Just joined 40+ and happy to have found you


Nilah- good start! Fx for you!!
Karen - great news! I’m sure the Doppler must be reassuring. Waiting for the u/s scan always seems like another 2ww.
AFM: 17 eggs. Hoping for a good fert report tomorrow. This is a lot more than we got in the last two IVF cycles.


Bebe - that’s a great number of eggs. Can’t wait for an update.
Nilah - any updates?

Yes; it feels like another 2WW and counting down patiently.


Both are at 4 cell today. Transfer is tomorrow morning at 10:30.


So excited for you Nilah! Baby dust***


Yay - good luck Nilah!
AFM: Out of the 17 eggs, 9 were mature and 5 fertilized. So, I’m down to 5. They’ll give me the next report on Sunday. They have always done a 5-day transfer for me. Hoping there’s something left to transfer!!


Nilah and Bebe, Good luck on your transfers!

Toronto, I hope your bloodwook is good, and that you can get a natural success. I don’t plan on trying naturally myself if our last fet doesn’t work, mostly because we have a low sperm count on top of my age. I was wondering about where that 65 year old got her donor eggs, since based on what you had said about Germany in the past, I knew they were pretty strict.

Karend, its great that your beta continued riding well. I didn’t realize that a doppler could pick up amything this early. Good luck with your firdt ultrasound!

AFM: I’ve been bleeding off and on for a week. Not much in the way of cramps, no big clots or tissue or anything. It’s more than spotting, but not even like a full blown AF, so I’m not sure if I should still be expecting a lot more bleeding or what. I’ll go a while longer, then send my RE a message. I have time since I don’t plan to transfer our last 2 frozens until July, or even possibly August. I was glad to find that they are willing to hold my embryos at the clinic (normally they hold embryos left from the fresh cycles for 6 months, but the leftovers from the frozens they only hold 2 months). It would have been stupid to have them shipped to Reprotech only to send them right back in a couple months.


Dragongirl: I’m glad that it has come and that it’s not too bad or painful. It’s hard to know what to expect. You’re also saving a lot of money for the FET - I just got a nice big bill for the D&C from what the insurance didn’t cover!
Nilah: Good luck on the transfer today. Do you have anything planned for your bed rest (fun movies? Sleep?)?
Toronto: It’s good that you have the option to try naturally. I have one tube that’s closed off and the other one drains slowly (in the hysterosalpinogram), so I don’t think that’s an option for me.
Karen: FX for you!!


Thanks Bebe. I’m hoping things continue to go smoothly. I had a D&C with my blighted ovum in 2012, fortunately I didn’t have too much of a bill. I think it was maybe $150 co-pay. I hear a lot of negative things about Kaiser, but I’ve been pretty happy with my insurance through them. Besides my IVF costs (which were out of pocket) I pay very little for most of my health costs (prenatal appointments and well baby were free, delivery was only $250, most other things are a $20 copay). Though this is probably also because DHs company has a good plan. I was with Kaiser through my work at one point and they had a high deductible plan and it sucked. Plus I had issues with their billing through that plan. They would keep sending bills that had the same things on it, but were slightly different so it was hard to see what was actually paid. I almost got sent to a collection agency because I had called with questions, and disputes and thought something was taken care of, but it wasn’t. I ended up paying $250 that I really thought I didn’t owe, but had already called about 2 times and just gave up and paid it. (This whole period was during my IUI, and trying to consolidate the charges with what I paid upfront in the REs office was a pain in the butt.) After that year, I switched to DHs insurance).


dragongirl- I am glad that things are moving along. I hope it continues to be smooth for lack of a better word.
bebe- I know that 5 out of 17 does not sound encouraging but it is good that you have 5. I am hoping that they all make it to blast. FX for a good report tomorrow.

We transferred both this morning. Both made it to 8 cells. Went to lunch with DH and had a good day and then had some issues at my rental property but I am not going to stress out. At home now relaxing a bit. I was trying to get in for acupuncture but I may have to get in tomorrow. I wanted to do it yesterday but my son was not feeling well so I couldn’t get in to get it done. My beta is on May 7 which happens to be my sister’s 40th birthday. LOL So maybe God will give her the gift of another niece or nephew. LOL


Nilah, yay for transfer! I hope your sister’s 40th Bday is a lucky day for you!


I am just trying to relax and keep the cramping down.


Drink plenty of water, that’s supposed to help. Does your RE have you take a valium before the procedure? Mine does, but I know not all do. It’s supposed to prevent some of the uterine cramping I think. However, I think it is normal to cramp after the procedure. Good luck!


The crampiness has subsided quite a bit. I made a mistake yesterday and took ibuprofen because the tylenol was not working at all but I remembered that motrin can impact implantation so I freaked out and haven’t taken anymore. I calmed myself down and rationalized since I did a day 3 transfer it wouldn’t be trying to implant for several more days so hopefully things are ok. Of course today my throat started hurting and I feel like I am trying to catch a cold. Ugh. I was able to do acupuncture today so that was good.


Checking in with you ladies…
[B]Dragongirl[/B], I hope you won’t need a procedure and things continue well without any cramps and not much blood.
Congrats on the transfer of two embies, [B]Nilah.[/B] I think you did everything right with the motrin :slight_smile: From what I had read during my IVF procedures, Ibuprofen actually helps against uterine contractions, which can occur as a result of the transfer procedure. I remember taking a large dose of Ibu (600 or 800 mg) before my last (and successful) transfer.
[B]Bebe[/B], wow, 17 eggs - what a number! And 5 fertilized! I hope that you will have some good blasts for transfer.
[B]Karen[/B], fingers crossed for your scan! FX

So, I am doing Soy Isos this cycle (soy isoflavones, the “natural” clomid). I am on day 5 of 5 and didn’t really feel any side effects. They used to be all the rage a few years back in the TTC groups, but I couldn’t find any recent threads. They are supposed to work “like clomid” sans the side effect of drying your CM and a thin(ner) lining. Of course, it’s selfmedication without scan checks and the only tool I am using is my clearblue monitor and OPKs. I am wondering if I should attempt temping just to confirm that I actually ovulated. It’s not more than a straw I am grabbing because I do ovulate on my own. I just thought this could give a boost to my old eggs.
Of course, I’d rather have the option to do IVF instead, which is certainly more promising at my age. In addition to my old age, DH’s swimmers are not the fastest either, plus, research has shown that men do have the age factor too.


A quick google for Nilah:

Ibuprofen (Motrin) 600 mg oral tablet
[]This medication a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agent, which can reduce uterine contractions during embryo transfer
]Using this medication has been shown to improve embryo implantation and pregnancy rates
[*]Ibuprofen is administered once just prior to the embryo transfer procedure
(Source: http://www.center4reproduction.com/frozen-embryo-transfer-instructions.htm)


Thanks everyone for the good luck and well wishes.
Little bean measuring 6 weeks 1 day and saw the heartbeat. It still hasn’t settled in that I am what I am expecting. My next U/S is scheduled for Monday at 8:45 AM EST.
He’s adding metaformin, since he’s worried about me becoming diabetic and wants my thyroid checked since last time I had a lot of issues with it when I had my DS.


Toronto: I hope the soy iso leads to positive results! I didn’t kneow Ibuprofin could help with a transfer. I know it’s bad once your actually pregnant due to decreasing amniotic fluid, but didn’t know whether it was bad or good prior to pregnancy.

Nilah: I’m glad your cramping subsided, and hope your little embies will settle in well.

Karend: I’m glad you saw a heartbeat, and things are measuring well. Hopefully, the Metformin is helpful, and good luck with the Thyroid check. I’m still irritated because my doctor only did a thyroid check at 10 weeks or so (when pregnant with my son), when I have been on thyroid medication for years. From reading other’s stories, I should have been getting checked every 4 to 6 weeks. If my summer transfer works, I’m going to make sure my doctor is more on the ball with it. My RE did check my thyroid at the beginning of my cycle. On medication I tend to have low TSH (so leaning toward overactive, but if I lower my dose I go the opposite). I think because I started out with such a low number, when it raised during pregnancy it probably stayed in a good range despite my doctor not monitoring it. (I’ve noticed that Kaiser, which is my insurance/health provider has not changed the acceptable TSH range even though it’s seemed to have been changed in recent years most other places.)

AFM: No new news here. Bleeding seems to be dying down. Never did have any heavy bleeding or large clots or anything. I kind of expected more. It makes me worried whether things actually completed. I’m going to wait a week and then see if I can get a follow-up ultrasound to make sure everything has cleared out. I’d hate to get an infection or something prior to my summer transfer.


Tororntochick- thanks for the info. Good luck with the soy isoflavones. I have never heard of it but I hope it helps. Is your DH taking any supplements? I heard Coq10 works for men too.
Karend72- what great news. That is so awesome. Seeing the heartbeat makes it so much more real. How exciting.
Dragongirl- do you have to back soon for a check up to see if it is complete or if your HCG level has gone down?
AFM- the cramps were back in full effect and it is too early for implantation. I was a bit discouraged earlier because this is the same thing that happened when I had my two negative cycles. I figured it ain’t nothing I can do about it so I am just praying for a BFP and hoping for the best.


Toronto: Good luck with the soy iso! Do you take that as a pill?
Dragongirl: Hope everything has cleared out well. It sounds like you have great insurance. I had to pay $1,300 or so for my D&C, but that might have been my deductible. I remember the pregnancy coverage was pretty good. I have Blue Cross.
Karen: Great news! You are in really good territory now that you’ve seen the heartbeat. Hope all goes well next week.
Nilah: FX for you. I’ll be joining you in PUPO status today. Will you test before beta? I’m trying not to drive myself crazy this time, but I always do test around 6 or 7 days past 5 day transfer.
AFM: I had four embies that were still dividing in the acceptable range on Sunday. They said they wanted them between 5-10 cells with less than 20% fragmentation. Three were 7 cell and one was 8 cell. We’ll find out what is left when we go in today for noon transfer. I’m a little nervous about the transfer because on this last trial transfer he had a hard time getting the tube past a bend in my cervix and it was really uncomfortable. At least the valium will help! My re says 24 hours of bedrest. I need to go into the office tomorrow afternoon. How much bed rest did you all have after ET?


Bebe - My first IVF which I had my DS I was on 2 days of bed rest for the ET I was only on 24 hour bed rest this time. I didn’t have much of a bed rest; I didn’t go into work but had to run a lot of errands and maybe rested 2 hours during the day. Looking forward to an update from you.
Drangongirl - aren’t they going to have you come in to do a ultrasound to make sure you are doing ok and if your hcg is down?
Nilah - Hang in there - Thinking of you! Cramping might be from the the transfer or even the embryo implanting.
Torontochick - Good luck with your natural cycle.