Just joined 40+ and happy to have found you


I am not really worrying about it because they didn’t change my dosage or express a concern. I will wait to see what happens with the u/s and b/w on Tuesday.


Hi Ladies,
It’s been a while but I wanted to check back in on everyone. Trying to read through and catch up . . .
Dragongirl: I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out this time. I just went through that with a chemical last summer and a D&C this last time around. It’s such a pain to still have the symptoms when you are waiting. Glad that you will be going again this summer with the FET.
Karen: I hope everything is going well - good luck with betas!
Toronto: Where are you at with the process?
Nilah: We are going to be cycling together! I started stims on Friday, so today is Day 3. I’m doing 300 Gonal-F in the AM and 300 Gonal-F in the PM plus 40 lo-does HcG, antibiotic, baby aspirin, and pre-natals. They are doing some things a little different with this cycle. I’m going to have Lupron which I’ve never had before and Omnitrope. We’ll see how it goes. I’m supposed to be cutting down on the caffeine now, but it’s a hard shift for me!


Hey bebe- glad to see you back and that we are cycling together. I know what you mean about the caffeine. I am trying to kick that one too.


Seems like this board still has issues… I did not get any notification about your posts… :frowning: I was also off for a few days over Easter and totally forgot about actively checking the site. Such a shame that this forum died down from ten thousands of users to only a few.
[B]Dragongirl[/B]… so sad to read your news. I am glad you still have some embies on ice. When I had my MMC after IVF #3, I went for a D&C becuase I was really eager to move on to the next cycle. Luckily, it all went well and I got preggers with my DD in IVF cycle #4.
[B]Karen…[/B] Yay for a BFP. I think it’s not low considering the early test date. Crossing my fingers that the next one will be a strong number.
[B]Bebe & Nilah…[/B] Congrats on starting stims and being cycle buddies! Good luck!!

As for the [B]progesterone suppositories[/B] (Prometrium, Endometrin, etc.) - most REs in Germany will only prescribe these, no shots. Apparently, absorption by the body is much better they work right were they should be working and side effects a less, because the dosage can be lower and they are not metabolised by the liver. Yes, a bit messy, but nothing is falling out, really. My RE told me that by the time its on your pantyliner, the meds are already absorbed by your body.

[B]AFM…[/B] New cycle, new try… I am about 4dpo right now. I think my chances are getting slimmer day by day. I am approaching my 46 birthday in July. :frowning: I am using a CBFM and I can tell how my cycle / hormones have changed. I used to get about two “Highs” before my “Peaks” and now most of the time, the monitor goes straight to Peak… It’s a bit annoying, because ovulation has also moved up by about two days and I feel I like I don’t really get a “warning”… :wink:



Oh, and in other news… A 65-year old German woman is pregnant with quadruplets! This is the result of a number of DE cycles. Apparently, she is 21 weeks and all is well.
In addition, she already has 13 (!) children. The oldest is 44, the youngest 9 (which she claims she has conceived naturally at 56 (!!)). Honestly, I am all pro-late motherhood, but there needs to be a moral age limit. It’s like my mom had a baby 2 years ago who is playing with my 2-year old daugther. Besides, will she still be alive to see the 4 of them reach adulthood? I am also wondering, how a 65-year old can manage to take care of a baby, let alone four… CRAZY!!!




I was trying to type a reply yesterday but some little perosn decided to push the buttons on my computer and my message disappeared. I can’t even remember now what the heck I was going to say. LOL

Toronto- can you start having sex two days up and two days back from where you expect it to be? On another note, the 65 year old lady… I support a woman’s right to have children but something seems bizzare about the fact that she has 13 kids and decides to go through this at 65.

AFM- went in for b/w and u/s- he said he thinks he sees 3 on the right and 2 on the left and all are at around an 8. So things are still early. They will call with blood results and instructions later. I probably have to go back in on Thursday. I am so sleepy. I have had some kind of cold or something and I got very little sleep last night. I need a nap.


Wow - 65! I think it would be hard to find a clinic to agree to that.
I had U/S this am and the RE said they’re growing pretty fast (hopefully not too fast!). I have a good number on both sides and some are already in the 8-10 range. So, I might be catching up with you Nilah. I had 300 Gonal-F am and pm last time too, but they’re growing a little faster this time. They’ll call this afternoon to let me know what to take tonight.


I go back on Friday. My Estrogen was 282. I am hoping that I am responding ok. Things seem to be moving slowly.


I have waited a long year, prayed for insurance that would cover me, did supplements since the fall. I haven’t really been sick all winter and of course what happens, I get sick the week I am doing stims. The one time when you don’t want to be sick I am sick. I went to acupuncture yesterday. I was so tired and was looking forward to my $95 nap time and what happens, I have a coughing fit that lasts for 10 minutes and I couldn’t really even enjoy my acupuncture. I looked up my estrogen level for my successful cycle and realized that this cycle my estrogen is much lower with a similar number of follicles. I am trying not to worry about that because I know every cycle is different but a small part of me is thinking I hope this isn’t a bad sign. That is my complaining session for today. :slight_smile:


Toronto: sorry your cycle is behaving strangely. And I had seen that 65 year old with the quads story. I’m not sure how I feel about it. She is my Dad’s age (he will be 65 on the 17th), and his health has seemed to decline a little the last few years (granted he has diabetes, which probably escalates things). I cannot imagine having a baby, much less 4 at a time at that age. I’m surprised that a clinic would be willing to do it. Most U.S. clinics won’t go past 50. I don’t know about Germany, you would probably know more about that. I read on one of the articles about her, that she did it because her youngest daughter (apparently a natural pregnancy when she was 55) wanted a sibling closer in age.

Karend: I hope your next beta rose well.

Bebe: Good luck with this cycle!

Nilah: I’m sorry you are sick, and hope it doesn’t impact things. I think as long as you don’t get a super high fever or something that things should still be okay. Good luck!

AFM: No real news, though I think my miscarriage may finally be going to actually happen. I had a spot of bleeding at least. I’ve been hoping to just get it over with so I stop feeling slightly nauseous. My doctor had offered to prescribe me the meds, but I really didn’t want to take that route if I didn’t need to.


dragongirl- Thanks. I found out have bronchitis. I had to call the RE to make sure it was ok to take the antibiotic and he said that kind of stuff was fine. what are side effects of taking the meds to induce the miscarriage vs waiting for it to happen naturally? You probably already said before but I don’t recall.

Karend- did you have your beta today?
Bebe- how was your u/s and b/w


I did my beta # 3 yesterday and got the call a few mins ago. It’s 227!! I have also been feeling a lot of flutters near my uterus but read it’s due to the uterus stretching which I guess is also a very good sign.
The RE’s office wants me to do another beta tomorrow. Hope to have some more news tomorrow.
Hope everyone is doing great! I have to take some time and catch up on everyone’s response.

Regarding the 65 Year old woman - the oldest child is 44 and the youngest is 9. What a large range of ages between the kids.


Nilah, I’m not sure what the side affects are of the meds. I’m kind of afraid it would cause painful cramping. The one miscarriage I went through, which was at 12 weeks (though don’t know when baby stopped growing), was not physically painful (just emotionally). Cramping was like a period, but there was a lot of blood, with huge clots. I had a D&C with my blighted ovum because like this one, it was taking a long time to happen, and I was anxious to prepare for a new cycle. The other MCs were chemicals, so they were just like a normal period. I am just afraid of the meds because I don’t know what they’d be like. But I did start spotting yesterday, some old blood, and small clots. Hopefully, that means things are starting.


Karend: congrats on the beta, I hope the hext one is great!


Nilah: I hope you are feeling better soon! My RE has me take antibiotics before and after the ER, so I’m sure they are fine to take. How are you feeling?
Karen: Great news!! Hoping for more good news tomorrow!
Dragongirl: I hope things are starting to move along for you.
AFM: It looks like trigger might be Sunday with ER on Tuesday. Have to wait and see . . .Right now it looks like there are about 8 eggs on each side, which is more than I had last time, and they are a pretty good grouping in terms of size. Hoping a lot of them make it to maturity! I start Omnitrope tonight for four days. I’ve never had that before, so we’ll see what happens. That means four shots tonight! Ugh!


dragongirl- hopefully everything is getting started and it will be painless and quick.
bebe- Thanks. I did read somewhere that some people take antibiotics for different reasons so hopefully everything will be ok. How exciting that you are getting ready to trigger. When will you find out for sure when you trigger?


There may be TMI here. I think things are happening. I’ve had a little bleeding. The good news is that my nausea is finally gone. I’m hoping I can finally try to get some cleaning done around my house. I’ve just not felt up to it, and been spending most of my days sitting on my couch while my son plays. I’m a little nervous not knowing what to expect from the miscarriage though. I’m having some low back pain, otherwise it’s so far painless. I don’t know if I should expect gushing blood like my previous mc or not. And I’m a little afraid of seeing tissue, which I never saw with my previous one (expect it was in one of the huge clots that came with that one).


Dragongirl I am glad it is painless and hope it continues to move quickly. Maybe if you work in the cleaning that will take your mind off of things.

AFM went in today and he still sees 5 with them ranging in size with 1 @ 16, 2 @15, [email protected] & 1 @ 12. Waiting for estrogen level this afternoon. RE said I will probably go until Monday. I was just so happy to see growth because I was worried because I don’t feel bloated or sore and I was thinking what if nothing is happening. I am hoping that being sick isn’t going to impact things either.


Nilah, I’m glad there was growth. Your getting closer!