Just joined and so happy to have others 40+ for support.


Hi there! I’m new to this forum and hoping all the positive energy from this group will help me. I did my first round of ICI last month…but no luck. :grr:

Went for cycle monitoring again yesterday only to be told that I had a lead follicle and very high estrogen levels (200+). They suggested that I relax and wait for the next cycle.

Has anyone else experienced high estrogen levels…and is there anything that I can do to help decrease this.

I’m nervous I don’t have a whole lot of time left. I often get sad and discouraged and thinking that I should have started trying earlier. I’m trying to stay positive.

Any suggestions on the estrogen levels are welcome and appreciated. I’m glad to have this group to turn to.

Me: 44
Husband: 49
Parents to Savannah, our dog
Married: 2009
TTC: 10/09


you came to the right place

hi audrey -
there are a great group of experienced gals on the “40 and happy to have found you” thread, hop on there and introduce yourself again…its an active and supportive group. Also you can surf around and def find info on elevated estrogen, and lots of advice. Don’t get discouraged - hope and belief are a huge part of conception, as a friend said to me earlier this fall.
When you need a boost you will find many success stories (against all sorts of odds & sub-optimal conditions/hormone levels/etc) in the 40+ crew. and in all the forums.

stay positive - Poppy