Just joined 40+ and happy to have found you


Thanks Ladies! Thank you Torontochick for the article.
The bleeding turned into brown stuff coming out which finally stopped Saturday evening. The RE and I were so happy to see the little bean that we didn’t even address why I might have been bleeding. The RE told me to start taking the Estradiol vaginally instead of orally.
Bebe, Nilah - are are the 2ww wait going?


torontochick- I found when when I had issues with my EWCM- I did acupuncture and herbs and they really helped. When I used preseed I would apply and then wait a bit so that at least when we did our adult business :slight_smile: it didn’t seem so messy. :slight_smile:

Karend- the 2ww sucks. Luckily this weekend we were so busy that it didn’t give me much time to focus on it. Thursday is around the corner.

Bebe- when is your beta?

Dragongirl- how are things go.

Hi Essemkay.


The first few days of 2ww were easy because I was busy and there wasn’t much I could do. Now, I’m getting a little antsy. My beta is Friday.


two more days to beta. This particular 2ww has been so up and down for me. I felt a lot of cramps on the day of tranfer, the next day I felt good after doing acupuncture. The beginning of last week I had terrible cramps by the middle of the week when it should be implantation time I hardly had any. Then by the weekend the cramps returned. Cramps for me has always been a negative sign. I was expecting my period on Sunday or Monday (because mine cycle comes on even while on the prometrium) but it didn’t come on. So I actually started to get hopeful because I really didn’t feel hopeful because of the cramps but I started spotting last night so now I am all over the map with hope and doubt. If it is negative this will be the first time that my period didn’t come on during a negative cycle while waiting for the beta. I can’t wait for Thursday so that I can just know for sure.


Bebe & Nilah - Crossing fingers and praying that you gals have great beta results.
Nilah - spotting is a really good sign along with the cramping.
I can’t wait for updates!!


Karen: So glad everything was ok!
Nilah: Fx for you! I was looking at my pregnancy journal from DD and I had moderate to severe cramping (like AF or stronger) throughout the 2ww, so it’s not necessarily a bad sign.
AFM: Not feeling optimistic for myself though. I have had BFPs on the last three IVF cycles (even though the last two didn’t work out) and I always had a very, very faint line by 6 or 7dp5dt. Today is 7dp5dt for me and I POASed but got a BFN. I don’t really have any symptoms either. Just a little emotional the last couple days and bloated from the stims and progesterone. I did wake up and pee in the middle of the night last night, like 3am, before the POAS around 6am. I don’t know if that would have affected it. I’ll try again tomorrow with FMU, but if it’s not positive tomorrow, I’ll really be disappointed.


Bebe - hang in there! I know it’s easier said than done. Sometime implantation is later which I feel was my case.The blood work will def tell what’s going on. 7dp is early to test for a lot of people. I am keeping my hopes and prayers going!


Good luck with betas this week, Nilah and Bebe!

Nilah, I hope the spotting is a positive sign.

Bebe, I hope your negative POAS was just late implantation or because your urine wasn’t concentrated enough. I think my last one wouldn’t have probably shown up on a pee stick on 7 days (only a 9 at 6 days post 6 day transfer) . Not that I had a good outcome, but I did have a heartbeat briefly.


Warning: talk of miscarriage

I think I found the trick to bring on the miscarriage. I attempted to jog on Sunday (really mostly walk, occasionally jog because I am seriously out of shape and overweight at the moment). Prior to that I’ve had light bleeding for 2 weeks. After the jog, i started with the heavy bleeding and clots. I thought it was tapering off during the day yesterday, but it got heavier again at night. I’m hoping this is done soon, it’s about 2.5 weeks since the bleeding started, and it’s been over a month since I found out the heartbeat stopped. I kind of wished the RE would have offered a D&C right off the bat (he offered the meds at one point, but I was afraid of painful cramping).


Right now the cramps are so bad and the spotting is turning from brown to red. These cramps are worse than my regular cycle cramps. I just want to know at this point so that I can get over this crazy roller coaster of emotions.
bebe- hang tight it is probably really early for you to test.

Dragongirl- I hope this over for you soon too.

Thanks for the support ladies.


Ugh, [B]Nilah[/B]. I really do hope it’s not the dreaded witch coming. I think past cycles are not a reliable comparison though, my cycles were all different…
[B]Bebebe[/B], I did not get my BFP til 8dp5dt and did not have any symptoms.
Fingers crossed for both of you!!
[B]Dragongirl[/B], I have heard that the natural way can drag out for some time, which is why I decided to get the D&C. I couldn’t afford to wait because I had no embies to fall back on. I still think that after the bleeding has stopped you should get a scan to check if all tissue is gone. And you could also POAS to see if your HCG is out of your system yet.
I am 2dpo and there’s nothing to report.


[B]Dragongirl[/B], just looked at my chart after my D&C… just out of curiosity. I bled for 10 days, spotted for another 10 and it took 3.5 weeks for the HCG to leave my system.


My cycle came on yesterday. I am not totally suprised because I knew last week that it didn’t work. I am not being negative nelly, I just knew because I had so much cramping at the wrong time. I had cramping on the day of the transfer then no real cramping on the day that I got the acupuncture and then cramping again on that Monday and Tuesday but the days that I could have experienced implantation cramping, there was nothing. Cramping like that for me is always a bad sign. I still have to go in for beta tomorrow to close out this cycle. I am disappointed but not devestated. I am releived to be out of the limbo though of course not in this way. I feel like I have been given the chance to try and that is what I will do. I was able at 45 to get 2 embryos to be 8 cell on day 3 so I am not angry. I believe in my heart that if this is what God has for me, it will work out. If not then I will be greatful for what I do have and move on. Prayerfully the insurance company will approve my last 2 cycles and if so we will try again.


I think I’m out. 8dp5dt and BFN again this morning. I had a good blubber and I’m drowning my sorrows in brownies. I’ll keep doing everything till beta day on Friday, but I really don’t think there’s any chance. Spent the day with DD to appreciate the sweet LO that I have!


Nilah: Just saw your post, so sorry sweetie! That’s great if your insurance will cover more. If cost weren’t an issue, I would keep going, but we’ve paid for three now out of pocket that haven’t worked. We will have to settle in and accept or try Torontochick’s methods. I only have one tube though, so that makes natural unlikely.


Sorry Nilah and Bebe.
Thanks Toronto. I do plan on getting checked out, I’m just waiting until the bleeding has stopped first. Everytime I tnink it has stopped, it starts again. I just was not really sure what to expect. My chemicals were like normal periods. My natural pregnancy/miscarriage gushed blood and huge clots over the course of 1 day, then bled more lightly for several days (don’t remember how long). I don’t know how far along I truly was for that one, but it happened on the day I was scheduled for the NT scan, when I should have been 13 weeks. I think my water broke with that one too first because I had a gush of fluid before the gush if blood. I do kind of wished I’d done a D&C. The RE didn’t offer, but I probably could have asked.


Nilah - I am so sorry and hope your insurance approves the next two cycles.
Bebe - Hang in there! Day 8 is too early still. I am still hoping for you. Do you have any symptoms?
Dragongirl; have you spoken to your RE or your OB to see if you should follow up even if your bleeding doesn’t stop? My m/c took a couple days and I was at 10 weeks.


Well, big surprise this morning - a very, very, very faint positive. I almost didn’t do the HPT. Beta today came back positive, but very low, of course, at 18.5. My HPTs are supposed to pick up 20, so that makes sense. So my spotting yesterday must have been implantation. Overall, the late implantation and low number probably mean slow growth and another chemical, but somehow it makes me feel a little better to know that my uterus works and that it least for a little while I’m technically pregnant. Next beta is on Monday. I’ll be expecting the worst, but praying for a miracle . . .


Bebe- praying for some good progress. It is good news that you got a positive. Fingers crossed for Monday.


Bebe, congrats on the positive! I hope it rises nicely. I hope it was just a late implanter rather than a chemical.