Just joined 40+ and happy to have found you


O started stims on Tuesday went into for first b.w and estrogen was 242 so I go back Tuesday for b.w and u.s.


I’m probably not going to post much on here unless it becomes more active. I had my 1st 2 beta tests after my FET. On 9/23 (6dp6dt) beta was 18 and on 9/25 (8dp6dt) beta was 48. My clinic was happy with the numbers. Next beta is 10/5, and ultrasound is on 10/16.


I wish this board was still active.


Hello, taka! Welcome to the crowd! Will share my story.
I’m 40 yo, dh - 42. I’m an architect but have created just a couple of projects so far as we were struggling with infertility. I have PCOS, blocked fallopian tubes. DH is absolutely ok. Well, my signature says 2 rounds ivf in 2015. After these failures our dr told us to take egg donation route as the only possible option. Previously our dr suggested also PGD as I miscarried more than a year ago. In addition he suspected me to be a carrier of a very rare treatable disorder. But thankfully this diagnosis wasn’t confirmed.
Our nightmare ended in Ukrainian clinic Biotexcom where after 2 shots with donor eggs we got BFP. :slight_smile: Now I’m a happy prego!!
I wish your stay here is short and smooth and you’ll find solution soon. Wishing you the best X


OMG!! I’m astonished to have found this old thread and here’s me again in the process. Just in case anyone else is still here (I mean this very conversation) letting you know, my sweet people, I’m back after 2 yrs!! We’re parenting our lovely de ivf baby due to the process passed in Ukrainian biotex. We thought we just needed more kids :blush: And that it’d be lovely for our girl to have a sibling. So we came back to the clinic for baby#2. Currently in the process again- donor egg cycle, here we go! GL s needed xx