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Hello everyone,

My name is Terry, I’m going on 41 in May and TTC#3. I have 6 y.o. boy/girl twins. Tried for 11 cycles with them, had hsg, ultrasound (which showed immature follicles) and went on clomid. Got a BFP with them cycle 2 of clomid.

I’ve been divorced for 3 years and finally found a very special guy!! He’s 42, was married for 15 years always wanted children but it never happened for him. (she never went off the pill) I never thought I’d be ttc again, but alas here I am.

Anywho, we’ve been ttc for 6 cycles and nada. AF was totally messed up, started taking Vitex 2 cycles ago. Seems like AF is a bit better, but seems like this month I ovulated on CD8. Grrr…

Any advice as to what to use for natural products to produce mature eggs? I’ve always had problems in that dept and now that I’ve hit 40 it’s probably going to get harder.

Thanks so much!:slight_smile:


Hey check out the 40 moms board in general support. Over 38 can be tough. Get an infertiity work-up fsh , thyroid ect… and do ivf this really can be the quickest way. If you do not want to do ivf try injectables with iui or timed intercourse if sperm counts are good and your tubes are open. We did timed intercourse with injectables and conceived in Oct but miscarried. Good luck and I have boy/girl twins too, its so amazing.:flower:


Thanks Ballerinagirl, maybe I’m not seeing it, but I can’t find that board? Thanks!