Just joined 40+ and happy to have found you


I had to go in today now the range of the five is from 15 to 18. My estrogen was 1020. I have to go back on Monday morning. I am about to do another session of acupuncture tomorrow.


Nilah, it’s sounding good!


Nilah - Sounds good and they are close in range! I have an 8am appt. tomorrow and will find out if I trigger Sunday night.
Dragon girl - good luck! I hope it’s not too strong.


One more day. Trigger should be tomorrow (Monday 4/20). Nilah, looks like we might be on the exact same schedule!


bebe- how were your numbers today? Do you have to go in tomorrow morning or will they just call you and let you know.


Hi Nilah - they don’t tell me much specifics about the numbers. They did say that several are big enough and there are an equal number that might be ready in a day. So, they’re waiting to look at the bloodwork to tell me if trigger is today or tomorrow. How about you? Are you triggering today??


Trigger is tonight and ER is Wednesday.


My estrogen was 2872. My follicles were between 19 & 23. One of them he doesn’t think grew much because he couldn’t really see it. Trigger is at 9 pm.


Wow Nilah - yay!! So do you get a break from the shots tomorrow? They held me off for one more day, so I’ll trigger tomorrow and have ER on Thursday. I think mine were between 15-22, so they’re giving me one more day for some of the smaller ones to have a chance.
Dragongirl: How are you doing? Have things started?


Trigger got moved back to 10:15 so other than the trigger shot, I am down with the other shots. Thank goodness. They probably want to get your smaller ones closer to 18. I have to go back in the morning for blood test and then ER Wednesday at 10:15 am.


bebe- did you trigger tonight?


Ladies,checking in to read your updates… (the system is not sending email updates anymore :mad:)

Nilah and Bebe - awesome news that you’ve already completed your injectons. Now, all fingers crossed for smooth sailing through ER and ET. FX
dragongirl… hope the bleeding part is uneventful and you get the all-clear for your next attempt.

Karen… have you had another scan? Hope you are doing well!

AFM, what can I say… AF is back in the house. Came on time yesterday, but I had ben spotting since 8dpo. The old LP problem, despite the PG Creme. Sigh. Tomorrow I am getting my blood drawn at my GP’s office for my TSH check. Let’s see if the L-thyroxine helped at all. Since it’s also CD3, I am having them draw my blood for a hormone level status (I’m paying OOP). So, at least I will no how bad things really are. I feel like on my last leg of TTC with really no chance of success. I will be 46 on 22 July and I think this is the end of the road. There aren’t a lot of 40+ support groups online and I am finding few ladies who got a take-home baby. Above 43, I am reading a lot of very sad stories… So, even if I were to get a BFP, what are the chances that it would end in a sad way. Sorry that I am so miserable. I just wish I had an opportunity for IVF or FET… Sigh. The only thing that would make sense exploring would be DE but I am pretty sure, DH will not be open for it.

As for the 65-year old grandmother with quadruplets - she got donor embies in the Ukraine. She doesn’t even have a partner. In germany, this would be illegal anyway. I think, the problem is, although it may be her right to do with her body what ever she wants, she is making a decision for 4 unborn children who will have an 80-year old mother when they are 15. I hope she will stay strong and healthy for their sake. Not to mention the fact that she is also on social assistance.
Ok, I am signing off for today, being such a party pooper. :frowning:

Fingers are crossed for you!!!

Oh, and I am going to try Soy Iso this cycle. Not much I have to lose in my last three or four cycles, I guess.


a bit disappointed. Out of the 5 there were only 2. I just have to pray that these are two good ones.


Nilah: I hope they are two good strong ones!! It only takes one! How are you feeling after the procedure? I have a 10:15ER tomorrow, so I will be exactly 24 hours behind you.
Torontochick: I hope your bloodwork has good results.
Karen, Dragongirl: Hope things are going well.
AFM: Just trying to figure how to arrange work schedules around ER tomorrow and ET.


bebe- I feel ok. I was just hoping to have 3 or 4 to increase the odds of something fertilizing and being viable. The good news is that I think the fertility massages did help with the RE being able to get to the left ovary because he said it was much easier this time than it has ever been. Good luck tomorrow. I totally get the juggling act because we were doing that this morning. keep us posted.

Torontochick-to still praying for something unexpected for you too.


Tonontochick - keep us posted on the blood work and I am keeping you in my thoughts.
BeBe - I am looking forward to an update.
Nilah - Can’t wait to see how the 2 are developing. Will do another round round of ER to get more?
Dragongirl - How are you doing?

AMF: I got my beta count for 20dp5dt @ 2100 and finally scheduled for a U/S on Monday the 27th which I am counting down the days. I am obsessed with the fetal Doppler that I use at home at night or in the morning to hear the movement of the little bean. I can still feel flutters here and there but it’s also comforting to hear her/him move around.


karen- good news about the betas and good luck with u/s on Monday. How exciting. They got all of the follicles but they either didn’t aspirate or were empty.
Bebe- how did ER go?
Dragongirl- how are you doing?
AFM- both fertilized on day 1- she said one was a 2 cell and the other is a 1 cell. They will call tomorrow to report whether they are still growing.


Nilah - are they grow to 3 days or to 5 days?


We don’t know yet. Probably 3. When we had our son we did 3 day because our RE felt like it was better to get them back in especially with older patients but that was 4 years ago so I think it depends on how they look.


Hi Karen and everyone![GALLERY=media, 126]National Infertility Awareness Week by admin posted Apr 23, 2015 at 9:16 AM[/GALLERY] It is pretty quiet on here. Feel free to download and post one of the new National Infertility Awareness Memes that I uploaded to the picture tab. 1 in 8 couples have struggle with infertility and I want everyone suffering to know they can come here so we can all support one another. :slight_smile: