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I hope everyone is doing well.
Gracielda- sorry for just now responding. My experience has been that acupuncture helps with the quality of the eggs and the blood flow to the uterus and to the blood to the ovaries. When I had a successful cycle I did acupuncture for several months leading up to the cycle. I wasn’t financially able to do that on my negative cycles so I decided to try and go once week until my cycle (if i get approved for another one). I am not saying that acupuncture was the cure all but I do think it helped.


So we have tentatuvely decided to do our final FET in September (starting the process in August). Originally, I was going to go for July, but DH might need to travel for work at the end of July. Also, DS’s 2nd birthday is in August so I didn’t want to transfer right around his birthday.
I will be getting an hcg test tomorrow to double check that my hcg has gone down, and I still have an appointment with my ob/gyn to make sure that everything has passed. The nurse is going to double check to make sure I don’t need any other bloodwork, and call me back,


Well my hcg has not gone down to zero yet. It was at 48, so I will do another blood draw next week to see if it’s going down.


How long did they say it will take to get back down to 0?


[QUOTE=“Nilah, post: 1790486, member: 61756”]How long did they say it will take to get back down to 0?[/QUOTE]
They didn’t say, but wanted me to test in a week to see if it is at least still going down. Unfortunately, the nurse I was on the phone with was not one of my usual nurses, and wasn’t very familiar with my case. I’m going to get my blood drawn on Thursday since I have a doctor’s appointment that day anyway.


Dragongirl: That’s exciting to have a date set! My HcG seems to be going down very slowly too. Last week it was still 655. I go in again on Friday for another test. I guess the body really takes its time.


Thursday my beta was down to 25. I had my appointment with my regular ob/gyn and he could see that there are still clots and tissue left (though though the sac is gone). Because my numbers are still going down (and I feel like AF is going to happen any day now) I have the choice of meds or wait. I decided to wait, and have a follow up appointment on 6/21. I think if it still hasn’t happened at that point I may either try the meds or D&C. My doctor said if anything happens in between like a fever, etc. to call, but so far other than feeling like AF is coming, I am feeling fine. I can’t believe that this has taken so long. I kind of feel like my nurses and RE didn’t really give any instructions at the beginning. They waited for me to call them. I discussed by message with my RE and he and I decided for me to go to my ob/gyn instead of him for u/s, but he never mentioned getting betas drawn. The nurses mentioned betas after I was trying to discuss the next cycle. I feel like my ob/gyn is taking this more seriously than the RE.


Dragongirl- glad the numbers are going down.


I did break down and ask my gyn for the meds. I’m not going to take them until Friday evening though because I want my DH to be around in case it’s really painful. He also prescribed me some pain meds because I was nervous about the pain. If I take them, I definitely want it to be over the weekend while DH is around to care for DS. My cramping had calmed down, so I was nervous about going back in to my appointment Monday and still having no change. I want this to be over with. Also, I am having a lot of discharge, and started worrying about getting an infection, so I really want this done.


Dragongirl -How is the medicine working out? I hope the beta is down. Nothing new to report on my end. We are going to submit for the approval in July for an August cycle. Hopefully they will approve me retriving in August and transferring in September because of the amount of cramping I always seem to have after the transfer.


Meds did not work. I’m going to get a D&C, possibly on Wednesday, but I’m waiting for the doctor to get back to me about the schedule. He was waiting on a call from the OR about their schedule (I had a choice if OR or office procedure, and just really prefer to not be aware of what’s going on).

Nilah, maybe we will be transferring together in September if all goes well.


Ladies, just a quick check-in… it’s been quiet here anyway.
I hope your D&C went well, dragongirl. I am sorry that the process took so long for you.
Bebe, so sorry that it did not work. No words can really make you feel better, I know.
Karen, I hope things are progressing well for you.
Nilah and dragongirl - fingers crossed for September!
Me: I am still not pregnant. Currently in cycle 15. I will turn 46 this month and I think it is over, over. I also heard about a few really heartbreaking stories in a German over-40 TTC group and maybe this is a sign that I should not hope to become pregnant with my own eggs anymore. I am hesitant to approach the DE subject with DH, but maybe I should just throw it out there and see what he thinks.
I have also considered becoming foster parents, but I think that DD is still too little to grasp it emotionally.


Hi Torontochick- glad that you checked in. I say throw DE out there. You will never know what he thinks unless you ask. He can only give 3 answers yes, no or let me give it some thought. :slight_smile:

How is everyone else doing?
AFM- nothing to report. I did my day 3 blood work this week so that we can submit to the insurance company to try and get insurance approval for the next cycle.


Toronto, I’m sorry that you haven’t had any luck. My DH is satisfied with having our one child, so if our final FET does not work, then we are done, there’s no way he’d be on board with donor eggs.

My D&C went okay, but we ended up spending most of the day at the hospital because the OR was very busy (I was supposed to get the procedure at 10:30 am, and it didn’t happen until after 2 pm). My doctor said doing it in the OR rather than an office D&C was a good choice (my choice) though, as the tissue had been really stuck into the lining. He said that was probably why the meds didn’t do anything. I think I probably waited too long.


Got approval for another cycle. I have to pay 50% of the cost with my insurance (I am grateful to have it) but of course there always has to be a hitch. Ordinarily we pay the RE after the insurance company pays. The financial person called on Friday to tell me about the insurance approval she also told me that they have a new policy that you have to pay the co-insurance before you cycle. That would mean me forking over 8000 before August. They are going to look into whether they can make an exception. We wanted to do the retrieval in August and transfer in September because of the cramping that I experience after transfer on the last few negative cycles. The insurance won’t approve that unless there is a medical reason at the time of the actual cycle but the chances are low. Now we have to decide what to do if they don’t give us the exception because we won’t have 8k in 2 weeks. This journey always has twists and turns.

I hope everyone is doing ok.


We decided to wait to cycle in September so that we can have our money together. I didn’t want to try to cycle this month with the money thing hanging over our head and stressing about that and the cycle.


Probably a good idea. You don’t want extra stress while going through this process. I’m still hoping to transfer in September our last 2 frozen embryos. They can’t really give me a for sure dste until AF shows up. I have no idea when to expect AF since my D&C. Hopefully when it does come, September is still doable. I’m hoping to do sometime around September 17 (our anniversary) just because DH already has some time off scheduled. That’s my biggest stresser during this process, DH complaining about the inconvenience of scheduling.


Hi everyone. It seems like I’m in the right place. I’m 41 and TTC for two years. I started IUI earlier this year twice but no sucess now we’re onto IVF. Currently going through the second IVF. Had my retrieval last Friday and only 2 eggs and one fertilized. Awaiting the day 3 report tomorrow.

A lot of people I know and online have said that it’s really really hard TTC after 35. I already know that BUT I believe we will all have our dreams of healthy babies come true :slight_smile:


Hi Plumeria12- How did your day 3 report go? Did you get to transfer? Sorry for the late response.

AFM- back on the wagon. Just started stims tonight.


I haven’t really been coming to this site much lately. I’ve started cycling for my final FET. I’m currently on Lupron 10 units, estrodiol valerate injections 2x a week, and estrace pills 3x a day. Transfer is svheduled for 9/17, which is our wedding anniversary. We purposely scheduled it that way since DH had PTO days scheduled then anyway.