, hopefully, see a lot more then.

I was so nervous last night and this morning. I had a hard time sleeping (and it didn’t help that DS woke up crying a few times last night). I’m feeling relieved now, and just hope things continue going well.


Dragongirl - Yay! I am so happy and excited for you. Sending you good thoughts and vibes.
I know it’s easier said than done but try to keep your mind on other things.
I ran out of my Lupron syringes last night and ended up using my progesterone syringe which was no fun. I have to call the RE’s office to see if they have extras I can get from them. I have 6 more doses I have to take. I thought I had extra ones in the bag with the progesterone stuff but no luck.


Great news!! Good luck Dragongirl!! Nilah, I’m on birth control pills now and will go in for a sono in ten days.


Thanks everyone!

Karend72, hopefully your RE will have extra syringes. Mine was able to give me a bunch of syringes for estradiol, when the pharmacy sent the wrong kind (fortunately, we had discovered I had the wrong kind at my injection review rather than when I needed to use it). I would be worried about using a different syringe since the markings are different.


Great news, [B]dragongirl![/B] <3
[B]Nilah[/B] and [B]BebeBebe[/B], great to hear things are moving along for you.
I am in the 2ww right now and have added progesterone cream for extra support. However, I am not getting m hopes up or anything because I am fully aware of my abysmal chances for conceiving naturally. Sigh.
Have a good weekend everyone.


Torontochick - Crossing fingers and hoping you have great news after the 2ww.
Dragongirl - Thanks, I was able to buy them from a pharmacy instead since my RE’s office is a pretty far from my office.
Nilah & BebeBebe - great to hear things are going smoothly.

I am patiently waiting for the 25th for my u/s and get a confirmation to the date for the transfer. Just wondering if anyone feels tired towards the end of the day while taking Lupron? I don’t recall this when I did the IVF.


Torontochick- good luck with the 2ww.
Karend72- I haven’t used Lupron in a number of years so I don’t recall how it made me feel. How soon after the u/s do they normally schedule the transfer?

AFM- did acupuncture today. He suggested I try to squeeze in a couple of fertility massages before I started stimming so I am going to do 1 this week and 1 next week because I expect AF sometime around April 5-7. I am so glad the lady who does the massages is back, she had gone home to Brazil for several months. When I did the massage back in November it really helped my blood flow. I didn’t have as much PMS and my actual period was better, so I am hoping that it will get the blood flow going pretty good for this cycle.